Twelfth Five-year Plan Outline for National Economic and Social Development of Jing’an

section i. promote all-round development of internationalized jing’an

i. base for economic and social development during the twelfth five-year

(1) retrospect on development during the eleventh five-year

the eleventh five-year is the marvelous five years in the development of jing’an. under the strong leadership of the officials of the cpc shanghai municipal committee and the shanghai municipal government, jing’an has implemented scientific outlook on development in its effort to promote development of internationalized jing’an in line with the district’s conditions by following the deng xiaoping theories and the important thought of “three represents”, as development is of primary importance to administration of the country and revitalizing china. as a response, jing’an has taken striving to be national civilized city for world expo as a great opportunity to promote scientific development of urban areas, persisted in system innovation in line with the blow dealt by the international financial crisis and challenges in its own transformations in development, optimized environment of urban areas, improved people’s life to complete the major development targets set for the eleventh five-year plan. as achievements, the regional economy continues the momentum of rapid and steady growth, urban administration has been enhanced, people’s life improved, city civilization and citizens’ qualities elevated and constant progress made in democratic political construction and ideological and ethical construction.

efforts are made to boost comprehensive economic strength. the industry system with regional characteristics has been basically formed with emphasis on modern service industry, as added value of modern service industry accounts for over 90% of the total of jing’an. the economic development shows increasingly prominent characteristics of branding, scale production, and internationalization, thus rapidly enhancing the economic power of jing’an. as of 2010, the regional added value had reached rmb17.4 billion, with an average growth of 11.3% in 5 years; jing’an fiscal revenue had reached rmb6.6 billion and realized double growth over the late period of the tenth five-year plan. the energy consumption for added value of every rmb10,000 continue to be the minimum among shanghai, thus achieving accumulated 20% drop in 5 years.

elevate function image of among urban districts. the eleventh five-year plan adds the commercial and office building area of 1.68 million square meters with the total reaching 4.1 million square meters. join buy city square, plaza 66 phase ii, park place, lock square, and other far-impacting landmark projects have been successively established and put into use in jing’an; efforts have been made to complete a series of municipal infrastructure construction projects, including jing’an transportation hub, 500,000-volt expo power station as well as expansion of wanhangdu road and changde road; all of 5 sub-districts have reached the environmental standard of model sub-districts as required by the city appearance and municipal administration commission of jing’an district and the major roads and scenic areas are basically qualified as good or excellent for environment and city appearance.

improve people’s life. the social security system is gradually established and improved with basic life guarantee delivered to the needy groups; as many as 155,000 posts have been newly provided during the 5 years to keep the number of registered unemployed population below the annual index; efforts have been made to establish household care service system for the old and aid service system for the disabled to rank top on nationwide efforts for the old and the disabled; investments are increasing year by year in science, education, culture, public health, sports and social security to further optimize resources layout of social causes; about 200,000 square meters of old residential houses located the lanes have been pulled down to improve living conditions of over 13,000 residents, thus realizing unified administration of logistics of old residential areas.

promote construction of harmonious sub-districts. efforts have been made to heighten the function of social administration and public service of communities (sub-districts) by establishing standard sub-district affairs service centers, sub-district public health service centers and sub-district cultural activities centers to first set up sub-district life service center and sub-district comprehensive work centers; jing’an has explored new management mode for social organization services by focusing on setting up a series of sub-district social organizations for public welfare and services, and introduced actively social groups, non-governmental organizations, law-assistance organizations, and other social organizations to build an overall mediation structure with characteristics of jing’an, thus keeping the minimum number of filed criminal cases of shanghai.

deepen reform and opening-up. efforts have been made to explore optimization and adjustment of social community administration, city environment administration, state-funded and stated-owned enterprises management, significant projects promotion as well as other mechanisms and systems; jing’an has created more open market environment to secure a total of 1,150 projects funded directly by foreign capitals with actual foreign investment of usd2.04 billion; a series of well-known multinational enterprises have successively set up their regional headquarters, investment headquarters in jing’an. as a response, nanjing road of jing’an has knotted friendly ties with the 5th avenue of new york and avenue des champs-elysées of paris.

optimize soft environment for regional development. efforts have been made to promote governmental function transformations to enhance public services; jing’an has improved industry support policies to alleviate the blow dealt by international financial crisis; it has strengthened management of district enterprise-oriented service centers to constantly improve the quality and efficiency of services provided to the enterprises; it has promoted the construction of specialized streets with remarkable successes; all kinds of resources have been pooled to set up various service platforms and satisfy needs of business personnel; jing’an has carried forward the “600-day plan for world expo” to improve comprehensive environment and civilization of urban areas.

the eleventh five-year plan is an important period for jing’an to realize new progress in economic development, new improvements on the appearance of urban areas, new enhancement on the guarantee for people’s life and new breakthroughs in the reform of mechanisms and systems. in retrospect of the development over the 5 years, the basic experience learnt by jing’an is as follows: seize the opportunity for development to serve the overall development of shanghai; heighten reciprocal development to make progress by high quality; innovate new system mechanism to crack hard-nuts, and improve public services to optimize development environment; center on people to constantly improve their living conditions.

(2) major contradictions and problems

challenges posed by the weakened location advantages. a multi-polarization development layout will be formed in shanghai during the twelfth five-year plan in that with accelerated urbanization as well as transportation network and information construction, the overall cbd layout of shanghai will see significant changes. the geographical advantages of major function districts of shanghai as the financial center, shipping center and trade center as well as the policy effect will gradually pay off. the central districts will face more fierce competition in structure convergence with clear direction on differentiation development waiting to be further clarified. therefore, the traditional location advantages of jing’an will be relatively weakened.

pressure posed by changes in development modes. the available resources for development in jing’an are gradually decline, with increasingly weak effect on the economic growth by land, investment other resources. the pressured posed by restricted environment and resources is awfully prominent. the service economy has already occupied a large share with gradually limited space for improvement on industry structure. therefore, it is increasingly difficult to accelerate changes in development modes.

contradictions posed by lagged social construction. with renovations rolling out in large scale to urban districts, new changes are occurring to the size, structure and characteristics of population of jing’an. all groups have increasing and new expectations on improving people’s life, enhancing social security and participation in administration of public affairs. meanwhile, in-depth adjustments occur to the social structure, social ranks, and stakeholder groups. therefore, many new problems wait to be tackled for social construction and administration.

heavy tasks posed by peaceful construction of urban area. the serious “nov. 15” fire accident leads to grievous harm and big losses to the people’s life and properties as well as incurred significant negative impact on the economic and social development of jing’an and shanghai. meanwhile, it discloses serious defects in administration of construction market, supervision over safe production and other aspects, as well as reflects many vulnerable spots in practicing scientific development, legitimate administration, enhancing basic administration, promoting reforms in state-owned enterprises as well as heightening education and supervision over cadres. with lessons learned, efforts will be made to enhance sense of responsibility and mission awareness during the period of implementing the twelfth five-year plan, so as to make overall plan and promotion for the continuous efforts for public security administration.

(3) situation and development environment

the twelfth five-year plan is an important period for jing’an to realize the strategic target of internationalized jing’an and modernized international urban district, as the significant changes happen to the development environment, development conditions and development propelling forces. therefore, the economy and society both have entered the new historical period of innovation-driven and transformation development.

from the international environment, the world economy faces in-depth adjustment and re-balance in the post-crisis period. new technology and new concepts will bring out another round of reform in global industry structure. the multi-polarization tendency is getting force with china’s international status and impact to be further elevated. international capital, especially the service capital and consumption goods manufacture investment will continue to shift to the newly rising markets and countries including china as well as the developing countries. as a highly open district with a strong base of open economy, jing’an still bears important strategy and opportunity for regional development.

from domestic status, the twelfth five-year is an important transition period to realize the overall targets of building well-being society, and shanghai will further highlight its function and status as one of the international core cities, which will provide new development space for another round of economic and social development of  jing’an. meanwhile, some contradictions and problems accumulated during the middle and long term development of the country will gradually show up with increasingly unstable external demand and restrictions over resources and environment. the competitions between regions and that between cities will be more intense.

from the development background of shanghai, based on the transformation mode of china’s development and change of regional layout of domestic economic development, shanghai will be the first required to consider the transformation external pressure in development. during the twelfth five-year, shanghai, in accordance with the “four priorities”, will make efforts to develop first modern service industry and advanced manufacture industries around “four centers” in a bid to promote industry upgrade and adjustment as well as city development transformation. the post-world-expo effects start to play constantly to greatly enhance city service functions, cultural exchanges functions and innovative development functions to cater for progress towards metropolis. as a central urban district with special commercial and business functions, the promotion of “four centers” efforts will be a high-end link in the concentration of industries as well as an important opportunity to contribute to industry structure adjustment and enhancement of comprehensive competitiveness of urban district.

from the existing conditions of jing’an, with years of efforts, the total volume of economy of jing’an grows quickly which lays solid foundation for further development with basic industry structure focused on serving economy, improved service environment, rich intellectual resources and high opening-up. looking into the twelfth five-year, jing’an is standing at the new historical starting point as it enters into the new development phase of transformation in development mode, industry capacity and capability upgrade, harmonious diversified society as well as safe and overall construction of internationalized jing’an. given the new development  modes under the new situation, it requires not only to face up to the big affect from the serious fire accident of “nov. 15” and learn lessons with deep reflection, but also to keep up good spirit to overcome difficulties by making use of the advantageous conditions acquired via years of sustainable developments, so as to effectively tackle some fundamental and deep contradictions and problems with scientific development by keeping balance between development pace and quality, reform and stability as well as systems formulation and execution, thus contributing to making new achievements in building internationalized jing’an.

ii. stage characteristics of development during the twelfth five-year plan

economy enters into the period of steady growth. the total volume of jing’an economy has expanded to a large scale, which in turn poses difficulty in continuous high growth with a large basis point. the factors supporting fast economic growth of jing’an, such as land and investments, starts to weaken. during the twelfth five-year, due to the double challenge brought about by deep impact of international financial crisis and multi-center layout of city development, jing’an will enter into a period of relatively steady economic growth.

urban district functions enter into the period of optimization and upgrade. the construction of “four centers” by shanghai brings an important opportunity for jing’an to upgrade the functions of modern service industry. as a response, jing’an is supposed to make efforts to establish and improve scientific and reasonable urban district administration system, promote sound interaction among the government, market and society to ensure social participation in urban district construction and administration, enhance the quality and level of urban district administration in a bid to further improve the comprehensive service functions of urban districts.

social development enters into the period of coordination. the continuous fast economic growth over several years highlights the contradiction against the relatively lagging social development. during the twelfth five-year, more efforts should be focused on public security of urban districts, social development and improvement of people’s life to effectively solve the most concerned, direct and realistic problems among the public, enlarge employment capacity, improve social security system, upgrade the quality of social causes, and promote concerted economic and social development.

iii. guidelines and basic requirements of the twelfth five-year plan

(1) guidelines

around the “four priorities” in accelerating development of shanghai, hold high the great banner of socialism with chinese characteristics, take the deng xiaoping theory and the important thoughts of "three represents" as guidance, completely carry out the scientific outlook on development and adapt to the new changes in the international and domestic situations to build the layout of accelerating construction of “four centers” and modern socialist metropolitan. around the fundamental priority of guaranteeing and improving people’s life, efforts will be made accelerate transformation of economic development by innovating systems to guide transformation, relying on industry upgrade to promote transformation, persisting in improving people’s life to propel transformation on the basis of maintaining social harmony, security and stability, so as to realize drive development transformation by innovation. in line with the “high-end, open, and internationalized” development idea, efforts will be made to uphold the “double high” strategy to build internationalized jing’an by realizing solid advance of construction of modern internationalized urban district.

(2) basic requirements

priority should go to development to ensure the continuous good momentum of development for regional economy. keeping continuous and healthy economic development is the first task of promoting building of internationalized jing’an. by focusing on the priority task of development, more open and tolerant views should be adopted to review the development of jing’an in the general development background of shanghai, china and the world. persisting in complementary competition and win with wiser strategies and adjusting regional industry development priorities as needed to further optimize the structure of modern service industry and find out new room for development.

stress should be put on the people’s life to satisfy the increasing requirements from people’s life. by taking improvement of people’ s life as the motivation and target, efforts will be made to ensure people who live and work in jing’an enjoy peaceful and content life, an essential purpose to promote construction of internationalized jing’an. attention should be paid to the diversified and increasing demands from the people to innovate social administration mode, optimize social service system, perfect social mobilization mechanism, as well as take efforts to promote social construction with emphasis on improvement of people’s life and popularize development achievements to benefit people in a more balanced way.

emphasis should be put on security to build a harmonious, safe and stable environment for scientific development and creation. security and stability are the premises and guarantee of development. efforts will be made to balance advantages and disadvantages from the overall perspective, treat gains and losses from the point of development, administrate the district in accordance with laws to earnestly carry out involved tasks including maintaining social stability, heightening safe operation of urban district and guarantee of the safe production, aiming to constantly improving capability to handle all kinds of group events, incidences to ensure regional harmony, security and stability.

key points should go to innovation to provide important support for transformation of development for jing’an. innovation is the inexhaustible power of regional development as well as the surest way of promoting scientific development at high starting point. while abiding by the principle of emancipating the mind, seeking the truth from facts and keeping abreast of times, efforts will be made to infuse innovation into every link and the whole process of social and economic development of jing’an. centering on city appearance administration, connected administrative and legal enforcement, comprehensive social administration, sub-district administration system and mechanism, reforms in state-funded and state-owned enterprises as well as other fields, efforts will be made to innovate development concepts, strengthen reforms, promote system and administration innovations, the quality and efficiency of development as well as the development and employment of human resources to improve the comprehensiveness, concert and sustainability.

seek spiritual guidance from culture to strengthen the soft power of development for the urban district. culture is the spirits, style and soul of a city as well as the comprehensive embodiment of the image of the city. efforts will be made to further establish the concept of prospering the district by culture, adhere to integration of historical context and build epoch characteristics, nurture jing’an spirit actively, build urban district brand delicately, promote cultural construction in a multi-perspective and multi-level to maintain the vigorousness and vitality of development and strengthen the overall competitiveness of the region.

iv. major targets of economic and social development during the twelfth five-year

in line with the development requirements from the cpc shanghai municipal committee and the shanghai municipal government and comprehensive consideration of development environment, stage characteristics and basic conditions, the major targets of the economic and social development during the “twelfth five-year plan” is as follows: make solid progress in building modern and internationalized urban district, take efforts to build jing’an into a prosperous and well-functional international business port, a well-managed, safe and stable urban district, a harmonious urban district with quality service and share, a cultural urban district with all-embracing, classic and fashionable culture as well as a civilized and virtue-advocating urban district with agreeable environment.

the specific targets are as follows:

the economy continues to maintain sustainable and healthy development. efforts will be taken to improve capability to service economic development and make new achievements by changing way of economic development to further enhance the quality and efficiency of economic development, aiming to secure average annual growth of 8% in district fiscal revenue to meet the value-added decline of comprehensive energy consumption at the scale of tens of thousands of china’ s yuan.

realize general improvement of people’s living standards and quality of life. the public service system and social security system will get further improved to meet diversified and multi-level requirements of people’s life. efforts will be made to efficiently enhance the quality of modern education, raise the major health indicators of the residents to the advanced level of shanghai, strive to increase job positions of 10,000 within 5 years, and add another 3,000 households to enjoy the welfare-oriented housing.

the social environment will be more stable and harmonious. efforts will be made to strengthen administration of public security to strive to build a peaceful urban district, heighten the social administration system and mechanism innovations to constantly improve the community autonomy ability and level, make solid progress in administrating district in accordance with the law to build a more integrated mechanism for coordination of social benefits.

improve comprehensive service functions of the urban district. the foundation of the building economy will get further solidified. till the end of 2015, the total area of business buildings will reach around 5 million square meters. the administration of city administration will constantly get improved with more agreeable urban environment to take lead in shanghai for sub-district appearance administration.

make steady progress in informatization. by taking advantage of the city’s initiative of building “city of wisdom”, efforts will be made to promote informtization in city administration and public service to improve intelligentialization level as well as continue to promote the construction of wireless urban district to gradually realize the overall wireless lan coverage at the major public places, aiming to take lead in regional informatization among the central urban districts of shanghai.

cultural taste and environment quality will further get elevated. the layout of public culture and sports facilities will be improved to reinforce the influence of culture brands. characteristic afforestation will be built for jing’an with the environment quality meeting the corresponding national standards of the functional regions, aiming to constantly enhance civilization of urban district and citizens’ quality.

reform and opening-up will deepen. new progress will be made in transformation of the government’s function to form the system and mechanism favorable for scientific development and further improve administrative efficiency and service quality. efforts will be made to build an international highland of talent, continue to expand domestic demand and opening-up to the outside world to secure average annual growth of around 5% in customs import and export, aiming to achieve new progress in economic opening-up and internalization of urban district.

looking into the future till 2020, jing’an district will complete all the tasks involved in building internationalized jing’an with open mind, pragmatic spirits and unremitting efforts to make its due contributions to the construction of “four centers” of shanghai. all-around development will be achieved in economy, culture and society; material civilization, political civilization, spiritual civilization and ecological civilization will achieve more progress to become a modern international urban district with strong economic power, advantageous industries, integrated functions, optimized infrastructure, ecology-friendly environment, frequent international contacts, rich cultural atmosphere, and wealthy life of people.

major indicators of economic and social development of jing’an during the twelfth five-year







target for 2015

international business port


average annual growth rate of district fiscal revenue





ratio of added-value of tertiary industry among district gdp





average annual growth rate of total retail sales of social consumer goods





average annual growth rate of total sales of commodities





average annual growth rate of total import and export volumes customs





total area of business buildings

10,000square meters




value-added decline rate of comprehensive energy consumption at the scale of ten thousands of china’s yuan



reach the target set by shanghai municipal government

safe urban district


sense of public security



higher than average level of the whole city


ratio of licensed practitioners employed for special job and high-risk industry





death decline rate of gdp at accumulated scale of hundreds of millions of china’s yuan





incidence rate of criminal cases per ten thousands of people



lower than average level of the whole city


regular inspection rate of special equipments





food pass rate at random examination




harmonious urban district


total number of the permanent residents



around 24


ratio of public fiscal investment over fiscal expenses



over 70


accumulated renovated area of old lanes

10,000 square meters


around 20


accumulated number of newly benefited households of indemnificatory housing





number of newly added jobs





number of registered unemployed persons



lower than the annual control level


average expected longevity of populations with registered household



higher than average level of the whole city


average education years of newly employed work force





ratio of receivers of social  insurance service among the old with registered household





average sports venues per person

square meters




ratio of public service npos over district-based npos




cultural urban district


average public cultural facilities per person

square meters




total amount books in public libraries

10,000 volumes or pieces




regular maintenance of tangible culture heritage and intact rate





annual average performance sessions at fashionable art performance venues





average annual growth of revenue in cultural creation industry





accumulated number of original repertoires by modern drama valley




civilized urban district


ratio of registered volunteers over permanent residents





popularity rate of national legal publicity and education





popularity rate of internet users





afforestation coverage





cleaning rate of major roads





life rubbish categorization rate of enclosed residential area





ratio of days with regional air quality index reaching or surpassing level ii



over 90

section ii. accelerate construction of international business port

by centering around international financial service and international business service and relying on international commercial shopping and fashion creation, efforts will be made to actively connect with the development strategy of “four centers” of shanghai to accelerate enhancing concentration of modern service industries, and development capability, promote high concentration of international service subjects and integrated development of industry conglomerate and speed up the formation of prosperous and well-functional international business port.

i. enhance industry development capability

by sticking to guidance of industry structure transformation and upgrade in developments, efforts will be made to accelerate building new service-economy-oriented industry system that is functionally compatible with “four centers” of shanghai as well as promote industry structure optimization and upgrade, accelerate the development commercial circulation industry, professional service industry, financial service industry, cultural creation industry, real property industry and other major industries to constantly strengthen industrial competitiveness and radiation in line with regional characteristics and via reliance on high-quality business buildings.

expand and develop commercial circulation industry. by following the construction of shanghai international trade center and centering on building nanjing road into international business street, efforts will be made to continue to expand headquarter economy to attract various functional headquarters of famous foreign and domestic enterprises to concentrate, increase import of flagship stores, experience stores and theme shopping stores of internationally renowned brands, perfect commerce status and shopping environments and realize annual growth of 8% in social retail goods; develop service trades to propel transformation and upgrade of cargo trades, actively develop new trade methods and consumption modes, such as e-commerce, online transactions and e-consumption; consolidate and develop the time-honored brands and strengthen cultivation of domestic brands; heighten connection among commerce, culture and tourism to expand the brand influence to build jing’an into a major fashionable shopping center of top-notch business brands, new business status and rich consumption products.

enhance and develop professional service industry. centering on development and construction of functional zones, efforts will be made to perfect high-end service functions and strengthen radiation of the industry by relying on cluster advantage of the high-end and professional service industry and market demand brought about by the construction of “four centers”; continue to vigorously import global industry brands and cultivate domestic industry-leading enterprises; put emphasis on guidance of industry chain between the upstream and downstream production-based service industries, improve correlation and cooperation among service industry and enterprises; actively promote quantitative and special development of district service outsourcing, consolidate the leading advantages of legal service, accounting, auditing, investment management, consultation service and other industries, as well as actively cultivate  potential advantage of appraisal, plan, information service and other industries to speed up the formation of mature and professional service market to build jing’an into one of the development zones for shanghai high-end service clusters.

vigorously develop financial service industry. in line with the construction of shanghai international financial center, efforts will be made to carry out discrepant development strategy, and continue to maintain the quantitative advantage of securities industry by vigorously importing private equity funds, finance companies, non-local headquarters of securities companies, the headquarters of futures companies, the functional headquarter of large financial companies and financially held groups, emphasize development of consumer finance, private banks, wealth management organizations, real estate trust fund and other emerging financial industry and financial media organizations to strive to realize the diversified development layout of financial service industry.

make breakthroughs in cultural creation industry. following the consumption demands of the domestic market and requirements over economic transformation of shanghai, efforts will be made to propel fashion design exhibition, media advertisement, drama amusement and other industries to make new breakthroughs, support the integrated development of culture creation industry and exhibitions, hotels, tourism and the relevant industries as well as the development of derivative industries; taking the city and district efforts to build “jing’an fashion creation model district” as a good opportunity to promote the research and development, design and exhibition of top-notch fashion brands to realize capability-building and cluster development of fashion creation industry; seizing the good opportunity of innovation and reform in domestic culture media to pool district-based advantages and resources to accelerate clustering of film, tv and media, advertisement, animation, software and other industries by relying on dazhong lane commercial circle, culture and media street of weihai road, no. 103 neighborhood and other embodiments; pool various cultural and art performance resources to vigorously cultivate and grow the performance intermediary agencies and expand the development of drama and amusement industries by centering on the construction of drama valley; strengthen resources integration and industry integrated development to vigorously enhance internationalization, professionalism and branding of exhibition industry.

coordinate the development of real estate industry. efforts will be made to optimize land resources, continue to give full play to the important role of real estate market to adjust functional layout of the city as well as scientifically plan the ration of commercial buildings against the residential ones form a development layout with mutual support and sound interaction; perfect the organic integration between land use and development as well as industry development to give priority to the real estate programs of increasing economic development potential and improving urban district environment; expand real estate services to promote the development of real estate intermediaries, agents, assessments and other industries; regulate the house-in-stock trading market and rent market; strengthen supervision over market trading behaviors to maintain the sound, healthy and stable development of real estate industry.

ii. perfect regional layout

all efforts will be pooled to carry out the general urban district plan of “five districts on one street, south renovation and north construction” to center on the reasonable ratios among commerce, business, culture and residential functions as well as hierarchical system structure to highlight the concerted and interactive development between the south and north areas.

reinforce the construction of core function zones. efforts will be made to further optimize the functional layout and industry plan of modern service concentration zones on nanjing road to quicken overall enhancement of regional functions, improve the overall environment and service quality of “mei heng tai” in yangtze river delta to reinforce and consolidate the consumption of high-end brands of shanghai and the standing of landmark business area, strengthen integrated development among commerce, culture and tourism to build a high-quality “five golden stars” commercial circle in jing’an temple area to turn it into one with outstanding cultural characteristics as well as build shimen road area to a new comprehensive zone with integration of business, office business and cultural relaxation by relying on the plan and construction of dazhong lane, no. 49 neighborhood, west nanjing road stop of metro line 12 and 13 as well as other programs.

propel concerted renovation in the south and construction in the north. by sticking to the comprehensive principles of “demolition, renovation, conservation, construction and administration”, efforts will be made to actively explore the new modes and ways of transformation of old area in the north and renovation of the urban district in the south with emphasis on the extension of commercial axis of west nanjing road and city life in the north to form three major zones including the riverside zone of suzhou creek, the exhibition zone of creation industry in the middle and caojiaodu zone, quicken the construction of the riverside zone of suzhou creek in jing’an to promote the integrated development of business, culture and residence to vigorously build a eco-styled commerce demonstration area, solidly promote the construction of centralized area of creation industry in the middle and north of jing’an to build a culture creation industry and life service zone with marked urban characteristics, promote execution of plan for caojiaodu area to quicken the building of leisure and business life zone in caojiadu, continue to promote the comprehensive renovation and rectification of old area in the south, and reinforce conservation of time-honored architectures to carry out functional replacement of the conserved architectures to quicken the functional enhancement of historically-renowned sub-districts.

reinforce rationalized exploitation of land resources. efforts will be made to promote the underground connection of commercial buildings, metro stations, bus transit hub in jing’an temple area to perfect the regional use and development of underground space; realize the full use and development of underground space by connecting with the programs of dazhong lane, the construction of west nanjing road stop of metro line 12 and 13 and the expansion of shimen no.1 road and no. 2 road, promote the integrated usage mode of facilities and space to increase public service facilities while enhancing the quality of urban district environment, as well as tap the potential and resources along the riverside to perfect the riverside landscape along the suzhou creek in combination of the construction of no. 73 neighborhood and suzhou creek riverside area.

iii. build low-carbon business and commerce practice district

while abiding by the concept of low energy consumption, low pollution and high efficiency, efforts will be made to further promote regional energy saving and reduction in discharge of wastes to construct a low-carbon business and commerce practice district oriented to energy saving and friendly environment by following the directions of low-carbon economic development, afforestation in the construction of urban district, ecological transformation of living conditions and socialization of energy-saving concepts, thus contributing to the top level in the reduction of energy for added value per rmb10,000.

accelerate cultivation of low-carbon industries. efforts will be made to vigorously develop energy-saving service industry to attract settlement into jing’an from carbon-finance service institutions, low-carbon research and development organizations as well as professional energy-saving service organizations which provides assessment, certification, consultation, technical services and other services on reduction of wastes discharge to promote centralization of technological research and development, high-end talents, market-driven services and other industry factors, provide integrated services of diagnosis, financing, renovation and operation management; actively promote the energy audit for public construction and energy-saving renovation by adopting contract-based energy management in priority and purchasing professional energy-saving services; strengthen cooperation with the professional organizations to promote all-scale energy- saving and low-carbon technology and high-efficient energy-saving environment protection products in the newly built constructions as well as energy-saving renovation programs.

highlight guidance by green building. efforts will be made to encourage to execute the standard of saving energy by 65% in the newly built constructions by building a group of demonstration architectures that meet the assessment standard of national green architecture, heighten energy-saving renovation in the existing constructions by centering on the business and commerce buildings, promote wide application of solar-energy-driven integrated photovoltaic constructions and photovoltaic-thermal system, ground-source heat pump, new heat insulation materials of safety walls, photovoltaic power generation, rainwater collection and intermediate water usage as well as other energy-saving, material-saving and water-saving technology, build “on-line real-time measurement and supervision” platform for energy-consumption of buildings to gradually realize dynamic supervision measurement and real-time monitoring in the energy consumption of large public constructions, as well as further strengthen statistics of energy-consumption of the constructions, energy audit, assessment and evaluation of energy efficiency and other managements of energy consumption in the constructions.

accelerate popularization of energy-saving concepts. efforts will be made to popularize energy-saving awareness and low-carbon concept by promoting all-around energy-saving and green purchase system, strengthening daily energy-saving management, and adopting the effective measures to lower consumption of facilities and consumption of offices, propel the enterprises to build and perfect responsibility system to reach energy-saving targets and report system of energy exploitation, strengthen the enterprises’ sense of initiative in energy saving and social responsibility, reinforce energy management and promote energy-saving rectification, further heighten the citizens’ sense of resource crisis, sense of thrift and eco protection to gradually build sound atmosphere of low-carbon eco protection and duty of everyone.

iv. optimize comprehensive development environment

consolidate basis of carrier for industry development and strengthen infrastructure guarantee. efforts will be made to enhance sense of innovation to vigorously cultivate economic growth points, give full play to the regional comprehensive advantages to perfect service facilities as well as accelerate the industry development environment with quality resource elements, perfect infrastructures and outstanding government and social services.

accelerate the constructions of carriers. efforts will be made to accelerate the construction of business and commerce carriers to further expand the room for economic development, complete xiehe phase ii (north part), 1788 neighborhood on west nanjing road, kerry center phase ii, traffic hub at jing’an temple (business section) and other projects and actively promote the construction of dazhong lane program, xiehe phase ii (south part) to build centralized room for headquarter economy and high-end service industry, vigorously propel the construction of the central plaza of riverside area of suzhou creek, no. 60 neighborhood and other projects, accelerate the construction of creation industry parks including no .103 neighborhood in the middle and north parts as well as preservative development of historical relics zone in the south to provide new supporting room for industry development, strive to realize newly increased business and office-work area of 1 million square meters with the number of beds reaching 11,000 in the starred hotels during the twelfth five-year as well as proactively promote the 2nd development of buildings to enhance the resources storage service function.

perfect infrastructure services. efforts will be made to accelerate the infrastructure construction oriented to hinge, functional and online network style to strengthen the bearing capacity of infrastructure and operation efficiency, perfect the length proportion of roads at different levels in line with renovation of pipe network and treatment of environment, implement road expansion projects of shimen no. 1 road and no. 2 road in cooperation with metro line construction, complete the construction of west nanjing road stop at metro line 12 and 13, perfect the construction of corresponding public transportation facilities of bus stops, taxi station and bicycle parking area, optimize electricity supply grid, implement overhead-to-ground initiative for the wires in line with landscape renovation of roads as well as solidly promote the standardization and bi-lingualization of public signs within the district.

enhance integrated innovation capability. centering on “technology improving commercial value life and quality and remolding urban ecology”, efforts will be made to expand transformation and application of world expo scientific and technological achievements to vigorously cultivate economic growth points, perfect the policy system of supporting the research and development of modern service industries as well as the development of emerging industries to increase over 50 small science and technology giant enterprises, technologically advanced enterprises, new and high-tech technology enterprises and creation and innovation enterprises, heighten intellectual property right protection, perfect copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights and as well as administrative and judicial protection system to build the legal environment favorable to the development of knowledge-driven service industry, support enterprises to apply for international patent, as well as focus on the environment construction and function enhancement of scientific and technological innovation-driven carriers by actively importing scientific and technological service industries including scientific and technological finance, scientific and technological trades, e-commerce, application of logistics network technology to promote upgrade of service industry to industry chain and value chain.

optimize public service environment. on the basis of integrating resources, efforts will be made to innovate service models and improve service quality to constantly improve the soft environment for urban development, perfecting long-effective system of communication between the government and enterprises to effectively improve the government service efficiency for the enterprises, promote integrated auditing to enhance the construction of enterprise service center in jing’an district to build jing’an into a demonstration district with “highest transparency, highest administrative efficiency and lowest administrative costs”, actively cultivate famous service brands to realize concentrative development of service brands, pay attention to the diverse demands of white-collar groups by perfecting joint working system of building service, heightening the construction of “elite union” and other service carriers, and promoting three-dimensional services model at the building service station, heighten efforts of white-collar lunch, white-collar workshop and white-collar social networking, explore practical programs of serving white-collars, as well as centralize special white-collar activities, guide white-collar public service activities to improve the capability to serve the white-collars.

extend the functions of dedicated service streets. efforts will be made to focus on the functions of 6 dedicated service streets, namely, culture media street of weihai road, leisure street of wujiang road, european styled leisure street of julu road, “mei tai heng” backstreet, special street of time-honored stores on north shaanxi road as well as dining and leisure street on tongren road to accelerate function replacement and industry upgrade of the themed sub-districts at the surrounding area of nanjing road in jing’an district, adjust and optimize function location and service brands of the construction and development of professional streets to form a general construction layout of professional streets that are special and functionally complementary to requirements of building nanjing road into an international commerce street in jing’an.

v. stimulate the vitality of major market entities

strengthen the market entity of the enterprises, deepen reforms in the state-funded and state-owned enterprises, promote the development of private economy to form an all-directional, wide-ranging and multi-level open economic layout in a bid to accelerate self development by way of integration into the whole country and service for the whole country.

enhance opening-up, cooperation and communication. by taking advantage of international service mobility and national integration development plan carried out at the yangtze river delta, efforts will be made to improve the economic opening-up and internalization, increase high-end business and capital introduction in industry chain to expand the scale of employment of foreign capitals with arrival of annual average foreign capital of usd150 million, strive to secure establishments of headquarters or branches of international organizations in jing’an, encourage and support expansion of district-based enterprises into overseas markets, improve the enterprises’ capability to participate in international competition, the imports and exports at the customs grow by 5% annually, continue to deepen the exchanges and cooperation with internationally renowned commercial streets, conduct active domestic cooperation and exchanges to complete support tasks to xinjiang autonomous region, xizang autonomous region, three-gorges area and other regions, as well as twinning assistance with the outskirts.

strengthen vitality and market competitiveness of the district-based state-owned enterprises. by abiding by the location of “market, state ownership, district-governing and people’s life”, efforts will be made to promote high unity between economic and social benefits of state-owned enterprises to improve the influence and contribution to the regional economic and social development by the state-funded and state-owned enterprises to make sure the annual value conservation and increment rates of the state-owned assets reach over 105%, further comb the relations between the government and district-based state-owned enterprises to strengthen the regulated administration of district-based state-owned enterprises by optimizing and carrying out modern enterprise management system, promote resources integration and optimal allocation of the state-funded and state-owned enterprises to vigorously address the structure convergence and homogenization problems in district-based state-owned enterprises, coordinate resources allocation of group companies and listed companies to give full play to the financial role of the listed companies in the regional economic and social development, perfect supervision system of the state-funded enterprises to further expand the supervision coverage of state-funded enterprises and strengthen comprehensive supervision and risk control.

actively cultivate and guide the development of privately owned enterprises. efforts will be made to give full play to the active role of private economy in innovation-and-transformation-driven development, carry out the policies made by the state and shanghai municipal government for promoting the development of private economy, optimize the development environment for the private economy, encourage and support the privately owned enterprises to enter into unbanned fields in accordance with laws, regulations and industry policies, improve the composite structure and comprehensive quality of privately owned enterprises to promote the development of private economy that match the characteristics of jing’an industry guidance and central urban district, expand the development room for private economy to further unleash the vitality of private economy and absorb wide private investment, actively introduce the headquarters of well-known privately owned enterprises to promote the diversified business cooperation among the privately owned enterprises, foreign-funded and state-owned enterprises to enhance the comprehensive strength and competitiveness of the private economy in jing’an.

section iii.make efforts to build safe urban district

ponder over the serious “nov. 15” fire accident and learn lessons to ensure the safety of the people’s life and property, heighten administration over public security of the city, maintain social harmony and stability and build a safe urban district with orderly administration and safety and stability.

i. heighten city public security administration

put to a prominent position the strengthening of city public security administration, establish administration responsibility system with “cpc standing committee leadership, government administration, department coordination and classified responsibility”, reinforce leadership and organization, perfect operation mechanism, impose strict law enforcement and supervision, perfect plan system, carry out guarantee system to effectively, timely and properly deal with all possible incidences against public security.

establish and perfect city public security administration system. aiming to prevent and deal with public security accidents affecting safety of residents, such as that of social safety, production safety, transportation safety, fire safety, public health, food safety or disasters, efforts will be made to heighten daily supervision over law enforcement and safety supervision, increase screening and rectification over the hidden dangers and vulnerability of construction sites, markets, old residential houses, underground premises and crowded places, promote routinization, institutionalization, regulation and standardization in the supervision of public safety and production safety; abide by prevention first to increase investment in safe public facilities, constantly optimize all the emergency schemes, conduct training and scheme drills as well as perfect the system of comprehensive administration and emergency treatment to enhance capability for risk resistance.

solidify the basis for city public safety administration. while down-grading the focus and distributing personnel, efforts will be made to incorporate the staff, venues, objects, matters and situation into grid administration to establish problem-discovering, handling, supervision, examination and feedback system with involvement of professional administrative law enforcement force, auxiliary and joint action force and public participation to gradually realize “gridding” and “refining” and solve the problems and risks in public safety at the very beginning; deepen reforms in the system and mechanism of construction supervision to enhance scientific, refining and legalization levels in the management of construction projects; conduct propaganda and education of management knowledge if city public safety and emergency treatment to vigorously popularize prevention, risk avoidance, self-rescue, mutual rescue and disaster reduction knowledge and skills and enhance public's sense and skills of comprehensive safety.

strengthen construction of social public security defense and control system. efforts will be made to establish and optimize social public security defense system with public security organizations as backbones and emphasis on highly case-occurring groups, regions, industries and time period by relying on mass defense and mass governing on the basis of the defense of society, sub-district and units in a bid to form a social public security defense and control system of integration of “points, lines and aspects”, that of “persons, skills and objects” and that of “special persons and groups”; perfect the social public security defense network constituted of “six nets”, namely, street-surface defense and control network, community defense and control network, internal control defense and control network of units, video supervision network, regional coordination network and virtual social defense and control network to improve overall defense and control level; strengthen long-effective administration of actual population and actual houses; abide by the general idea of government promotion, independent operation by social groups and participation of multiple social parties to constantly deepen crime prevention and reduction efforts; strive to reach a public satisfaction and public security higher than the average municipal level from the people.

heighten supervision over production security. while abiding by the general principle of “safety first, precaution crucial, addressing both manifestation and root and comprehensive governance”, efforts will be made to conduct law enforcement for safe production, governance, publicity and education to reduce general incidents to safe production, check serious accidents with adverse social influence and limit the incidents to safe production within the standard of safe production; establish and perfect the comprehensive coordination, joint law enforcement, accountability and other working mechanism, strengthen the supervision over implementation of subject responsibility of safe production in production and operation units and investigate and treat incidents to safe production in accordance with laws; further perfect the long-effective system of safety problems screening and treatment, reinforce safety supervision over construction implementation, occupational health, dangerous chemicals, idle plants, underground premises and other major fields; carry out the system of “double responsibilities of one position” in safe production to strengthen organization guidance and supervision check over the safe production training in the production and operation units; promote all-scale safe access system of quality to heighten supervision over food, drugs, catering sanitation to ensure public health.

enhance sense of fire safety among the public. efforts will be made to implement the principle of “prevention first and combination of prevention with extinguishing”, reinforce enforcement of laws and regulations and perfect administration of city fire safety; conduct comprehensive assessment over the levels of fire safety routes within the region, water source of fire extinguishing and building fires, fire-fighting devices, fire-fighting equipment and facilities, as well as optimize city fire-fighting plans; establish and perfect the system of joint law enforcement, strengthen supervision over fire-fighting facilities in high-rise buildings, underground premises, public recreational venues, flammable and combustible materials and other major venues, as well as screen and rectify serious fire problems; conduct comprehensive governance over bad fire-fighting environment and insufficient fire-fighting facilities in some residential areas, promote rectification in fire-fighting facilities of old-styled buildings; vigorously promote the construction of fire-fighting teams in various forms, adopt various effective measures to propel publicity and training of fire-fighting; strengthen the construction of infrastructures of fire-fighting, actively promote the construction of hengfeng fire-fighting station and improve modernization in fire-fighting facilities.

ii. ensure safe and stable operation of urban district

abiding by the principle of people first, parallel administration and construction, administration essential and safety first, efforts will be made to promote innovation in system and mechanism, consolidate and develop the achievements and experience from world expo preparation and hosting, strengthen lawful and long-effective administration as well as enhance modernization in operation and administration of urban district.

perfect the flat model in social administration. abiding by the spirit in reform and innovation, efforts will be made to transform concept in social administration, reasonably expand scale of administration, and scientifically reduce procedures involved in administration; coordinate and integrate regional resources with support of information technology, effectively enhance capability and efficiency in work, constantly perfect the flat mode in social administration of “quick response, convenient operation, highly efficient running”; focus on city environment, market order, public safety and other major fields to further optimize the administration and law enforcement procedures, innovate the ways of administration and law enforcement, perfect the mechanism of law enforcement items, timely discovery, quick treatment and overall supervision; perfect the integrated and joint meeting system of law enforcement, pool law enforcement resources, implement integrated law enforcement, strengthen supervision over law enforcement on the basis of improvement in professional law enforcement in administration and law enforcement organizations to form law-enforcement joint mechanism with clear division of responsibility, clear and due responsibilities, complementary advantages and highly efficient coordination.

reinforce maintenance and administration in operation of urban district. around the safe operation of infrastructures in urban district, regulated administration of construction market and beautifying urban district appearance, efforts will be made to build a administration network with longitude and magnitude to ensure coordinated and orderly operation of urban district, issue guarantee funds for infrastructure operation maintenance, reinforce supervision guidance and examination of maintenance programs in urban district, promote connection of bars and blocks and system maintenance to improve and give full play to the overall benefits of urban district infrastructures; further promote reform in division of government from enterprises, vigorously rectify and regulate construction market order, impose strict administration in contracts and outsourcing of construction projects, regulate tender activity as well as practically reinforce supervision and administration in construction projects and quality and safety of the construction site; continue to carry out dedicated governance over motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and illegal behaviors of passengers as well as reinforce guidance and administration in the traffic jam points in urban transportation to ensure safe and smooth transportation on the roads.

improve construction of emergency rescue system. efforts will be made to perfect treatment working mechanism for incidents and public crisis as well as optimize the scheme system composed of district-based general scheme, major special scheme, production unit scheme and sub-district scheme; organize professional drills, dedicated drills and comprehensive drills in the treatment and administration of various incidents and emergencies as well as strengthen the effectiveness of various emergency schemes; establish and perfect the comprehensive emergency treatment teams with emphasis put on emergency treatment command platform, reliance on the armed forces of public security and fire control, supplementary resources from professional, dedicated and socialized emergency treatment teams and wisdom from emergency treatment experts, as well as focus on the enhancement of prevention and rescue capability of fires to the high buildings and the incidents to the public places; carry out security maintenance measures in communities and improve self-protection among the people.

optimize mobilization system for national defense. efforts will be made to establish and perfect the approach of integrated development of unity of soldiers and people; continuously heighten the concept of national defense among the people, strengthen mobilization for national defense, improve the quality and capability of militiamen and enhance the capability to deal with multiple treats and complete diverse military tasks; perfect and regulate special, professional and high-efficient measures of preparing reserve forces as well as adhere to improvement of core military power by putting vigorous stress on the capabilities, such as emergency rescues and disaster relief, emergency rescue, incidents treatment and stability maintenance and participation in construction of major projects; further expand the channels of national education and human resources, strengthen education for national defense among the public, intensify concept of national defense; vigorously promote “double support” efforts to strive to win the “national double-support model district” again.

iii. comprehensively improving the level of creating and building security

further promoting the new round of the activities of creating and building security and energetically improving all facets of public security. we will fully implement the risk analysis and assessment system of social stability for major issues, improve the mechanism of collecting, studying and judging the social conditions and public opinions and the mechanism of disputes screening and early warning, and make efforts in addressing the root, fundamental and basic issues affecting the social harmony and stability.

effectively pushing forward the construction of security. adhering to the principle of combining punishment and prevention while prioritizing prevention and combining the efforts of specialists and masses while relying on the masses, we will improve all facets of public security, make efforts in solving the prominent security problems of great concern of the masses and the issues of social administration that are likely to cause security problems, and ensure that more than  80% of the communities (sub-districts) should be built into “safe communities” every year on the basis of reaching the standards in assessment. we will deepen the construction of the community centers of comprehensive administration, improve the details of the work mechanism, and enhance the function of the centers of comprehensive administration as hubs and platforms in coordinating and linking up the related departments and regions. we will strengthen the standardization construction of the stations of comprehensive administration in residential areas by intensifying the integration of public security, justice, housing management, property management and other forces so as to extend the efforts to every corner of the residential areas, including security precaution, mediation, petition letters and publicity of rule of law, etc. we will further expand the public security management at the grass roots level, and explore and gradually promote the establishment of comprehensive administration points at the residential building groups and business buildings.

strengthening the prevention and control of social conflicts from the roots. in accordance with the principle of “moving forward the guarding measures, controlling from the roots, and prioritizing prevention”, we will strictly implement the risk analysis and assessment system for social stability in major issues, major policy decisions and key construction and renovation projects, and improve the evaluation index system to make it a necessary procedure in making policies and examining and approving the projects. we will introduce the third party to evaluate and rate the risks, draw up coping strategies and plans, actively guide the psychological expectations of the public, and prevent and reduce the risks of social stability from the roots. we will set up the mechanism of collecting social conditions and public opinions and the mechanism of searching and discovering the roots, improve the system of screening, mediating and tackling disputes, and timely and effectively prevent and resolve the mass disputes.

broadening the channels for airing public opinions. we will innovate the ways of the mass work, build the bridges linking up the government and the masses, further smooth the channels for airing public opinions, and perfect the mechanism for expressing appeals. we will stick to the system of the leading officials contacting the grass roots, receiving the visits, paying visits, and surveying and studying, etc., timely and accurately grasp the public opinions, and vigorously take the initiative to respond to the public opinions. we will improve the system of the residents and masses participating in the formulation, implementation, evaluation and supervision of major public policies, and listen to the opinions of the residents and masses in specific procedures and forms on the major issues related to the society, the masses and the public welfare, in a bid to effectively balance the interests of all parties. we will implement the leadership responsibility system of the work on petition letter and stability, and perfect the long-term work mechanisms of petition letter in taking the petition letters for the first time, the participation of the representatives of petition letters, the lawyers and other third parties, and finalizing an issue of petition letter, etc. we will smooth the channels for petition letters at the grass roots level, regulate the order, and intensify the supervision, in a bid to effectively prevent the accumulation of disputes in petition letters.

perfecting the diversified mechanism of resolving disputes. we will make efforts to establish a diversified mechanism of contradictions and disputes settlement. relying on the community comprehensive administration centers, we will achieve the effective integration of people's mediation, administrative mediation and judicial mediation, constantly developing the overall community mediation pattern featuring “one platform, combining three in one, and multi-party collaboration”. we will push forward the specialized, standardized and socialized development of mediation, encourage lawyers to participate in resolving the complicated disputes as a third party, and mobilize and guide more social organizations and social forces to participate in the mediation and settlement of contradictions and disputes. we will further promote the entrusted people's mediation, and step up the specialized and professional mediation in the areas such as traffic accidents, disputes in real estate and property management, labor disputes and medical disputes. we will enhance the legal aid and judicial assistance, and guide the masses to air the interest demands in an orderly and rational way.    

section iv actively developing harmonious urban district
taking improving people's livelihood and promoting harmony as the fundamental purpose and more prioritizing the social construction, we will effectively integrate the resources, improve the level of public services, perfect the measures for social security, strengthen the construction of grass roots organizations in communities, and actively create a harmonious urban district featuring quality services and co-construction and sharing.

i. balanced and quality development of social undertakings

we will strengthen the government's sense of responsibility for social undertakings and ensure the necessary investments in social undertakings. we will deepen the implementation of reforming the systems and mechanisms of social undertakings, and continue to stimulate the vitality in developing the social undertakings. taking promoting the all-round development of human being as the starting point and end point, we will comprehensively improve the level of the development of social undertakings.

enhancing the level of education modernization. we will fully implement the national and shanghai plans for education reform and development, and build the best practice district of quality-oriented education. adhering to the modernization-oriented strategy of basic education development, we will strengthen the cultivation of comprehensive quality, and promote the overall development of students. we will take the lead to form the new system of regional reform of curricula teaching by effectively promoting the projects of quality-oriented education, innovating the educational management system, and improving the efficiency of education and teaching. we will expand the coverage of universal education, perfect the mechanisms, integrate the resources, further strengthen the preschool education, and promote the adequate mingling of vocational education and general education. we will take the leading positions in shanghai in the guiding service for early parenting of  0 to 3-year-old infants, the kindergarten enrollment rate of 3 to 6-year-old children, the rate of completing the compulsory education, the enrollment rate for compulsory education of disabled children, and the enrollment rate of the senior middle school stage. all kinds of education at all levels will develop with high quality, the refined development of infant education will be basically achieved, the compulsory education will develop with high quality in a balanced way, the education of the senior middle school stage will see the characteristic development, and the residents education will develop in diversity. we will perfect the system of lifelong education, and form the pattern of creating learning organizations with multiple models and wide coverage.

strengthening medical and health care services. in connection with the central authorities’ requirements for deepening the reform of the medical and health care system, a medical and health care service system featuring reasonable structure, complete functions and efficient operation will be basically formed by guaranteeing the basic services, strengthening the grass roots facilities and setting up the mechanisms. we will enhance the construction of the public health system, promote the equalization of basic public health services, and fully achieve all the indicators and tasks in the construction of a health- characterized urban district with the indicators such as the residents average life expectancy and the number of hospital beds per thousand people maintaining the leading position in the whole city. we will further push forward the construction of the new urban medical service system by relying on the grade iii hospitals and taking the district central hospital as a platform and the community health care service centers as the foundation. we will encourage and guide the diversified pattern of running medical facilities. we will speed up the development of community health care services, and improve the quality at the community health care service stations and points. we will implement the responsibility system of residents health service and improve the rate of setting up the resident health records above 95%. we will perfect the distribution of the medical resources and ensure that the new construction projects such as the district public health care center be put into use on schedule. we will energetically promote the patriotic health campaign and consolidate the achievements in the creation of a national health-characterized district.

promoting the improvement of people’s livelihood through science and technology. we will further give play to the important role of science and technology in improving the people's quality of life and ameliorating the ecological environment in the district, and build the best practice district of scientific and technological innovation of demonstration significance in the model of the participation of the entire society. centering on the low-carbon economy, energy saving and environmental protection, public administration, social undertakings and other fields, we will step up our support for the scientific and technological innovation. in connection with the “post-world expo” effect, we will promote the application of the new technologies, new products and new ideas in the world urban development, boost the development of social undertakings, and improve the level of public service and management. we will create the environment for innovation featuring the joint participation and propulsion of the residents, the communities, the enterprises, the schools and the government, and closely combine the scientific and technological exhibitions, education of science popularization and innovation and creation competitions in various forms and the residents’ cultural life, infant education, compulsory education and vocational education.

energetically developing the sports undertakings. we will improve the sports public service system, form the institutional framework led by government and participated by the society, and improve the capacity of supplying sports public products and services. we will organize various masses sports competitions and activities on the platforms such as the people’s fitness month, the people’s fitness festival and the community fitness gathering. we will set up the residents’ physical health records and database and improve the scientific level of the people’s fitness. properly planning and distributing the public sports facilities, we will increase the venues and facilities for the national fitness activities according to the local conditions and strive to achieve 0.85 square meters of per capita sports ground at the end of the “12th five-year plan” period. meanwhile, we will improve the scientific management of the sports venues, increase the areas and time in opening the school sports fields to the public, and make more efforts in opening the district-managed sports venues to the public for free or with favorable charges. we will effectively manage the state basses of sports reserve talents. we will organize jing’an-characterized high-level competitions, and promote the development of the regional sports industry.

improving the integrated management of and services for the population. we will coordinate the harmonious development of the population and economy, society, resources and environment. we will further stabilize the low birth rate and maintain a moderate population size. by 2015, the total permanent resident population is expected to stand at about 240,000 in jing'an district. the family planning rate of the registered population will maintain above 99%, and the family planning rate of the floating population will be controlled above 85%. we will strengthen the comprehensive evaluation of the regional population changes and coordinate the allocation of the public service resources dynamically. we will step up the construction of the project of promoting eugenics, normalize the pre- pregnancy testing services, and expand the coverage of the services. we will deepen the birth care action, and centering on the all-round development of human being, we will constantly meet the diversified demands of the community residents and working people in jing’an district in the aspects such as family planning, prenatal and postnatal care and reproductive health.

ii. improving social security and people’s livelihood

we will actively implement all the measures for ensuring the people’s livelihood, step up the practical efforts for the people, set up and improve the social security system that ensures the basic living standards, features full coverage and is sustainable, and strive to effectively address the issues of interests that the masses are most concerned about, are the most direct and are the most practical, in a bid to enable all the people in the district to share the fruits of reform and development.

doing everything possible to expand employment. adhering to government leading, we will improve the government responsibility system for the main purposes of increasing jobs and controlling unemployment, and during the “12th five-year plan” period, we will strive to add not less than 20,000 new jobs with the number of the registered unemployed kept under the annual control line every year. we will energetically develop the startups and jobs of the community service, further push forward the creation of full-employment communities, and strive to achieve 100% of the placement rate for the people with difficulties in finding jobs and make the dynamic number of zero-employment families stand at zero. giving full play to the multiplication effect of startups driving employment, we will help 300 individuals successfully start up their businesses every year. we will set up an all-round and multi-level vocational training system, step up the knowledge and skills training for employment and reemployment, and ease the contradictions of the employment structure. we will set up and improve the coordination mechanism of labor relations, and focusing on the regional and industry-based wage negotiation, we will guide the enterprises to genuinely establish the employee wages bargaining and joint-decision mechanism, the mechanism of normal growth of employee wages and the mechanism of ensuring payment that feature the participation of both employers and employees, further increase the rate of signing the collective contract, and improve the incomes of the front-line workers and low-income workers.

improving the social security system. we will constantly improve the level of social security by setting up the social security pattern featuring the connection of social insurance, social welfare, social assistance and philanthropy, the coverage of multi-level demands and the extensive participation of the social forces. we will further set up and improve the work mechanism of social assistance and poverty relief integrating the government policy-based assistance and the assistance of the society and integrated aids with the coverage rate of social assistance reaching 100%. we will give full play to the role of the district “all in one” information system platform of social assistance so as to achieve the optimization of sharing and utilization of assistance resources. we will improve the indicator system of examining poverty, and explore the establishment of the relief mechanism of the “expending-caused” poverty, the early-warning mechanism of the group on the edge of the minimum living standard and the mechanism of ensuring the subsistence of the group of exceptional poverty. we will set up and improve the correlation mechanism of the standards of social assistance and security and the connected factors such as the prices appreciation. we will renew our charity concepts, expand the programs of charity and public welfare, and make efforts in building the brand charity projects, so as to form the development model of philanthropy compatible with the economic and social characteristics of jing’an district.

improving the housing security system. we will further perfect the supply and management system of housing security, accelerate the improvement of the housing conditions of the residents and masses. we will coordinate the balanced development of the low-rent housing, affordable housing and public rental housing, and continuously improve the proportion of the allocated housing in kind to the low-rent housing. by various means such as acquisition, new construction, supportive construction and reconstruction, we will step up the financing for and construction of low-rent housing, affordable housing, public rental housing and relocation and resettlement housing. fully implementing the new mechanism for reconstruction of old areas, we will strive to complete the reconstruction of 200,000 square meters of old areas in the “12th five-year plan” period. we will strengthen the standardized management of the property service industry, and further promote the integrated long-term management and normal operation of the property service at old residential communities while improving the property service for the commercial residential buildings. in accordance with the requirements for the management of housing safety protection and for the purpose of addressing the urgent, difficult and worrying questions of the residents and masses, we will make the plans of comprehensive housing improvement and renovation to carry out the comprehensive improvement of housing and environment at different levels, in different categories and in different batches. we will actively explore the pilot work of adding elevators in old multi-storey residential buildings.

stepping up the services for the elderly. we will energetically develop the undertakings for the aged, and improve the model of caring and aiding the aged that is suitable for the aging process with the home-based care as the foundation, the community-based care as the support and the institution- based care as the supplement, in an effort to take the leading positions in the whole city in the social welfare and preferential measures for the elderly. we will further give play to the role of "senior citizen home” in respecting and serving the elderly, and gradually perfect the service system in such aspects as medical treatment, rehabilitation, nursing care and learning. we will initiate multi-level and menu-style services according to the different demands of the elderly, so as to enrich the services of home-based care for the aged. we will integrate the service resources for the elderly and improve the level of professional services for the senior citizens’ home-based care. we will perfect the distribution of the elderly-caring beds, build a district-level elderly nursing institution of demonstration and symbolic significance, and encourage the social forces to construct all kinds of nursing institutions for the aged. we will vigorously organize the cultural and sports activities for the elderly so as to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the elderly. we will complete the construction of the veteran cadre activity center.

caring about the life of specific groups. we will enhance the construction of the social security and service system for the groups with special difficulties, smooth the channels for expressing appeals, and improve the response and mediation mechanism for safeguarding the legal rights. we will enhance the radiation effect of the comprehensive service function and the brand of the jing’an sunshine home, and improve the living standard and quality of the disabled. we will further promote the rehabilitation services for the disabled, and achieve the aim of “every disabled person enjoying the rehabilitation services”. making effective efforts in the education and employment of the disabled, we will attain 95% of the employment rate for the disabled in their employment ages who are prepared for employment and have the labor capacity. we will consolidate and deepen the work in double support and veteran benefit and placement, perfect the mechanisms such as subsidies of temporary difficulties and daily care for the beneficiaries, further the market-oriented employment of demobilized soldiers, and improve the services for the military retired cadres. we will create the conditions for the migrant workers in shanghai to better integrate into the urban development, expand the coverage of the comprehensive insurance for the rural migrant workers in shanghai, and gradually settle the practical needs of the rural migrant workers and their children in such aspects as education, medical service and culture. we will improve the price monitoring and early warning, and strengthen the supervision of the pricing behaviors on the market by focusing on maintaining the order of the market prices of the life necessities such as the grains, cooking oil and meat.          

iii. improving governance structure of modern communities

we will adhere to the role of the party organizations at the communities as the core of leadership, further promote the grassroots self-government and community shared governance, effectively integrate and coordinate the utilization of public service resources to meet the multi-level and diversified demands for public services and make the communities complexes of social life featuring orderly management, complete services, democratic self-government, civilization and harmony.

strengthening the sub-districts as the management and coordination platforms. we will further promote the adjustment and optimization of sub-districts management mechanism. we will improve the collaborative processes of the work of functional departments and sub-districts and promote the integration and interaction of the forces of management and service at the grass-roots level, so as to form the work pattern featuring combination of power and responsibility, integration of departments and areas at different levels and earnest fulfillment of the duties. we will further strengthen the functions of the sub-district in organizing public services, implementing integrated management, supervising professional management, coordinating community resources, guiding autonomous organizations and maintaining social stability, and prioritize improving the operation mechanism of sub-district departments and the coordination mechanism of departments and areas at different levels, so as to more focus the work of sub-districts on improving people's livelihood and promoting the harmony.      

promoting the grass-roots democratic autonomy. upholding the integration of the party's leadership, residents autonomy and acting by law, we will build the residential areas work system featuring the party organizations as the core, the neighborhood committees as the mainstay, the building residents groups as the foundation and other forces as the support in residential areas. we will further develop the systems, standards and procedures of residents autonomy. the direct election rate of the general elections of neighborhood committees will reach 100%, and the direct election by public will be implemented in all party organizations at residential areas. we will develop the democratic autonomy homes of neighborhood committees, perfect the hearing system of major issues of residential areas, set up the system of the residential areas appraising the government's work performance, and effectively improve the rates of awareness, participation and satisfaction for the residents and masses in community management and public services. we will improve the organizational network of the neighborhood committees and achieve the expansion and extension of the functions of the neighborhood committees. we will perfect the mechanisms of selection, assessment and management so as to effectively enhance the team construction of the community workers. we will further carry out the activities of creating the demonstration communities, sub-districts and neighborhood committees of harmonious communities, and strive to be named national demonstration urban district of construction of harmonious communities.

strengthening the capacity of communities in public services. enhancing the construction of the "five centers" including community affairs handling and service center, community health service center, community cultural activities center, community life service center and community comprehensive governance center, we will expand the functions of service, improve service efficiency, optimize the layout of the network, and build the community public service platforms featuring efficient services and standardized management, so as to effectively integrate the services of administration, public welfare and convenience for residents. we will promote the development of the module system of community service standardization and the work in appraisal and assessment, and set up the demonstration points of community service standardization. we will energetically push forward the construction of “service circles of convenient life” in a bid to basically form the modern urban community commercial system featuring proper distribution of outlets, comparatively complete supportive functions and relatively extensive benefits for the masses. in accordance with the actual situation of the district, the multi-channel and multi-mode security system for non-staple food supply will be established. we will encourage the civilian forces and capital to participate in the construction and operation of public service projects.

iv. promoting sound development of social organizations

we will further improve the hub-style management mode, perfect the cultivation and support policies, strengthen the capacity building of social organizations, give full play to the role of social organizations, and basically form the new development pattern of social organizations featuring compatibility with the regional economic and social development, reasonable structure and adequate functions.

actively cultivating and developing social organizations. we will speed up the promotion of “separating government organizations and social organizations, separating administration and operation”, and further transform government functions. in accordance with the requirements for socialization and specialization, we will actively develop the social organizations of the masses, public welfare and service with the number of social organizations per 10,000 residents reaching about 14. we will step up the creation of brands of social organizations, vigorously cultivate and introduce the leading figures of social organizations, support one specialized organization of community service, and form five brands of trusted community service. we will incubate a number of specialized social organizations, and explore and develop the domestic service industry in the fields such as care for the aged and the disabled, education and training, community service, health care, culture and entertainment, and legal aid. we will encourage the social organizations to participate in community development and management, and improve the mechanism integrating the mutual development of social organization resources and community construction communities, in a bid to more extensively provide the community residents with quality services.

improving the supportive policies for social organizations. we will guide social organizations to participate in serving the public welfare and people’s livelihood at communities by implementing the preferential policies and formulating the supporting measures. we will perfect the mechanism of government purchasing public services by including the services purchased by government in the financial budgets. we will give full play to the positive role of social organizations in expanding public services, assisting government administration, reporting interest demands, mobilizing social participation, resolving social conflicts and other aspects, and actively build the platforms for extensive exchange and cooperation of social organizations and other organizations. we will encourage social forces to set up private non-enterprise units. we will explore to establish development funds of social organizations.

perfecting the work system of hub-like social organizations. further improving the “1+5+x” management mode of hub-like social organizations, we will bring the important role of the hub-like social organizations in managing, developing and serving the social organizations into better play, and strengthen the functions of the hub-like social organizations in survey and research, guidance and coordination, exchange and cooperation, training and reporting demands. by giving play to the mainstay role of people’s organizations and mass organizations such as the trade union, the communist youth league and women's federation, we will integrate the resources of, improve the efficiency of, and vigorously build, identify and optimize a number of hub-like social organizations hub- like social organizations, perfecting the autonomous and self-disciplined operation mechanism of social organizations. we will improve the credit rating and assessment mechanism of social organizations, guide them to take the initiative to strengthen the management of credibility and integrity, and improve their influence in the society.

section v focusing efforts on building culture-based district

with the aim of creating adequate cultural atmosphere and improving the cultural soft strength of the district, with the focus on perfecting the public cultural service system, the protection system of historical culture and the cultural industries supporting system, and with the awareness of culture boosting economy, culture enriching people's livelihood and  culture highlighting civilization, we will strive to build a culture-based urban district featuring diversity and combination of classic and fashion characteristics.

i. improving public cultural service system

we will carry forward the socialist core value system and the fine traditional chinese culture, continually meet jing'an people’s increasingly growing cultural demands, and strive to take the leading position city wide in supply of public cultural products and the rate of participation in public cultural activities.

enhancing the cultural cohesion of the district. we will adhere to the direction of socialist advanced culture, and actively innovate the activity channels and modes compatible with the modern ways of life. we will further tap into the connotations of the fine traditional chinese culture and organize the serial activities such as the cultural activities of folk festivals and the "cultural heritage day", in a bid to cement the cultural identity of different groups. we will actively encourage the enterprises and public institutions, schools and social organizations, etc. to develop the culture and promote the healthy lifestyle and entrepreneurial spirit. we will extensively carry out the cultural exchanges between china and the world, and vigorously push forward the cultural cooperation between shanghai, hong kong and taiwan. we will improve the regional cultural vitality to make jing'an district an important showcase of shanghai in cultural exchanges between china and the world.

innovating the operation mechanism of public culture. we will make efforts to build the systems and mechanisms that are full of vitality, highly efficient, more open and conducive to cultural and scientific development, and form the integrated forces pushing forward the cultural development. in accordance with the principle of “public welfare, evenness, fundamentality and convenience for people”, we will intensify the government’s functions in guiding and serving the public culture. we will set up and improve a stable mechanism for investment in public culture, and improve the effectiveness of financial funds application. in accordance with the requirements for innovating systems, transforming mechanisms, being market-oriented and enhancing vitality, we will steadily push forward the transformation of cultural institutions that are operating as commercial entities into real businesses. we will encourage folk cultural organizations, cultural private enterprises and other social organizations to engage in pubic cultural activities. we will form the public cultural service system and operation mechanism compatible with the increasingly growing cultural demands of the masses.

optimizing the infrastructures of public culture. we will improve the regional form of cultural space, and expedite the completion of the overall cultural space layout of “one circle, one street, one valley, five areas”, namely, the ten-minute public cultural circle, the street of celebrities and famous residences on north shaanxi road, the “modern drama valley” theatres cluster, the sculpture park ecological and cultural area, zhangyuan park leisure and cultural area, jing'an temple commercial, tourist and cultural area, weihai road media culture area and 800 show fashion culture area. we will further optimize and integrate the regional public cultural venues resources, and improve the public cultural facilities and service outlets that cover the entire district with the district-level public cultural platforms as the leading force, the five community cultural activities centers, community libraries, celebrities’ and famous residences and cultural blocks as the mainstay, the activity rooms of the neighborhood committees as the foundation, and the integration of the municipal-level cultural resources in the district. seizing the opportunity of rebuilding the district culture center, we will construct the residents culture and art center. we will push forward the restoration and reconstruction project of the district children’s library. we will build the district digital library to form a convenient and interactive digital service network with shanghai library and libraries of communities and neighborhood committees. by 2015, the per capita area of public cultural facilities will reach 0.51 square meters.

ii. building protection system of history and culture

we will tap into and integrate the historical and cultural resources in the district, continue to carry on and develop the business culture, the architecture culture, the brand culture and the environment culture, and strengthen the positive interaction of culture and economic and social development, in an effort to form the cultural characteristic of highlighting both classic and fashion elements.

deepening the fundamental work in cultural relics preservation. we will perfect and implement all the cultural heritage protection systems, and strive to attain 100% of the rate of regular maintenance and preservation perfectness of tangible cultural heritage. we will fully complete the work of the third national archeological survey, and gradually improve the structure and levels of preservation of cultural relics in the district. we will do a good job in the collection, organization and filing of archives of cultural relics and the specialized protection schemes. we will explore the adequate integration of reconstruction, governance and utilization, features preservation and functions replacement of the old areas. we will tap into, collect and record, protect and exhibit the intangible cultural heritage in the district. we will implement the “oral account of jing’an” cultural heritage rescue project. we will complete the compilation of “jing’an district chorography (1993-2012)” with high quality.

strengthening the construction of historical and cultural sites. we will carry out the protective repair of and open to the public the cultural relic units such as mao zedong residence on anyi road and the site of songpu special party committee and the celebrities’ and famous residences, and form the mechanism for managing mainly the memorial hall of the second cpc national congress as well as the four major memorial halls under the district. we will explore construction of small specialized museums with private capital, and prepare to construct the art theme museum (or the district museum). we will push forward the construction of the district digital archives. in the course of the comprehensive improvement, we will renovate the outstanding historical buildings in jing’an district by making plans, and set up the profile and inspection systems. we will enhance the protection and management of the historical features protection areas of west nanjing road, yuyuan road (jing’an district section) and hengshan road – fuxing road.       

carrying on and developing the historical and cultural brands. we will continue to carry on the historical and cultural brands and sponsor the tour of “urban cultural marks of jing’an”. through the construction of jing’an (online) culture museum and the pattern linking up commerce, culture and tourism, we will step up the publicity and promotion of the history and culture in the district, and boost the characteristic historical and cultural brands. we will tap deep into the features and resources of the street of celebrities’ and famous residences on north shaanxi road, in a bid to gradually form a cultural brand of jing’an with strong influence and radiating force. we will continue to develop the “image zhangyuan” cultural area, so as to enrich the residents’ public cultural life. we will integrate the commercial, cultural and tourist resources at jing’an temple area, and introduce the cultural elements into the commercial and business development. we will strengthen the popularization of the knowledge of human cultural heritage in middle schools and primary schools, in a bid to enhance residents’ cultural identity.

iii. building cultivation system of cultural industry 

we will implement the national cultural industry promotion plan, gradually form the innovative mechanism for promoting the development of the cultural industry in the district, and improve the business environment conducive to the development of the cultural industry. we will intensify the cultivation and concentration of the key elements, and boost the innovation, transformation and development of the industry.

vigorously supporting the development of cultural industries. we will enhance the function of the financial funds in guiding the development of the cultural industry, so as to drive the social capital into the field of cultural industries. we will actively cultivate the jing'an-characterized cultural and creative industries that link up and interact with commerce and business with the focus on supporting the industries such as fashion design, modern drama and digital media. we will build the specialized market trade and intermediary platforms and e-commerce service platforms and promote the effective connection of the cultural industries and the financial capital. we will tighten the comprehensive law enforcement on the cultural market so as to create a sound social atmosphere conducive to cultural development. we will encourage the capital of various ownerships to enter the field of cultural industries in diverse forms, and foster market players.

improving the spatial distribution of the cultural industries. we will strengthen the joint development of the creative industry park and the resources of high-end consumption brands and exhibitions and conventions in nanjing road area in jing’an district. centering on the 800 show creative center, we will coordinate the planning of the 103 neighborhood project and attract the settlement of the enterprises of designing creation and cultural creation from home and abroad. we will integrate all kinds of creation resources and theatres resources, and optimize the structure and layout of one axis and multiple points at the modern drama valley. we will tap deep into, organize and integrate the resources of cultural personages, energetically draw in high-level cultural personnel, and build a number of studios of cultural masters. centering around the culture and media street on weihai road, we will cluster digital media and other new media enterprises, expand the integration of the cultural resources and the space of information sharing, so as to propel the development of the digital media industry in the district.

actively cultivating brands of cultural industries. we will actively encourage various fashion events to be held in jing'an district, consolidate the advantage of the district in clustering enterprises of the fashion industry, and gradually build the district into a decision-making center of fashion headquarters, a release center for fashion designs, and a fashion trade and distribution center, etc., in an effort to develop jing'an district into the core area of shanghai as an international fashion metropolis. with the aim of creating the new format of the cultural industry in shanghai, the new international brand of jing’an culture and the new center of the commercial theatre industry, we will deepen the construction of the modern drama valley. we will continue to implement the strategic plan centering on the brand of “one drama”, optimize the functions development of the 6 major platforms including the drama show season platform, the drama funding platform, the drama awards platform, the drama promotion platform, the drama exchange platform and the drama industry platform, and further enhance the integration and interaction of drama culture and commerce and business and finance, in a bid to build the modern drama valley into a cultural brand of jing’an district.

strengthening the joint development of commerce, culture and tourism. we will give full play to jing'an district’s features of concentration of modern commerce and business and profound historical and cultural heritage, highlight the tourist characteristic of jing’an as a central urban district, and achieve the close integration and mutual promotion of commerce and business, cultural creation and tourism by organizing various international activities such as festivals and competitions. with the aim of building the famous tourist city and an international urban district as a destination for experiencing and consuming the outstanding tourist culture, we will speed up the construction of tourist and reception facilities and improve the overall capacity and level of reception. we will integrate the development of cultural and historical relics and intangible cultural and historical heritage, and cultivate new tourist attractions. we will form the inter-city linkage and interaction mechanism and improve the radiating capacity of jing’an tourism.

section vi deepening creation of civilized district
in accordance with the standards of and requirements for the national civilized district, we will the establish an all-round, multi-level and three-dimensional pattern of concerted efforts, focus on enhancing the overall level of the development of material civilization, political civilization, spiritual civilization and ecological civilization in jing'an district, and further create a civilized district featuring beautiful environment and advocacy of virtue.

i. striving to foster civilized atmosphere in district

we will strengthen publicity and education, enrich the channels of activities, mobilize the residents to participate in the activities, with a view to improving their own quality and showcasing the civilization of the district. we will give play to the exemplary role of moral models, and guide people in consciously fulfilling legal obligations, social responsibilities and family responsibility.

comprehensively enhancing the overall quality of the residents. we will extensively organize the activities of publicity and education on the theoretical system of socialism with chinese characteristics, strengthen learning, publicity and popularization of the socialist core value system, and improve the residents’  quality of public morality. we will advocate and comply with the basic social codes of conduct such as patriotism, dedication to work, integrity and kindness, and carry out the practice activities mainly in the aspects of the development of social codes of conduct, professional ethics, family virtues, and individual integrity. we will give full play to the role of publicity channels and all kinds of activity platforms, and widely stimulate the residents’ enthusiasm for consciously practicing civility. we will promote the theme practice activity of “prioritizing civilization, meeting etiquettes in jing’an”. we will improve the rates of awareness and participation of the residents’ activities related to the creation of the civilized district.

constantly expanding the channels for the masses’ participation in the creation of the civilized district. we will explore the establishment of the guiding, monitoring and evaluating system of the district’s civilization development, give play to the leading role of the government, strengthen planning and coordination, and actively explore and build the long-term management, monitoring, evaluation and incentive mechanisms of the district’s civilization development. focusing on meeting the residents’ demands, we will vigorously build the interaction platform with promotion of government and participation of the masses, and constantly expand the channels for the masses participating in the creation efforts and sharing the achievements. we will deepen the creation efforts on the three lines of civilized district, civilized industry and civilized public place, and actively push forward the creation efforts in the specialized fields such as civilized business building and civilized unit (social organization), so as to form the network of civilization development in jing’an district. we will put effort in building jing’an into a learning-characterized district, consolidate and improve all kinds of learning channels, expand the network of social education and the platforms for residents’ learning, and further organize all kinds of theme activities of education and training and the brand-related activities with the location characteristics of jing’an district.

creating orderly and trustworthy market environment. we will extensively carry out the activities to promote and popularize integrity to residents, government and enterprises, in a bid to cultivate the concept and behaviors of integrity. we will set up and improve the platform for supervision over credit investigation and credit service, and step up the development of the mechanisms for integrity incentive and duplicity punishment. we will give full play to the functions of jing’an business integrity information platform in assessment and evaluation, expand the scope of business integrity rating, intensify the linkage between integrity and benefits of enterprises, and increase the costs for duplicity. we will conduct survey of integrity degrees of enterprises, and establish the integrity records of enterprises. we will tighten the dynamic supervision, and step up cracking down on false advertising and fake and shoddy products. we will energetically carry out the activity of “invigorating district by improving quality”, in a bid to improve the quality of products, projects and services in jing’an district.

improving the social volunteer service system.  we will extensively popularize the volunteer concept, vigorously carry forward the volunteerism, achieve the socialized recruitment, organization and management of volunteers, and build the public service platform and mobilization platform for all sectors of society to participate in the volunteer activities. we will strengthen the construction of the volunteer service organizations and the contingent of volunteers, and establish the brands of volunteer service. we will set up the mechanisms of record, assessment and incentive for volunteer service, in a bid to maintain the sustainability of and enthusiasm for the volunteer service.

ii. deepening law-based governance of district

we will actively make efforts in governing the district by law, and make more rapid progress in the rule of law. we will expand the socialist democracy, and consolidate and develop the political situation featuring democracy and solidarity, liveliness, stability and harmony, making jing'an one of the central districts in shanghai with the highest degree of rule of law.

making solid progress in the rule of law. on the basis of the evaluation indicators system of law-governed jing'an, we will comprehensively improve the degree and level of the district in the rule of law, creating the atmosphere and environment favorable for the rule of law. we will deepen the sixth five-year plan to educate the public about the law, in a bid to promote the spirit of rule of law, build the governments under the rule of law and enhance citizens' awareness of the law. we will create the environment for fair competition, and achieve equal protection of the state-owned, foreign and private enterprises and other market players. we will improve the market supervision system to promote all kinds of enterprises operating in accordance with the law. we will further give play to the important role of lawyers in the development of the governments under the rule of law and the society with rule of law, and actively support the lawyers in providing legal advice for the governments on the legitimacy and feasibility for major works, arrangements for major projects, major tasks concerning people’s wellbeing and the use of large sums of funds.

fully promoting administration by law. we will constantly improve the legal awareness of civil servants, especially leading cadres, upholding administration by law and implementation of administration with high standards. we will further improve the rules and procedure for making major decisions, institute the experts consulting system, the public notice and hearing system, the legality censorship, the collective decision system and the evaluation system for implementation of decisions, and the accountability system for decision-making misplay, etc. for major issues which bear on the overall situation of economic and social development, are highly professional and technical, and are closely related to the masses’ interests,  form the decision-making consultation mechanisms and information support systems in various forms, and further improve the level of legal, democratic and scientific decision-making. we will enhance and improve the system construction by establishing and perfecting the standardized procedures of formulating and issuing documents as well as the systems of evaluation, organization, filing and examination. we will perform all administrative functions in strict accordance with the law, further standardize the administrative enforcement of law and improve the ability of administrative execution and the credibility of the government.

developing the socialist democracy. the government will be supervised by the people's congress and its standing committee, and adhere to the system of reporting major issues and important decisions to the standing committee of the people’s congress and consulting with the chinese people’s political consultative conference. we will give full play to the roles of the trade unions, the communist youth league, the women's federations and other mass organizations in democratic participation, democratic supervision and social regulation. we will consolidate and develop the extensive patriotic united front, cement national unity, administrate the religious affairs in accordance with the law, and effectively manage the affairs concerning overseas chinese and taiwan. we will expand the democracy at the grassroots level, and uphold and improve the democratic management system in grassroots governments, the self-governing mass organizations at the basic level, the enterprises and the public institutions.

earnestly safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of women and children. putting the development of women and children first, we will vigorously implement the basic national policy of the equality of men and women and the principle of priority for children, full implement the laws and regulations to protect the legitimate rights and interests of women and children, further enhance the participation of women and children protecting their own legitimate rights and interests from the origin, severely crack down on all kinds of delinquency against women and children, constantly optimize the social environment for safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of women and children, and strive to improve the consciousness of decision makers and administrators at all levels in fully considering the women and children’s demands for development in making decisions on and administrating important affairs, so as to make women and children enjoy equal access to opportunities and interests to obtain the economic and social resources. we will actively promote women’s participation in the administration and discussion of administrative affairs as well as the management of economic and social affairs in wider fields and at higher levels with the proportion of female deputies to the district people’s congress and female members of the district cppcc committee to reach more than 32%.

iii. strengthening environmental construction and protection

we will enhance the environmental awareness of the whole society, and form the management mode of the city appearance and environment integrating comprehensive management, law enforcement and services. we will intensify environmental protection and effectively control environmental pollution. we will give play to the functions of urban greening in protecting natural ecology, improving the living environment, beautifying the urban landscape, and providing the recreation for residents.

ensuring the good normality of city appearance and environment. intensifying the management of city appearance and environment in the district, we will transform the effective efforts and measures in the course of preparing for and organizing the world expo into a normal and long-term mechanism, and improve all the standards and regulations of the management of city appearance and environment in the district. we will set up and improve administrative law enforcement system of modern urban management, implement the responsibility system for administrative law enforcement, improve the linkage and networking mechanism of city management, intensify the comprehensive measures for tackling the chronic problems of urban management, and maintain and enhance the good city appearance and environment achieved in the course of preparing for and organizing the world expo. we will deepen the joint guarantee of gate-round responsibilities and self- discipline and self-management model, striving for the performance rate of 97% for the gate-round responsibilities in the whole district. we will continue to strengthen the remediation for cross-door operations, illegal stalls, kiosks and booths, and peddlers’ markets and the surrounding environment, and implement cyclical renovation and restoration of street buildings, facades of buildings and wall damages, in a bid to ensure a good normality of city appearance. we will achieve the zero growth of all kinds of illegal buildings on both sides of the main roads, historic streets and newly built roads in the district.   

strictly controlling pollution emissions. in accordance with the principle of reducing stock and limiting increment, we will continue to strengthen the supervision of air, noise, water, solid waste and other pollution. we will consolidate the achievements made in creating the "no coal district" and the " demonstration district of dust pollution control"  with the days of grade ii or above of the regional ambient air quality index accounting for more than 90% in the whole year and the regional average dust fall controlled below 8 ton / km2 per month. we will ensure that the regional environmental noise reaches the standards of the national class ii functional zone. we will vigorously promote environmental impact assessment for construction planning, and strictly implement the environmental impact assessment system of construction projects. we will improve the application and permission system for pollution emission, exercise strict control over all kinds of sources of pollution, and carry out dynamic management for the pollutant discharge at the sources of pollution. we will perfect the contingency plans for emergent environmental accidents, and improve the emergency response and handling mechanism for environmental pollution accidents.

creating a beautiful green landscape. we will improve the regional green space layout in an effort to achieve the goal of the scientific, proper and balanced layout of green space in the district. adhering to the characteristics of “being small, well-designed and high-standard”, we will deepen, consolidate and optimize the district-characterized green space so as to ensure its full coverage and normalized management. we will strive to achieve the task of developing 50,000 square meters of green space, including 25,000 square meters of public green space and 25,000 square meters of social public green space. we will newly develop 20,000 square meters of green roofs, complete the construction of the characterized green streets of yan’an road, huashan road, west nanjing road and west beijing road, and further improve the management of green space in residential areas, so as to the green environment featuring good normality, harmonious ecology, distinctive characteristics, highlighted season differences, beautiful landscapes and integration of cultural contents. by 2015, the per capita area of public greens pace will reach 1.62 square meters, and the green coverage rate will attain 20.85%.

further promoting green-related creations. in accordance with the actual situation of the district, we will expand the channels for creations, and place the concept of environmental protection and environmental management in all fields such as institutions, communities, hotels, schools, commercial buildings, hospitals, buildings and households. by actively striving for the creation of the national-level, municipal-level and district-level green unit, we will give play to the model and demonstration role of the green units, strengthen the guidance in green office, green consumption and green life, and energetically promote the low-carbon way of life. actively promoting the sorted placement and collection of household refuse, we will exercise strict control over the increment of household refuse. the popularization rate and usage rate of sorted dustbins in communities will reach 100%. we will promote the materialization and application of the achievements such as the public toilets cleaning technologies and the recycling technologies of green wastes.

section vii effectively strengthening implementation of and support for the plan
to achieve the objectives of the "12th five-year plan", we must uphold the party's leadership, consciously accept the legal supervision of the people's congress, give full play to the role of the cppcc in political participation, and improve the ability and level of the governments performing their duties in accordance with the law, in a bid to ensure the smooth implementation of the plan.

i. accelerating building of service-oriented governments

focusing on accelerating the transformation of government functions, we will innovate the styles of government management, optimize the operation process of the government, speed up the establishment of modern administration and management system featuring standardized behaviors, coordinated operations, fairness and transparency, and cleanness and efficiency, and strive to build the service-oriented government, the responsible government, the government under the rule of law and the clean government.

accelerating the transformation of government functions. we will explore effective ways for the government to fulfill the functions such as economic regulation, market supervision, social management and public service, and make solid efforts in strengthening the functions of social management and public service. always putting people first, we will tighten the government's responsibility in the fields such as compulsory education, public health, public security, labor and employment, and social security, and improve the level of social management and public service. we will strengthen e-government construction, transform the administrative processes, and promote the integration of resources, information sharing, business collaboration and openness in government affairs. we will improve the information service platforms and the convenient service network platforms, and promote the innovations in modes and means of government management. we will strictly manage and standardize administrative fees, and enhance the ability of the government to serve the people.

endeavoring to improve administrative efficiency. taking disclosure as the principle and closure as exception, we will further expand the disclosure of government information. we will innovate the ways of making government affairs public, effectively step up the disclosure of the information of government investment projects, public policies and public services, and in accordance with the law promote the announcement of audit results and the disclosure of information regarding administrative penalties. we will deepen the reform of the cadre personnel system, optimize the structure of the civil service, and establish the scientific comprehensive evaluation system of economic and social development and the performance appraisal system, so as to form the employment guidance conducive to scientific development. we will improve system of supervision on administration and the accountability system, attach more importance to the oversight of the masses and public opinions, further strengthen the efforts in audit and inspection, and exercise strict accountability for administration. we will step up the prevention and control of corruption in the roots, and strengthen control and supervision of the exercise of power.

arranging the financial budgets in a scientific way. we will further deepen the reform of the fiscal and taxation systems, and improve the systems mechanisms of financial security conducive to scientific development. we will optimize the structure of fiscal expenditures, ensure the financial investment in social undertakings, and gradually increase the proportion of investment in social security and public safety to the overall fiscal expenditure. we will give full play to the guiding role of fiscal policies, foster and expand the fiscal and tax sources, and gradually establish a mechanism for sustained and stable growth of revenues compatible with the economic development. we will coordinate the arrangements for the construction projects listed in the plan and ensure the financial support. we will strengthen the supervision and inspection of financial audit, and promote the scientific, detailed and standardized management of budgets.

ii. implementing supporting measures for the plan

vigorously implementing the strategy of making the district stronger and more prosperous through personnel development, we will focus on clustering a contingent of personnel compatible with the regional economic and social development. centering on improving the levels of the broadband network and the intelligent application, we will speed up the overall and in-depth integration of the information technologies and the development of the district. we will coordinate the progress of major projects, and promote the implementation of the plan on the basis of the projects.

building an international cluster of talents. we will implement the national and shanghai medium and long term plans for talent development, innovate the personnel systems and mechanisms, optimize the environment for talent development, and enhance the clustering of high-level talents by focusing on the introduction of about 50 high-level overseas talents helping to promote the development of key industries and key fields in the district. we will give full play to the model and leading role of the leading talents, and give support to a number of academic, scientific and technological leaders and experts of operation and management who are at advanced levels at home and abroad or are widely recognized in their industry. focusing on the development of key industries, we will strengthen the support for industrial personnel organizations, and form the comparative advantages in highly clustering of talents of modern service industry. we will energetically support the development of the talents in key areas of social development such as culture, education and health care. standardizing the job settings and focusing on integration of resources, we will effectively coordinate the development of all kinds of talents in social work. we will speed up the training for the leaders of social organizations.

improving the level of application of information technologies. we will vigorously implement the strategy of smart city and give play to the supporting role of information technologies in improving people's livelihood and promoting development. strengthening the construction of information infrastructure and improving the network bandwidth and the access capability, we will gradually realize the coverage of the multi-technology and multi-level wireless network. we will actively promote the application of new technologies such as the intellectual technologies and the internet of things as well as the project of “integration of three networks”, and promote the industrial optimization and upgrading. strengthening the exchange, sharing, integration and utilization of information resources, we will perfect the basic information bases of population, legal persons and space and geography, and promote the sharing of administrative resources in key areas and among departments. enhancing the supporting role of information technologies in social management and public services, we will expand and deepen the application of the city video surveillance system and the parking guidance system, etc., and build the platform of “digital urban management”. we will continue to push forward the development of e-communities with focus on community management and the information of serving the people’s livelihood, intensify the information construction in the areas such as education, health care and culture, and improve the level of public services.

implementing the key projects in categories. in the "twelfth five-year plan" period, we will highlight the focuses, effectively organize and implement a number of key projects affecting the overall situation and long-term development, and give priority to promoting the projects with clear planning. we will make every effort to promote the transformation of old urban areas, and actively implement the construction of affordable housing, public rental housing and relocation and resettlement housing. we will strengthen the development of community and social undertakings, adhere to the orientation toward people's wellbeing and needs, make efforts according to our abilities and do our best. centering around the construction of the international business port, we will step up the construction of the facilities of the service sector, infrastructure, and environment and supporting projects, and improve the comprehensive functions of the district.

iii. strengthening organization and implementation of the plan

we will further establish and improve the mechanisms for implementation, adjustment and evaluation of planning, carry out monitoring and evaluation of planning in accordance with the law, strengthen the dynamic management, and give effective play to the programmatic role of the plan in regional economic and social development.

coordinating the scheduling. centering around the goals and major tasks for development set in the plan, we will formulate and implement the annual development plan, and make clear schedule requirements, so as to ensure that the goals and tasks should be implemented as planned step by step.

strengthening the division of responsibilities in implementation. we will enhance the role and status of the plan as an important basis to develop special plans, annual plans and related policies. we will promote mutual linkage between all kinds of plans, and provide strong support for the smooth implementation of the plan. we will allocate the tasks set in the plan to the responsible departments for implementation, in a bid to ensure the completion of the established objectives and priorities for development.

improving the assessment and evaluation. we will further strengthen the democratic supervision over the implementation of the plan, and establish and improve the system of reporting important matters by regularly reporting the progress of the objectives and main tasks of the plan to the standing committee of district people's congress and informing the district committee of cppcc. we will actively and extensively organize the publicity of the plan and timely disclose the relevant policies and information, so as to create a good atmosphere where the whole society pays attention to, participates in the implementation of and jointly supervise the plan. we will effectively organize the mid-term evaluation in a bid to ensure the achievement of the goals of the plan.