To Build an Academy for Modern Junior Citizens and Expand Comprehensive Practice Activities


(Text by Reporters Gu Wu and Huang Jingjing/Photograph by Reporter Xiao Mingliang) On the morning of September 1, the opening day of the new semester, district leaders An Lusheng, Lu Xiaodong, Li Weiping and Chen Yongdi visited Shibei Senior High School, the Primary School Afflicted to Shanghai No.1 Normal University, Daning International No.3 Kindergarten and Shanghai Jiulong Model Middle School to inspect school opening work, express solicitude to teachers and students and know about school running conditions.


At Shibei Senior High School, An Lusheng expressed greetings to all teachers and students on behalf of the CPC Jing’an District Committee and Jing’an District Government and fully recognized the quality education provided by Shibei Senior High School. He said that on the opening day, the visit of leaders of the CPC Jing’an District Committee, Jing’an District Government, Standing Committee of Jing’an District People’s Congress and CPPCC Jing’an District Committee showed the high attention paid by Jing’an District to the cause of education. As a century-old school, Shibei Senior High School is reputed among students and parents and in society for its quality education. An Lusheng hoped that all the teachers and students could make continuous efforts in improving education quality, promoting socialist core values and offering satisfying education to the people. Meanwhile, he urged the school to carry out security work seriously and guarantee school safety. He extended gratitude to all the teachers and students for their contribution to the cause of education and wished the school to obtain greater achievements in the future.


That day, following over 90,000 teenagers and children in the whole district, the reporters visited some schools in Jing’an District and got to know a series of school-running new measures of innovative spirit and profound meaning.


Fenghua Middle School Education Group expands students’ comprehensive practice activities in all aspects


“Our school will expand students’ comprehensive practice activities in all aspects and implement it as the key work in improving students’ core attainments to foster students’ ability to adapt to the society in the future.” said the principal of Fenghua Middle School Education Group Du Linlin on the opening ceremony of the new semester when explaining new school-running measures to all the teachers and students.


This year marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of Fenghua Middle School and also the 3rd anniversary of the school being included in the first batch of bases for comprehensive education reform by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. In the past three years, under the guidance of experts from Teaching & Research Office of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the SETSAIL comprehensive themed course offered by the school has achieved fruitful results in educating students’ cross-discipline integrated study ability. The students’ comprehensive practice activity to be advanced with efforts in the new semester will cover 6 major categories including subject research, experiment design, reading and writing, thinking development, design and production, and social participation. The school will also invite education experts to evaluate students’ participation of comprehensive practice activity and offer valuable suggestions via school anniversary and academic forums.


Shanghai Yangbo Middle School promotes the improvement of education quality through optimizing teachers’ structure


 “Our school has promoted the optimization of teachers’ structure, answered the needs of students’ development and improved further the education quality by introducing a group of highly competent and versatile teachers.” Le Ting, principal of Shanghai Yangbo Middle School, takes improving teachers’ competence as the priority of the school in the new semester.


Since this summer, the school has introduced 21 young professional teachers with high education background and outstanding knowledge reserves and teaching skills. 15 teachers hold Master's degree, and 10 are Party members. Some of them are leading teachers of Chinese class, physical education, political class and so on with many versatile teachers being professional in one discipline introduced by the school following the comprehensive reform of college entrance examination and students’ diversified needs. Teacher Zhang, a post-90s, has concluded the graduate study wining national scholarship oft-repeatedly and is proficient in both history and politics. Ning, also a post-90s postgraduate, is skilled in teaching Chinese and masters Spanish language, paper-cutting, traditional Chinese painting and other skills, meeting students’ diversified needs. According to Le Ting, to accelerate the upgrade of teachers’ team, the school will introduce a group of excellent teachers of professional excellence and moral integrity.


Shanghai Pengpu Middle School records students’ wonderful moments in their journey of growth


On the opening ceremony of Shanghai Pengpu Middle School, over 1,000 students were presented a great gift: the initial issue of students’ literature magazine “The Chinese Wisteria in Full Blossom”. “This is a stage for you to show your talents and brilliance, and this is also a platform recording your wonderful experiences in your journey of growth.” The new semester wishes of the principal Cheng Hehong was full of care for students and won their warm applause.


The Reporter has learnt that in the education process, Pengpu Middle School emphasized a lot on students’ subjectivity. Every month, the school will organize practice and experience activities, like discipline festival, art festival, fitness festival, technology festival and reading festival, to give a full play of students’ talents and brilliance. Since this semester, the school sets up the literature magazine “The Chinese Wisteria in Full Blossom”, which will publish literature works expressing students’ true feelings in different genres like narration, essay and poetry in turns. This is a literature garden of their own to tell joys and sorrows in their growth and their dreams in youth to their heart content.


Shanghai Jing’an Area No.1 Central Primary School builds an academy for modern junior citizens


“We strive to build an academy for modern junior citizens to offer systematic junior citizen education to all students at school and to educate ‘future talents’ for the nation and society.” Zhang Min, principal of Shanghai Jing’an District No.1 Central Primary School, told the reporter the education objective of the new semester.


The modern junior citizen education has been implemented in No.1 Primary School for many years and achieved remarkable results in aspects of fostering students’ independent consciousness, team spirit, sense of duty, broad vision and so on. To offer more systematic, scientific and modern junior citizen education, the school has spared two buildings for building “modern junior citizen academy”, consisting of five major centers, namely “junior citizen self-governance center, junior citizen media center, junior citizen art center, junior citizen health center and junior citizen scientific innovation center”, and equipped five key courses including social course, reading course, art course, health course and science course. The academy attached importance to students’ practical experiences, offered “Course of Ten Experience Activities for Modern Junior Citizens”, and tested and evaluated scientifically students’ performance in various aspects by “Junior Citizens Evaluation Brochure”.


Jing’an District Early Education Guidance and Research Center increases quality service frequency for families with babies


“Since the new school year, we will make at least one opportunity of receiving overall quality service in Jing’an District Early Education Guidance and Research Center available to all babies in Jing’an District in the first three years after their birth.” At the beginning of the new semester, Lin Li, Director of Jing’an District Early Education Guidance and Research Center, has put forth the new measure to benefit the people via early education.


According to information, at present, 34 early education guidance sites in Jing’an District provide free scientific baby raising services, including scientific feeding, health consultation, sports and games, 6 times each year to nearby babies raised in scattered areas. To meet the needs of many families with babies, Jing’an District Early Education Guidance and Research Center decided to adopt the “6+1” service mode, that is to add one more service frequency, to enable families in the whole district with babies to come to Jing’an District Early Education Guidance and Research Center in turns to receive guidance of municipal and district’s experts in the fields of parent-child early education and children health care face to face, to measure baby’s development of body and mind with advanced instruments and to participate in quality parent-child fitness games, etc. In the new school year, the Center will establish early education research community and publish the systematic parent-child book series for 0-3 years old babies to provide scientific support for improving the quality of early education service in the whole district with joints efforts from all early education guidance sites in Jing’an District.