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Jing’an District is named after the ancient Jing’an Temple. In the territory of this district, the area to the north of Wusong River (ancient watercourse) in Jing’an District was governed by Kunshan County before AD1217 and by Jiading County and Baoshan County later. The area to the south of Wusong River (ancient watercourse) was governed by Huating County before AD1291. Then it had been governed by Shanghai County until the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. Qiujiang River, the boundary between Shanghai County and Baoshan County, was filled up in the early years of the Republic of China for road construction. American Concession was established in the central and southern Jing’an District in AD1863 and was united into the Shanghai International Settlement later, and most of the southern parts of Jing’an District were merged into the western area of Shanghai International Settlement in AD1899. In 1900, squires and merchants in Zhabei City established Zhabei Engineering Administration and opened commercial port to resist the expansion of concession. In 1914, Changbang Road (Yan’an Middle Road) and the southern part of Xujiahui Road (Huashan Road) were united into French Concession. Therefore, the southern part of Jing’an District was affiliated to French Concession and Shanghai International Settlement, while the northern part was mainly affiliated to Chinese-controlled district. In July 1927, Shanghai Special Municipal Government took over 17 cities and townships. In July 1928, Shanghai Special Municipal Government renamed all cities and townships into districts, and Zhabei City was renamed as Zhabei District. In 1930s, the two Battles of Songhu started by the Empire of Japan destroyed Zhabei District made it a shanty town of Shanghai City. After the fall of Shanghai in 1937, Zhabei District was renamed by the puppet government as Zhabei Affairs Department and North Shanghai Office, and Shanghai International Settlement became an “isolated island” before the outbreak of Pacific War. Jing’an District was affiliated to the 10th District, the 11th District, the 12th District, the 14th District and the 15th District in 1945 following the victory of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. In 1947, the 14th District was called as Zhabei District and the 15th District as Beizhan District. On May 30, 1949, Shanghai Military Control Co mmission took over Jing’an District and renamed it as Jing’ansi District, which was known as Jing’an District again on June 28, 1950. In the early years of the People’s Republic of China, Jing’an District was respectively affiliated to Jing’an District (previous), Xincheng District, Jiangning District, Zhabei District and Beizhan District. In 1956, Jing’an District withdrawn its organizational system, and the eastern part of Fumin Road and Changde Road was put under the administration of Xincheng District, while the western part under Changning District. Zhabei District was merged with Beizhan District, becoming Zhabei District. In January 1960, the administrative divisions underwent another adjustment. Xincheng District and Jiangning District were cancelled, and the western part of Chengdu Road North in Xincheng District, the whole Jiangning District and the eastern part of Zhenning Road in Changning District were merged into Jing’an District. In November 2015, the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government issued the Reply of the State Council on the Adjustment of Administrative Divisions of Shanghai City and decided to establish a new Jing’an District after canceling Zhabei District and Jing’an District. In March 2016, Zhabei District was merged with Jing’an District, becoming today’s new Jing’an District.