Adjacent to six districts, Jingan District is situated in the center of downtown Shanghai. It borders in the east Huangpu District along North Chengdu Road, in the west Changning Road along Zhenning Road, Wanhangdu Road, West Wuding Road, Jiangsu Road, Changning Road, in the south Luwan and Xuhui District along Middle Yanan Road, South Shanxi Road, Changle Road, in the north Putuo District along Anyuan Road, Changshou Road, and also border Zhabei District along Suzhou River. It covers an area of 7.62 square kilometers, containing 7.57 square kilometer of land area and 0.05 square kilometer of water area.


Population Distribution

At the end of 2007, there were 309.8 thousand registered permanent residents in Jing’an District. There were 1,950 births with a crude birth rate of 6.29%, 2,631 deaths with a crude death rate of 8.49%, the natural increase in population of -681 with the rate of -2.2% and the regional density of population of 40.8 thousand per square kilometer.

In terms of the population distribution, the year 2007 saw 14,653 households and 43,140 residents in Jing’an Temple Sub-district, accounting for 13.89% and 13.92% respectively in Jing’an District, 23,559 households and 64,965 residents in Caojiadu Sub-district, accounting for 22.33% and 20.97% respectively, 28,009 households and 84,202 residents in Jiangning Road Sub-district, accounting for 26.54% and 27.17% respectively, 19,329 households and 58,663 residents in Shimen No.2 Road Sub-district, accounting for 18.32% and 18.93% respectively and 19,966 households and 58,891 residents in Nanjing (West) Road Sub-district, accounting for 18.92% and 19.01% respectively.