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Welcome Speech

Welcome to "Shanghai Jing'an", the government's portal website.

Located in central Shanghai and adjacent to other six districts, Jing’an District, with a population of 330,000, has a land area of 7.62 square kilometers. Named after an ancient temple inside its territory, this district boasts a long history, a beautiful environment, and a convenient transport system. Thanks to its advanced modern commerce, the area where Chinese culture and western culture mix has long been a business center and a window for international exchange of Shanghai. In terms of economy, social affairs and appearance, great changes have taken place in Jing’an District since the reform and opening-up. With human resources, materials, funds, information gathering together, it has become a window of enormous significance for Shanghai’s opening-up to the outside world. During the late Tenth Five-Year Plan period, the government of Jing’an proposed building up “Three Great Service Systems”, which would let us attach more importance on the optimization of the soft environment for developing this area. We would make efforts to maximize our advantages for economic competition in pursuit of the realization of our dreams.

Steps have been taken to set up a government of service, of responsibility, and then, of legality. People’s health and security are always our main concern. With the guidance of the law, we will try our utmost in everyday work concerning economic adjustment, market supervision, social management, public service and ecological protection. If you have any suggestion about our work, do not hesitate to tell us.

Again, a warm welcome for investing, dwelling, and traveling in our district. Here, you will have the opportunity to see and experience, by your own eyes, the brilliant yesterday, the vigorous today, and the promising tomorrow of Jing’an.