Financial Impetus and Cultural Energy---2014 Cultural Financial Forum Hold


(By Peng Xuhui) On December 24th, about one month later of releasing Suggestions on the Implementation of Deepening Cultural and Financial Cooperation in Shanghai, 2014 Cultural Financial Forum was held in Friendship Hall of Shanghai Exhibition Center. Themed by “Calling of the Peak: Financial Impetus and Cultural Energy”, the forum focused on the integration development of culture and capital and solved the bottleneck problems of connection. In the branch forum hosted by Jing’an District, this forum first focused on the “trans-boundary integration of cultural arts and finance” from the perspective of sober reflection.

It was learned that “2014 Cultural Financial Forum” was hosted by Shanghai Culture Assets and Equity Exchange, Shanghai Social Sciences Association, Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Jing’an District People’s Government, Shanghai United Media Group, Chinese Financial Information Center and Xinhua News Agency (Shanghai Branch). The forum was jointly sponsored by SHCCI.CN and Shanghai Nation, Custom and Folk Culture Creative Promotion Center. The forum attracted nearly 300 people from cultural, art, financial and academic circles as well as related industries. Approximately 30 guest speakers discussed the present status and development trends of all fields of culture and finance in a multi-angle and all-dimensional way. They also discussed the existing problems and solutions, providing subjects of cultural elements with new perspectives and practical strategies to realize the connection of culture and finance more steadily.

On the forum opening ceremony of that morning, Li Wuwei, Vice-chairman of the 11th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference(CPPCC), Shen Haixiong, Deputy Director of Xinhua News Agency, Zhu Zhisong, Deputy Director of the Publicity Department of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, Xie Dong, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Office of Financial Services, Long Yuxiang, Executive chairman of China International Culture Communication Center, Sun Jianping, Chief of the CPC Shanghai Jing’an District Committee, and Gao Yunfei, General Manager of Shanghai United Media Group, all focused on the integration development of culture and capital and discussed the future development of culture and finance.

Li Wuwei, Vice-chairman of the 11th National Committee of the CPPCC and President of Shanghai Creative Industry Association said in his speech that since the beginning of this year, the new policies of cultural creative industry were introduced intensively, covering aspects including industry integration, cultural property right transactions, culture and finance, fiscal support and small and micro cultural enterprise development. Currently, we should make full use of policies on industrial support, build the market platform for the connection and integration development of cultural and financial fields in Shanghai, the fertile land, perfect the corresponding mechanism, create new patterns of industries and promote the development of cultural creative industry to a new height.

Sun Jianping, Chief of the CPC Jing’an District Committee, indicated in the elaboration of relations between culture and finance that only the close integration of culture and finance, could the cultural energy give maximum play. As the area with the highest business cost in Shanghai, Jing’an District was faced with the homogeneous competition and should focus on the characteristic culture, functions of urban renewal and services of the whole area to realize differential development. The abundant cultural resources in Jing’an should be connected and transformed into cultural capital with introducing finance as impetus so as to stimulate cultural energy and form a strong development capability. We should further strengthen urban construction to enhance competitiveness by the way of urban renewal. We also should introduce more professional services to support the high-end modern service industry and promote its concentrated development with the combination of social services and professional services of the government.


In the afternoon, as a highlight of this Cultural Financial Forum, the 2014 Cultural Financial Branch Forum-----Jing’an Forum hosted by Jing’an District People’s Government, Shanghai Culture Assets and Equity Exchange and Eastday, set the “sober reflection in the popular trend ----trans-boundary integration of cultural arts and finance” as its theme. The branch first focused on the integration of popular artwork and capital and finance from the perspective of sober reflection. On the forum, all guests made discussions about the popular trend and disorder phenomena about financialization of art. They focused on the bottlenecks, cases and creative solutions of the primary and secondary market of artwork with finance interferences from the perspective of the development of cultural industry especially urban art industry in Jing’an District. “The Top Ten Events of 2014 Annual Chinese Art Financialization” was also released on this forum.