A Trinity Formed by Medical Service, Geriatric Nursing and Healthcare with Service Receiver Not Limited to Elders in HIYU Caojiadu Senior Care Center


(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin/Photograph by Reporter Yu Ruwen) On the eve of the National Day and the Mid-autumn Festival, 300 elders living in communities near HIYU Caojiadu Senior Care Center received the "healthcare package" presented by the Center, which was in fact the gratuitous treatment provided by physicians-in-charge invited by the Center from four major specialized departments, namely departments of endocrinology, neurology, respiratory medicine and TCM, of Huashan Hospital, Fudan University, Jing’an Branch for elders in the Center and neighboring communities. General Manager of Shanghai HIYU Senior Care Service Co., Ltd. Zhu Bin told the reporter that this gratuitous treatment was another attempt by the Center to explore "community integration", and that gratuitous treatment and health lectures would be held from time to time in the future. “What we want to do is not limited to the quality service for elders in the Center. We hope further to help elders in the neighboring communities to facilitate the sharing of professional medical service resources among them, who will thus enjoy their advanced years.”


Providing medical services and geriatric nursing coving all age groups

Entering HIYU Caojiadu Senior Care Center located No. 43, Lane 767, Wanhangdu Road, the reporter found that elders in the Center were taking well-being exercises under the guidance of professional instructors. From general exercises involving movements of both hands and feet to a series of simple exercises, such as clapping hands, elders were beaming with happiness. Supervisor of social worker in the Center Chen Yunyan told the reporter that well-being exercise would be adjusted dynamically according to elders’ health conditions and the situation, which includes cognitive training and individual’s disability exercises. “Through the integration of medical services and geriatric nursing, we hope to realize expectations of walking in the Center with their own feet for elders in wheelchairs.”


According to Zhu Bin, HIYU Caojiadu Senior Care Center is currently the largest senior service complex in Jing’an District integrating long-term inhabitation geriatric nursing institutions, the disabled nursing institutions and the geriatric nursing home, with 500 beds altogether and various personalized nursing zones specifically divided, including homes of self-care, dysfunction, dementia, disability, daytime nursing, attending and so on, providing “one-stop home + community + institution senior service” for the elders. There are currently 150 beds occupied by elders with an average age exceeding 85 years old.


“We advocate for the concept of ‘health, happiness and home’ and provide multi-level and diversified professional medical services and geriatric nursing covering all age groups for elders here.” Zhu Bin told the reporter that, as a public-built private senior service institution, HIYU Caojiadu Senior Care Center adopts the all-round “geriatric nursing complex” mode of trinity integrating medical, geriatric nursing and healthcare services, where personalized healthcare plan will be developed by doctors and nurses in the Center Clinic for every elder. With TCM and Western physical therapy methods, the rehabilitation and physiotherapy center set up in the Center helps the elders to improve self-care ability through rehabilitation training of body functions.


In addition, collaborating with Chest Pain Center (CPC) of Huashan Hospital, Fudan University, Jing’an Branch, Jing’an District Centre Hospital, the Center also sets up 24h green medical channel to facilitate seeking medical treatment for elders. According to Zhu Bin, the Center will, in the future, set up a nursing station, department of cardiology, department of geriatrics and so on, bringing convenience to daily diagnosis and treatment for elders in the Center.


Care for the elders in communities

Since its operation in November, 2016, the Center has been committed to providing its medical services and resources to neighboring communities to enable more elders to enjoy nursing and supports in advanced years and feel the warmth of the society. On the eve of the National Day, volunteers from the Center visited elders living alone in communities with gifts and greetings.


The old Aunt Zhang, living alone in Da’an Garden community, can’t but stay home because of her old age and difficulty in walking. So volunteers’ visit did make her cheerful. “I am so happy today. These young people have brought me presents as well as flowers and chatted with me. It has been a long time since my house being immersed in such joyful environment last time.”


Zhu Bin told the reporter that the Center plans to visit 500-600 empty nesters aged over 80 living in Caojiadu Sub-district, whose children live away for a long time, to bring the social care to these elders.


The Center also invites elders to participate in celebrating activities at every festival and at New Year frequently. On the eve of Mid-autumn Festival, the Center invited community elders to have mooncakes and watch programs together. Chorus, traditional opera, singing accompanied by piano, poetry reciting and so on brought real happiness to them. And everyone at the site wanted to participate in the interaction program - the HIYU vigorous exercise.


The right time for “community integration”

During the interview, Zhu Bin mentioned “community integration” for many times. He told the reporter that “community integration” lies not only in getting out of the Center to send services and care to elders in communities but also in introducing social resources into the Center, helping elders here to restore and maintain effective social communication and meeting elders’ spiritual needs.


For this purpose, the Center is also featured by integration of geriatric nursing and teaching supplementing integration of medical services and geriatric nursing. It has opened senior citizen school comprising shadowboxing class, singing class and painting class with joint efforts of Jing’an District Senior Citizen College, which has enabled community trainees to study together with elders in the Center and enriched their life, achieving remarkable results. This year, besides the original three classes, crafting class is added and more classes will be offered according to elders’ needs. Also, it has turned itself into a social practice base through cooperation with Wanhangdu Road Primary School and Shanghai Shixi Primary School where elders will manage Tiantai Farm together with children, thus preventing the rapid psychological and physiological deterioration.


The daytime nursing center to be in trial operation will provide food delivery service for community elders; and the nursing station in preparation will provide professional home medical services for them… Zhu Bin said that with the gradual advancement of community integration efforts, the Center hope to function more in sustaining the connection between society and elders living there as well as sharing of quality resources of the Center among elders there and elders in communities. “Provide quality services to elders living in Center and resources and services in more communities for the need of elders adopting home-based care at the same time is what we are endeavoring to.”