The Opening Ceremony of the Jing’an District First Sports Meeting Held


(Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing/Photograph by Reporter Yu Ruwen) On September 16, the newly-built Jing’an Sports Center became the sea of joy when the opening ceremony of the Jing’an District First Sports Meeting, sponsored by People’s Government of Jing’an District and undertaken by Jing'an District Sports Bureau, was grandly held in the main stadium here. An Lusheng, Secretary of the CPC Jing’an District Committee, announced the opening of the Jing’an District First Sports Meeting; Lu Xiaodong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Jing’an District Committee and Chief Executive of the District, delivered opening address; Huang Yongping, Director of Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau and district leaders Chen Yongdi, Gu Yunhao and so on attended the ceremony. Over 5,000 citizens in the District participated in the opening ceremony.


Demonstrate the spirit of aggressive advancement


The Reporter has learnt from Jing'an District Sports Bureau that, with the concept of innovation, brilliance and frugality and the theme of “contending for the first place with courage, striving in unity and happy sports”, the opening ceremony comprehensively demonstrated the new achievements of social, economic and sports development of Jing’an District since “combining two districts into one” and showed fully the high spirit of unity and aggressiveness of carders and the masses in Jing’an District.


At 15:00 that day, the sports meeting opening ceremony started officially and honour guard members escorted the vivid-red Five-Starred Red Flag into the main stadium. Then, the sports meeting flag honour guard of the Jing’an District First Sports Meeting and representatives of 173 delegations walked into the stadium with vigorous steps. After the entrance ceremony, all the people in the stadium rose to sing the national anthem of the People's Republic of China. Accompanied by the anthem of the Jing’an District First Sports Meeting, the flag of Jing’an District First Sports Meeting was raised slowly yet steadily. The athlete Sun Jiasheng, the coach Zhou Yun and the judge Sun Liang took an oath on behalf of all athletes, coaches and judges.


It is worth mentioning that, excellent athletes cultivated by Jing’an District also came to the site to celebrate the event, among whom there are Pang Jiaying, the medal winner of the Olympic Games and World Swimming Championship, Jin Di, medal winner of World Championship and World Cup and the skeet champion of the Asian Games, Zhang Lei, the former member of National Women’s Volleyball Team and the captain of Shanghai Women’s Volleyball Team, Mao Yi, the medal winner of the Olympic Games and World Championship and the member of the Chinese Women’s Gymnastics Team, and so on. These excellent athletes congratulated the successful holding of the Jing’an District First Sports Meeting and hoped the vigorous development of Jing’an sports cause to provide more excellent athletes for China and Shanghai.


The perfect effect after three-month rehearsal


The artistic and sports performance was staged at the opening ceremony comprising three chapters, namely “happy sports in new Jing’an”, “the new Jing’an full of vim and vigor” and “the happiness of realizing dreams in new Jing’an”. Programs include cheerleading, roller skating, fencing, soccer, Mulan fan, baton play, diabolo, square dancing and so on. Participants of the performance were formed by sports fans from residents in communities, white collars in buildings and students in primary and middle schools, fully reflecting “a sports meeting of the Jing’an District people.”


To perform in such important event is an experience for the first time for most teams, among which some even started rehearsal two or three months in advance. The Tai Chi team formed by 14 sub-districts started the joint rehearsal every Friday morning since July to continuously adjust their formation, positions and actions under the guidance of the director. Wu Meina, the responsible person of the Shimen Road (No.2) Sub-district Fitness Qigong team, told the reporter that to stage the perfect effect, her team added two more rehearsals every week spontaneously.


The cheerleading performed by over 200 primary school students is a large program in the opening ceremony, which witnessed a hard rehearsal process. According to Le Sujing, the responsible person of Jing’an District School Cheerleading Federation, on receiving the performance mission, she organized students to conduct rehearsal during the summer vacation and on weekends after the new semester began. “Even with such rehearsal intensity, there were no members asking to quit and parents provided firm support. To perform in such a gorgeous stadium makes every student excited.”


The Jing’an Sports Center started trial operation


The Jing’an District First Sports Meeting takes “exercise for all, health for all and happiness for all” as the theme and “the sports meeting converging dreams, Jing’an full of vim and vigor” as the slogan. The competition is divided into three groups, namely the teenager team, the adult team and the elder team, to compete in 412 events of 35 categories, including athletics, soccer, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton and so on. According to the statistics, there are all together 7,226 athletes of 173 teams from organs and public institutions, sub-districts, communities, primary and middle schools and enterprises in Jing’an District participating in competitions. Till the day of opening ceremony, the District has held 61 district-level competitions of the adult teams and the elder teams, and 20 competitions of teenager teams, with the number of participants totaling 25,820; and sub-districts and towns held 296 mass sports competitions of all levels.


According to information, Jing’an Sports Center has launched trial operation on September 17. On the basis of improving the gymnasium’s comprehensive service capacity and competence for citizens’ exercise, the Sports Center will aggressively build an integrated sports complex with multiple functions, including skills training, special events, exchange activities and so on, to meet citizens’ needs of fitness, exercise and recreation.