Development and Reform Commission of Jing’an District

Major Responsibility


It is mainly responsible for working out the medium and long-term programs of national economy and social development of Jing’an District and putting forward the principle objectives of national economy and social development; strengthening the forecast, alarm and monitor for the operation of national economy; putting forward the directional suggestions for the industrial development of Jing’an District based on the national and municipal industrial policies; working out the plans regarding total fixed investment, investment structure and key projects; discussing and studying out the proposal of key project financing of governmental investment; well controlling and reserving the primary economic resources; ensuring the suitability and balance between the construction of social undertakings on population, science & technology, education, culture, sanitation and social security and national defence economy and the overall national economy and social development; accepting administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation and responding to administrative cases; undertaking other assignments from district government.  



Address:    No.3 Building, No. 370, Changde Road, Shanghai

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