Group Competition Final of the “Lingang Cup” Shanghai Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition concluded


(Text by Reporter Li Ying/Photograph by Reporter Xiao Mingliang) On September 4, the “consumption upgrade and cultural innovation” group competition final of “Lingang Cup” 2017 “Youth of Creativity” Shanghai Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was held, with district leader Zhou Haiying attending the activity and over 130 youth representatives formed by members of Shanghai Jing 'an District Youth Federation, young entrepreneurs from the whole Shanghai and those from Wework and Incubation Base participating in the competition. After the fierce competition, matrix entrepreneurship team of the knowledge service media Lajiao think tank from Kuanggu Culture Media (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. won the champion of this group competition.


The reporter learned that, the “Youth of Creation” Shanghai competition comprises 6 group competitions including intelligent manufacturing, biological medicine and massive health, energy conservation and environmental protection, consumption upgrade and cultural innovation, smart city and sharing economy, internet and the new generation information technology. In the “consumption upgrade and cultural innovation” group competition undertaken by Jing’an District, 25 excellent projects in total entered the quarter-final with 10 teams entering the final at last.


The final took the form of roadshow. The juries scored every team from five aspects, namely team, innovation of project, market analysis, business model and on-spot interaction and attack. The 10 entrepreneurship teams entering the final covered industries including education, cartoon IP, tourism, knowledge sharing and so on, showing fully the talents of young entrepreneurs. The competition also invited the second batch of Jing’an District “instructor of the dream of entrepreneurship”, 10 leading entrepreneurs and experts to form instructor team to provide comprehensive services and support for young entrepreneurs.


As a key part of the “Jing’an District Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program”, the “information platform of entrepreneurship dream in Jing’an District” was launched at this competition, which aims to provide information about policies, spaces, activities and services to entrepreneurship teams and teams planning entrepreneurship and help and attract entrepreneurship teams to understand Jing’an District and to settle in Jing’an District to start their businesses. In addition, the “Shanghai Jing’an District Youth Federation” was set up officially at the competition, with 10 parks of unique features in Jing’an District being the first members.