Empower Mothers to Lactate and Enable Every Baby to Have Breast Feeding


(Reporter Yuan Wenjun) Hu Lijuan, growing from a new post-85s mom messing up everything to a lactation consultant conveying professional information to people around with ease, from an obscure member of the government system to the expert of the public good field, has taken advancing breast feeding as her career. In 2015, she and five other ordinary mothers founded together the public good organization “Lactation Elf” concerning the protection and support of breast feeding, which advocates the natural feeding way for babies and empower mothers to lactate their own babies; they take bridging the gap of breast feeding culture as their mission with the vision of creating a baby caring society.


“Lactation Elf”, the embodiment of maternal love running ceaselessly as rivers

Five years ago, the new mom Hu Lijuan started breast feeding. Due to lack of related knowledge about breast feeding, she had a high fever suffering a lot from acute mastitis. “With sufficient knowledge and experience now, I am clear that it is caused by baby’s inadequate sucking frequency.” Hu Lijuan said: “but I have little knowledge then. After that, I began to learn related information on the Internet.” She found a breast feeding forum for moms and joined the moms’ group. In the group, she learned much knowledge about breast feeding and passed on the knowledge learnt to moms newly admitted in the group.


On May 20, the National Breast Feeding Awareness Day, Hu Lijuan, together with a woman photographer who is in lactation, initiated a photography activity of taking lactation artistic photo in the group, creating a valuable memory for mothers in lactation. The more she communicates with moms in the group, the more she felt keenly the insufficiency of the spread of breast feeding knowledge. Many mothers, even with higher education background, lacked the knowledge about breast feeding. But when one tried to find some useful information on the internet, infant & mom advertisements occupied almost the whole pages all the time with the real useful ones difficult to get. Thus, in 2013, Hu Lijuan and five other ordinary mothers founded together the public good organization “Lactation Elf” concerning the protection and support of breast feeding, which was registered officially in Bureau of Civil Affairs of Jing’an District in 2015.


From support for individuals to crossover cooperation

Since the founding of “Lactation Elf”, the team of Hu Lijuan, in the past two years, has held over 40 lactation advancing activity, taken artistic lactation photos for nearly 100 families, convened 300 mothers and babies to carry out synchronous flash world-wide, and provided individual lactation consultation for over 1,300 people.


“The most significant feature of our organization lies not in our support for individuals but our emphasis on crossover cooperation.” Hu Lijuan said: “To organize an activity in a community is not whole of our aim. We endeavor to carry out some significant projects with positive influence on the whole society via cooperation with other organizations.”


At present, Hu Lijuan is implementing the “Pangolin Mom” program with joint efforts of Endangered Animals Foundation. Pangolin has now been recognized by International Union for Conservation of Nature as the endangered animal, which is on the edge of extinction. However, its scales are still widely used in lactagogue drugs. “The confidence of mothers and the proper sucking of babies are the only secret of promoting lactation postpartum, while scales of pangolin will bring no effect but possible liver injury.” Hu Lijuan told the reporter: “It is critical to let mothers understand that the key of promoting lactation is the interaction between mom and baby instead of the help of any drugs.” Hu Lijuan hopes that all lactagogue drugs contain pangolin ingredients will be banned with the wide support of moms in breast feeding.