Traffic Police Guarantees Smooth Traffic on the Opening Day of New Semester


(Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing/Photograph by Reporter Yu Ruwen) On September 1, primary and middle schools as well as kindergartens in Shanghai heralded the opening day of the new school year of 2017. Traffic police department of Shanghai Public Security Bureau Jing’an Branch dispatched hundreds of traffic polices and traffic police assistants to safeguard schools by carrying out security guarding and traffic guidance in schools and neighboring areas in Jing’an District, and guide vehicles sending and picking up students in time to park and leave efficiently, guaranteeing a safe, orderly and smooth traffic condition on roads near schools.


The Primary School Afflicted to Shanghai No.1 Normal University is located near the crossing connecting Xinzha Road, South Wuning Road and Wanhangdu Road. At 7:15 am, the morning peak arrived with a large amount of cars. Several traffic police and traffic police assistants guarded respectively at the crossing and school gate to safeguard students in crossing roads and remind patents to drive their cars away in time after sending children. The increased car amount didn’t inflict obvious influence on road traffic.


The Reporter has learnt that to guide quick passage of parents’ cars sending students to the Primary School Afflicted to Shanghai No.1Normal University, Jing’an District traffic police has re-set related guard bars and adjusted the corresponding traffic signal matching mode at two nearby crossings by decreasing the south-north direction red signal from 30 seconds to 20 seconds at South Wuning Road and Wanhangdu Road, and increasing the north-south green signal at South Wuning Road and Xinzha Road by 5 seconds. Meanwhile, the school also arranged teachers to bring students getting off cars quickly into school at the school gate wearing red armbands to guarantee passage order. In addition, on Xinzha Road, the west section of Wanhangdu Road, traffic police department has set up temporary parking space to meeting parents’ need of sending and picking-up children.


According to the traffic police department, the key of the school guarding action this time lied in the parking management of private cars sending children to schools and that temporary parking of private cars at roadside was allowed as long as the smooth traffic was not influenced.


The reporter learned that, the car number of morning peak on the school opening day was increased to some extent, with that in areas near schools increased obviously in particular. Under the orderly guidance and management of traffic police department, the road traffic remained normal and smooth on the whole, except some regularly-crowded sections.