Jing’an District Convenes a Four-day Seminar to Study and Put into Practice the Spirits of the 19th National Congress of the CPC


(Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing) In order to conscientiously study and put into practice the spirits of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, CPC Jing’an District Committee held a seminar from November 20 to 23 for Jing’an District to study and act on the spirits of the 19th National Congress of the CPC on the basis of the unified deployment of Central Committee of the CPC and the requirements of CPC Shanghai Committee. On November 20, An Lusheng, Lu Xiaodong, Li Weiping, Chen Yongdi, Gu Yunhao and other leaders of the four leading groups of Jing’an District led the Party and Government Delegation to Huangpu District and Changning District successively for study and inspection, accompanied by the main leaders of the four leading groups of Huangpu District and Changning District.


On that morning, leaders of Jing’an District first arrived at Guizhou Residential Area in Huangpu District to inspect the activity room, shared living room, shared activity area, public health infrastructure at the lane head and shared study, and learn the construction situation of the project “Little Renewal of Community” in detail. Guizhou Residential Area, constructed in 1920s, was listed in the key areas for comprehensive treatment of the ecological environment along East Beijing Road this year.


Then, the leaders of Jing’an District came to the Shiliupu Phase II and inspected the riverside connection project in Huangpu District. It was learnt that the riverside connection project in Huangpu District involved getting through 11 broken points. So far, for the Shiliupu Phase II, the projects of extending the waterside platform of the Old Bund and connecting Waimalu Road have been completed at the end of June. Public Lawn Project on Miaojiang Road got through the broken point at Nanpu Bridge and constructed a “Sports Park” on its west side. The road area was completed at the end of June and the water area was completed at the end of August.


At the Party Building Service Center of Wuliqiao Sub-district Community, the leaders of Jing’an District listened to the implementation of the Party building work at the community-level and learned that the center had formed a “4+1” working method for the urban Party building at the community-level, which is “group service, democratic management, regional support, public assessment” + “job security mechanism” in 2011 through exploration.


Later, the leaders of Jing’an District drove to the innovation center of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). The main innovation projects of the center include accelerator project, innovation laboratory and innovation institution, which provide strong support for the incubation of new technologies, business and products.


On that afternoon, the leaders of Jing’an District arrived at “Street with Historic Features at Yuyuan Road” and listened to the urban renewal status of Yuyuan Road. Yuyuan Road has completed road reconstruction and landscape improvement, advanced the reconstruction and adjustment of the post office on No. 1018, Jiangsu Road and planned to introduce collective brands of designers + books, floriculture and handicraft + simple meals without cooking fumes as well as art space, galleries and educational institutions for art, since this year.


In Hongchu Housing Estate, the leaders of Jing’an District learned the Party building and autonomy work of the residential area in detail. They headed for the home of people in the residential area, watch the display boards about the comprehensive renovation work of “Five Violations and Four Obligations” and listen to the introduction of relevant situation. It was learnt that the renovation work of breaking walls for opening shops on Changshun Road lasted for one month, with 53 merchants renovated, 57 broken walls blocked off and 276 m2 of illegal buildings torn down.


The leaders of Jing’an District then came to the “one-stop” service center for trade convenience located in ShanghaiMart and had a nice conversation with the staff. The center includes such 4 functional departments as Customs, Inspection and Quarantine, Tax Administration and Business Committee, as well as intermediary service departments including storage, logistics and customs clearance to provide convenient service for enterprises.


In the office building of yiguo.com, the leaders of Jing’an District visited the test site for new retail, experienced self-service convenience stores and conducted other activities. They listened to the development of yiguo.com and the reform of registration system of “one business license with more than one certificates”.


Finally, the leaders of Jing’an District arrived at the “one-stop” service center for overseas talents and learned the implementation of overseas talents business and overseas Chinese involved business in detail. The center has realized “one-window” service and “one-stop” transaction of overseas talents service.


At the symposium, An Lusheng, Secretary of the CPC Jing’an District Committee, expressed that through the study and inspection to brother districts, the most impressive feeling is to find everything new and refreshing. Brother districts reflected the features of high stance, concrete work, solid foundation and remarkable effects in the advancement of various works, especially the awareness of innovation, quality and service to common people, which is worth learning for the cadres of Jing’an District. For the next stage, Jing’an District and brother districts should improve communication, deepen connection, promote cooperation and drive the overall work of Jing’an District to a new level.


Lu Xiaodong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Jing’an District Committee and Governor of Jing'an District, introduced the economic and social development since the Merger between Zhabei District and Jing’an District from the perspectives involving the development strategy of “One Developmental Axis with Three Gathering Zones”, economic development, deepening of reform, construction of scientific and technological innovation center, renovation of small-and-medium-sized riverways and guarantee of people’s livelihood.


According to the arrangement, the seminar to study and put into practice the spirits of the 19th National Congress of the CPC will organize several specific reports and penal discussions to publicize the spirits of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, so as to summarize the economic and social development of the district and the Party building work since this year, as well as plan and arrange the development thoughts and key emphasis in work for next year.