A Passionate Start of Urban Orienteering Competition for Key Enterprises in Jing’an District, with RMB 180,000 Yuan Public Welfare Fund Raised for Charitable Public Welfare Projects in the District


(Text by Reporter Peng Xuhui/ Photograph by reporter Xiao Mingliang) On November 18, the Urban Orienteering Competition 2017 for Key Enterprises themed “Vital Jing’an, Run for Love”, jointly held by Investment Invitation Office of Jing’an District and Jing'an District Sports Bureau, started passionately in Jing'an Park, with 775 members from 155 enterprises in Jing’an District taking part in the competition. Lu Xiaodong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Jing’an District Committee and Governor of Jing'an District, Zhou Haiying, Deputy Governor of Jing’an District, Liu Xiaoming, Chairman of Shanghai Charity Foundation Jing’an Branch and other leaders attended the activity.


This orienteering competition is one of the cultural and sports activities served for key enterprises of Jing’an District, which, has entered into its second year and is widely welcomed by enterprises in Jing’an District. The theme of this competition is to demonstrate the commercial landmarks, urban vitality and enterprise image of Jing’an District, promote the civilization concepts of civilized harmony, green living and fashionable commonweal, continuously assist in programs for public good, and jointly build a wonderful Jing’an. This year, the Investment Invitation Office of Jing’an District has held different forms of cultural and sports activities successively, in order to promote the communication and interaction between the Government and key enterprises, build a platform for inter-enterprises communication, further improve the sense of belonging of the enterprises and help them realize a better and faster development.


On the day of competition, suited in uniforms, all members started off from Jing’an Park, to the commercial landmarks of Jing’an District such as HKRI Taikoo Hui, Joy City, Jing’an District Sports Center, Sincere Starlight Plaza, Daning Music Plaza, WPP Campus, Capital Square, 800 Show and Crystal Galleria along the designated route on foot or by public transportation, completed the tasks including the puzzle of garbage classification, spotting landmarks, public welfare publicity of traffic civilization and emergency drill. Finally they were ranked according to the overall time used to finish the tasks. After nearly 7 hours competition, Shanghai Jinko Photovoltaic Technology Co. Ltd., Shanghai Rongxinsheng Law Firm and Mary Kay (China) Co. Ltd. were the top 3 of route A; Mary Kay (China) Co. Ltd., Nanyang Kindergarten and Shanghai Jing’an Property (Group) Co. Ltd. were the top 3 of route B; 14 enterprises including E-House (China) Holdings Limited and The Shanghai Engineering Co. Ltd. of China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group Co., Ltd. were awarded the consolation prizes; 6 enterprises including Shanghai Warrior Shoes Co. Ltd. and GroupM (Shanghai) Advertising Co. Ltd. won the single awards.


The reporter has learnt that, in order to actively encourage the key enterprises of Jing’an District to perform social responsibilities, the Investment Invitation Office of Jing’an District and Shanghai Charity Foundation Jing’an Branch jointly launched the charitable public welfare project themed “Run for Love” for enterprises of Jing’an District, which combined the activity platform of Urban Orienteering Competition for Key Enterprises and mobilized benevolent enterprises to support and contributed the donations in the name of those teams completing the competition. The collected donations are used to support different charitable public welfare projects like care for the aged, the young and the poor, as well as subsidies for study, demonstrating the new fashion of enterprises of Jing’an District and their employees to devoted themselves to programs for public good and co-build a wonderful Jing’an. Strongly supported by GroupM (Shanghai) Advertising Co. Ltd., dōTERRA (Shanghai) Commercial and Trading Co., Ltd., Clifford Chance LLP and Zhongli International Commercial and Trading Co., Ltd., this competition collected donations of RMB 180,000 Yuan, which would be specially used for three charitable public welfare projects of “Xingxing Student Subsidies”, “Care for the Old Hero” and “Charitable Package for Children with Serious Disease”. During the competition, team members wasted no time and tried their best to complete the competition, in order to contribute to the programs for public good.