The Whole Family of Zhao Keming Embark on Their Way to Health via Long-distance Running


(Text by Reporter Shi Danni/Photograph by Reporter Yu Ruwen) In the park in the morning, in the community in the evening and in the countryside on weekends, Zhao Keming and Wang Bocui are always found running. This couple has participated in half marathon and full marathon held in cities at home and abroad for over 40 times winning various medals and certificates. In 2017, the family of Zhao Keming is awarded the title of “The Most Beautiful Family in Jing’an District” model family and the title of “The Most Beautiful Family in Shanghai”, which was just unveiled in the “The Most Beautiful Family in Shanghai” selection activity 2017. The family is bringing positive energy to people around through their running.


Running from Shanghai to the whole world

Zhao Keming started his running when he was over 50, with his routine running path from Dabaishu to Wujiaochang and then to Shanghai Locomotive Stadium. This 18km-long path is a piece of cake for him. More than 10 years ago, to build up body, Zhao Keming joined the long-distance running team of Zhabei sports staff, thence starting his running career. In 2003, he tried to finish his first half marathon of 21.075km in 2 hours and 13 minutes, being awarded a pair of marathon track shoes. He presented this award to his wife, Wang Bocui, who also joined the long-distance running team wearing the shoes later. Starting from the 400 meters track of stadium, Wang Bocui ran her first full marathon of 42.195km using 4 hours and 45 minutes just one year later. Since then, running has become the most important part of this couple’s life.


When it comes to his running career, Zhao Keming said that running had such a magic that the more you run, the more you like it. Over the years, to get up at 5:00 am and run has become a habit for him. He smiled: “I haven’t get sick for over 10 years. It seems that the medical record is of little use.” Whenever there is a city holding marathon, this couple will participate in, whether it is Shanghai, Wuxi, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Lanzhou, Beijing or even cities of Taiwan, Japan or South Korea. They have left their running steps in various cities. In 2016, Wang Bocui encountered Liu Xiang in a marathon race who was also participating in then and took a picture with him, which has been placed at the most conspicuous place in the living room as a cherished memory. Wang Bocui also followed the long-distance running team to the birth place of marathon - Greece - to participate in full marathon and was received by the Mayor. Marathon has brought a lot of pleasure and pleasant memories for the life of the whole family.


“Senior Clerk” long-distance running team driving people around to run

This year, Zhao Keming has finished 5 full marathon, while Wang Bocui 7. In their routine training, they would run 10km three times a week. To activate neighbors to run, Zhao Keming established “Senior Clerk” long-distance running team, which will hold activity in Shanghai Locomotive Stadium every week and organize running in countryside frequently. GUCUN Park and Nanxiang historic town are all the sites for their activities. “We will run to the place where we want to go, and as long as we can reach there with our footsteps, we will never take vehicles.” At marathon sites, Zhao Keming and his old peers will also direct the way and distribute water for participants as volunteers.


“A leader will lead one to run” is Zhao Keming’s original intention to set up the running team. He recalled that when he started running at the age of over 50, it was his predecessor over 70 years old who led him to run and take a fancy to running. And now he hopes this exercise will benefit more people. Zhao Keming and members of “Senior Clerk” long-distance running team attach little importance to running equipment, and they just run with proper running shoes and sportswear.


Although he is over 70 years old now, Zhao Keming still believes that it is the best time for running, “In July this year, I participated in the Asia Masters Athletics Championships. The oldest participant is 102 years old and there are many foreign competitors in advanced ages. My wife and I will continue our running career.” Now, his son is also fond of running gradually under parents’ influence and joins Shanghai Marathon volunteer service team to support and serve runners. Cherishing long-distance running, the whole family encourage and support each other.