The New Jing’an Sports Center Has Been Completed with about 60,000 m2 Sports Ground to Be Added in the Coming Five Years


(Reporter Huang Jingjing) The dream of “playing soccer with three or five friends in the air” has now come true. Recently, the Jing’an Sports Center with the first outdoor rooftop soccer field in Shanghai has been completed, which is a sports center integrating fitness and recreation with a floorage of 71,300 m2, making itself a large urban complex providing services for the north of Jing’an District.


Meanwhile, the first creative shared sports ground in China and the community brain-benefiting sports spots have also been put into operation successively, meeting community residents’ daily basic fitness needs and bringing more intelligent and convenient physical exercise and fitness. The reporter learned that, in five years, Jing’an District will build as least 10 public sports grounds, 10 fitness trails and over 50 community sports spots, with the newly-added sports ground covering an area of about 60,000 m2.


The first shared sports ground in China helps you create your own “Sports Circle”


Shared bike, shared umbrella, shared bedspace……. In recent year, more and more “shared products” have entered people’s life. At present, the first shared sports ground in China has been launched in Jing’an District, located in No. 262, Xinma Road and No. 1640, Linfen Road respectively. In the short two-month pilot program, nearly 10,000 people have tried this “newfangle”.


At the site, the reporter has found that the two sports grounds are basketball courts. One can enter or exit by scanning the QR code and the charge will be accounted automatically according to time, which is very convenient to operate. Now, the shared sports grounds are opened throughout the day with a charging standard of 5 yuan/hour in the daytime and 8 yuan/hour at night, among which the period from 7 am to 10 am from Monday to Friday is free of charge. Also, automatic beverage vending machine and smart ball renting machine are equipped in the sports grounds that can be operated through phones, thus realizing the cashless transaction during the whole sports process to provide convenience for the increasing smartphone users.


According to the responsible person of Jing'an District Sports Bureau, due to the geographical distribution difference and the ineffective information dissemination, imbalance of occupancy ratio occurs frequently, with some grounds crowded and others rarely visited. The introduction of shared sports grounds can solve this dilemma effectively. By opening the WeChat app “Joyway shared sports grounds”, one can inquire the number of people at each ground. In this way, users can choose to visit grounds with fewer people flexibly and have a more pleasing sports experience.


According to Mao Lina, the responsible person of Shanghai Joyway Sports Management Co., Ltd, the grounds management company, users can create their own “Sports Circle” through the mobile client, which is not only about sports but also a social platform for the young people to meet more friends via sports”.


According to information, Jing'an District Sports Bureau and Shanghai Joyway Sports Management Co., Ltd have now reached the intent of cooperation with Rucker Park. So, in the future, there will be more smart basketball courts in Jing’an District.


The first rooftop soccer field in Shanghai in Jing’an Sports Center is to be opened


Located east of Gonghexin Road and south of Wenshui Road, Jing’an Sports Center takes on the appearance of the color of orange and silvery grey on the outside , which is quite eye-catching from afar and enjoys a convenient transportation as it is less than 200 meters away from the Wenshui Road station of Metro line 1.


Jing’an Sports Center comprises five parts, namely comprehensive gymnasium, national fitness gymnasium, outdoor gymnasium, comprehensive supporting facilities and underground garage. The Center features a comprehensive gymnasium that can accommodate 5,600 audiences, 2 basketball courts, 2 volleyball courts, 4 tennis courts, 16 table tennis courts, 20 badminton courts, 1 natatorium formed by a large and a small swimming pool and a students’ physical health monitoring center covering an area of about 1,000 m2. Moreover, it also has the first standard rooftop soccer field in Shanghai, which is 13 meters high and can accommodate almost 3,000 audiences.


According to the related responsible person of the construction company, compared with the existing public gymnasiums in Shanghai, Jing’an Sports Center has reached a higher standard in aspects of scale, hardware facilities and comprehensive supporting facilities. “Take environmental protection and energy saving as an example, gymnasiums in Jing’an Sports Center are equipped with systems of rainwater recycling, solar heating and sub-metering, which is quite advanced.”


Jing’an Sports Center is also the venue holding the opening ceremony of Jing’an District First Sports Meeting and several events. On the day of interview, the first opening ceremony rehearsal was held in the comprehensive gymnasium. Mr. Chen, who dwells in the nearby area, is very excited as he witnessed the completion of the construction of the Center, “I have organized a brisk walking team in our community. Previously, we could only walk in the residential area or on the streets, which was very inconvenient. But we can exercise in such gorgeous gymnasium from now on. This makes me really happy.”


The reporter learned that, Jing’an Sports Center will be open to the public step by step in September, providing multiple sports facilities for events, including swimming, basketball, badminton, tennis, volleyball and table tennis, and training services of unique features.


The first community brain-benefiting sports spot in Jing’an District provides outdoor chess and cards table with built-in chess pieces and cards


Recently, Uncle Liu and Uncle Wang, living in Yonghe Yayuan community in No.880, Yonghe Road, have got a new “program”, that is to meet at the community sports spot, where they can not only exercise but also play Weiqi and Chinese chess.


Different from the original ones, the community brain-benefiting sports spot set up this time in Yonghe Yayuan community is a “upgraded” version integrating physical and mental exercise and recreation, where there are facilities of waist twisting, Tai Chi push-hand and bicycle riding with a Weiqi table and a Chinese chess table newly added.


The top of the Weiqi table is a Weiqi board where every piece can be either a white piece or a black one by turning over. So there is no need to take pieces and boards by oneself anymore. The Chinese chess board has a more ingenious design that pieces are magnetic, making it possible to move them above by a coin or key. Uncle Liu told the reporter that although there are also chess and cards tables in the community activity room, the outdoor community sports spot has both fresh air and fitness facilities, which provide another option for residents’ activities.


Meanwhile, the newly-built community brain-benefiting sports spot has also upgraded fitness facilities and attached more importance to the scientific guidance on citizens’ fitness, for example, by displaying basic fitness methods through function label and downloading teaching videos related to a certain facility by scanning the QR code, which is smarter and more user-friendly.


According to related responsible person of Jing'an District Sports Bureau, the community brain-benefiting sports spot has transformed the impression that community sports spots are exclusively for the elders, which has, however, provided services to various groups of the old, the middle-aged and the young people by its comprehensive facility functions, with the diversified development idea integrating strength training, mental recreation, rehabilitation and health care as well as physical fitness test. This year, Jing’an District has planned to build at least 15 community brain-benefiting sports spots.