The Military Training Result Presentation of 109 Newly-employed Civil Servants of Jing’an District Held


(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin/Photograph by Reporter Yu Ruwen) “A beautiful and brilliant Jing’an District created by joint efforts” - On the afternoon of September 19, the voice of loud slogans was heard in the playground of instructing brigade of Shanghai Garrison, as the military training result presentation 2017 of civil servants newly employed by Jing’an District was held there.


Gu Yunhao, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Jing’an District Committee, attended the activity and expressed his hope that the 109 newly-employed civil servants should fully complete the subsequent training on district situation to gain some insights, achievements and improvements as a solid foundation for the future career path. In his speech, Gu Yunhao noted that at present, Jing’an District is in the favorable historical phase of comprehensively implementing the development strategy of “one axis and three zones” and the construction of “International Jing’an, the Right Place to Realize Dream”, and the newly-employed civil servants were like the fresh blood, bringing new energy to Jing’an District. He hoped that in the future work, these new civil servants should love Jing’an District, their roles and the people, carry on the spiritual power and the quality of style obtained in military training, carry out down-to-earth work by adhering to faith, overcoming difficulties and shouldering responsibilities, and make great contribution to accelerate the building of Jing’an District as the “new example of the central districts and the new highlight of development of Shanghai”.


At the presentation, 109 newly-employed civil servants of Jing’an District presented their results of the 7-day military training by march-past, single soldier queue and military boxing respectively. The orderly queues, the standard and strong motions and the slogan of power and grandeur demonstrated their heroic military pose and energetic spirit. Later, led by Director of Labor and Social Security Bureau of Jing’an District and Director of Jing’an District Administration of Civil Service, all newly-employed civil servants took oath solemnly before the national flag. Two representatives of newly-employed civil servants exchanged ideas and delivered speeches.


The Reporter has learnt that since 2013, Jing’an District has added military training to the education and training of newly-employed civil servants, which is both a vivid patriotism education and a spirit and quality forging experience for them. Meanwhile, military training can help to enhance their concept of organization and discipline and foster the fine style of team spirit and hard working.