Jing’an District Held the 33th Teachers’ Day Themed Activity


(Text by Reporter Gu Wu/Photograph by Reporter Xiao Mingliang) On September 7, Jing’an District held in Shanghai Huimin Middle School the “the voyage·guide - themed activity celebrating the 33th Teachers’ Day” to demonstrate the fruits of education and teaching reform in district’s education system and the construction of talents in teachers’ team and to honor a group of outstanding teachers. Gu Yunhao, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Jing’an District Committee, Gu Chunyuan, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jing’an District Committee and Director of Organization Department of the CPC Jing’an District Committee, Bao Yingjing, Deputy Chief of Jing’an District Government and teachers’ representatives of the whole district, including winners of  “Shanghai Model Teacher 2017”, “Special Grade Teacher” and “Shanghai Gardener Award”, gathered merrily to celebrate the Teachers’ Day.


The activity that day comprised three chapters, namely “to educate with virtue, to guide with professional knowledge and comprehensive reform of education”. In the chapter of “to educate with virtue”, “Setting up Spirit of the Chinese Nation and Building the Nation’s Root - the Education of Traditional Culture in Jing’an District” showed details of educating with virtue in traditional culture education carried out in 7 education units, including Jing’an District Youth Activity Center, through a series of digital stories. The activity also introduced the touching stories of Zhao Shanshan, Head of Zhan Shanshan Calligraphy Workshop, in educating little inheritors of Chinese calligraphy and sights and experience of 10 representatives of the winners of Shanghai Gardener Award who cared their students as their own children in forms of video interview, like “Video of Shanghai Model Teachers in ‘Being a Man, Being a Teacher and Pursuing Study 2017” and “What Makes a Good Teacher of ‘Four Merits’?”. In the chapter of “to guide with professional knowledge”, the short film “Bear the Cause of Education in Mind and Carry out Innovation and Transformation Year after Year” told the story of Zhang Renli, Principal of Shanghai Jing’an Education College Afflicted School, who transformed it from a weak school to a reputed school; children and teenagers from Jing’an District Children's Palace told the stories of 12 academic pacesetters of teaching influences in Jing’an with allegro “Pacesetters” accompanied by music and dances. In the live interview of “How to Be ‘Four Guides’?”, 9 new special grade teachers, like Zhang Yun, shared their ideas and insights focusing on “how to be a guide in cultivating students’ personality? How to guide students in learning? How to be a guide in fostering students’ innovative concepts? How to guide students to make contribution to the nation?” In the chapter of “comprehensive reform of education”, the scene recite “Dreams·Forging Ahead” by teachers and students from Shanghai Daning International Elementary School touched every audience with the charm of “facing every day with smile” of this school and helped them to understand the meaning of “one core with two wings, integration of the east and the west” advocated by Daning Group. The speech “Pursuing the Dream of Education, Promoting the Development of Advantages” by teachers and students of Shanghai Shixi High School unveiled before audience’s eyes the fruits of “thought square” teaching reform and the passion of the principal Dong Junwu for pursuing education dreams over the years.The video “Trust, the Key to Success” told the education story of Liu Jinghai, Principal of Zhabei No.8 Middle School, who is dedicated to education and believes that every student could achieve success.


The 77 representatives of new teachers from all education units in Jing’an District took an oath solemnly led by Liu Jinghai, the winner of the first “Outstanding Teachers Making Great Contribution to Education in Shanghai” and the “Shanghai Model Teacher 2014”: Setting sail from now. The themed activity was concluded in the song of “My Teacher, I Miss you” by chorus from Shanghai Jiulong Model Middle School.