Information Commission of Jing’an District

Major Responsibility


It is mainly responsible for discussing and determining informationization development strategy and designing informationization-related policies and boosting reform; working out medium and long-term informationization program and annual planning and implementing supervision and inspection; reviewing informationization construction projects at the expense of district government and raising and managing the special funds for informationization construction; putting into effect the informationization-related guidelines, policies, laws and regulations at national and municipal levels in combination with supervision and inspection and delivering related management methods in accordance with actual situation of district; promoting and coordinating the informationization applications and conducting survey and statistics for informationization efforts and information industry and providing evaluation for informationization indicators; ensuring the construction, management and services for software industry base and information industry base in the district.




Address: Room 220, No.370, Changde Road, Shanghai

Tel:    02162472188 transfer 2220