Application Guide for 2015 Jing'an District Brand Building Special Fund Project


In order to strengthen brand building in the area, further promote the business for "driven by innovation and developing by transformation" and improve the industry's core competitiveness, the guide is prepared according to the Opinions on Jing'an District to strengthen brand building (Trial) (JFF [2014] No. 2 article) and Brand building special fund pilot scheme in Jing'an District (JSWF [2014] No.5 Article) and the relevant provisions on the management of financial resources.


I Support Range


2015 Jing'an District brand building special funds (hereinafter referred to as special funds) primarily supports related projects from the following five aspects:


 (I) Offer support for enterprises to increase brand-building capabilities. Combine with industrial development priorities of the area to support enterprises to cultivate and build brand, and promote key industries and key enterprises to develop domestic and international markets; support key enterprises, and key brand to implement brand development strategy; encourage enterprises to develop brand cultivation and brand promotion and participate in relevant display, exhibitions, fairs and other activities.


 (II) Offer support for the promotion and protection to China time-honored brand for the development. Focus on promoting innovation in China time-honored brand, and increase brand added-value; encourage enterprises to adopt modern management and distribution methods, techniques, standards to reform the traditional process and places for business; explore, and develop process characteristics on the verge of extinction and dig culture in time-honored brand; implement the assets revitalization and reorganization and expand domestic and foreign markets.


 (III) Offer support for brand public service platform project building. Encourage relevant enterprises, intermediary institutions and social organizations to be involved in such platform building and carry out various brand public services like design consulting, trading operations, promotion, and talent training; encourage the introduction of domestic famous brands in the mall, and build sales platform for its own brand.


 (IV) For projects supported by national and municipal special funds for their own brand building, district-level finance should offer supporting funds.


 (V) Projects approved by other brand construction leading group in Jing'an District.


II Support Methods


Special funds are distributed through three methods: financing, government procurement of services and reward, and one project can only be supported by one method.


 (I) The projects that the improve brand building, and protect and promote the development of time-honored brands are mainly supported by financing. Funding shall not exceed 30% of the project's actual expenditure, and the highest single project financing funds shall not exceed more than 2 million Yuan.


 (II) Brand public service platform projects are generally supported by financing or government procurement of service. Funding shall not exceed 30% of the project actual expenditures, and the highest single project financing funds shall not exceed more than 2 million Yuan. The amount of government procurement of services shall be determined in accordance with the project contract, and the specific procurement method shall be carried out in accordance with relevant provisions of government procurement management.


 (III) For projects supported by national and municipal policy support, district-level finance shall offer certain supporting funds, up to no more than 2 million Yuan.


III Declaration Condition


 (I) Enterprises, institutions or social organizations legally that registered in the area and have independent legal personality;


 (II) Register in tax authority of the area;


 (III) To declare (I), (II) class of “support range” in this guide, the declaration units must have independent trademark rights. If trademark ownership does not belong to declaration units, the declaration units are required to own the exclusive right to use on the trademark, and provide relevant evidence;


 (IV) Operate and pay taxes according to law. The declaration units and their legal representatives shall have good credit status and have no bad credit record;


 (V) Sound financial management system and financial condition;


 (VI) The declaration projects conform to the industry development and key point supported by special funds;


 (VII) Other Specified Conditions.


This year, the special funds will give priority to support projects under construction and the project period, in principle, shall not exceed more than two years. Projects receiving financial funds of district government through other channels are not covered by the special financial support. For verified repetitive declaration projects, recover special funds in accordance with law, and record it to declaration unit’s credit files.


IV Declaration Requirements


 (I) Date of Declaration: August 26 - September 26, 2015


 (II) Declaration Method


Please log in "Shanghai Jing'an" portal http://www.jingan.gov.cn/ to download and fill out the 2015 Jing'an District brand building special fund project application form, and prepare for the relevant application materials. After completing filling, please send electronic version of the application materials (including related attachments) to jingwei607@163.com and japp2014@sina.com; after receiving a phone call, submit a paper version of the material to declaration acceptance window.


 (III) Declaration Materials


Please print declaration materials with A4 paper. After arranging by the following order, bind it to a volume at left side, in duplicate (invoices, invoice list, contracts, a copy of self-financing investment proof, and bind them into a single volume), and deliver them to declaration acceptance window: Room 405, No. 19, Lane 607, Yuyao Road.


1. If applying (I), (II), (III) class of “support range” in the guide, you shall provide the following materials:


 (1) 2015 Jing'an District brand building special fund project application form;


 (2) Declaration Units business license or copy of legal person certificate, organization code certificate, and tax registration certificate;


(3) Copies of 2013, 2014 audited financial statements and audit report;


 (4) Copies of trademark registration certificate associated with the application program and within the validity period (if the ownership of the trademark does not belong to the declaration unit, it shall provide proof of trademark exclusive use permit authorized by trademark ownership unit);


 (5) Letter of Undertaking of the authenticity of the application material (legal representative signature and official stamp);


 (6) The completed project (the completed projects upon declaring) must provide proof of completion of the project as well as project-related special audit reports, including invoices copies of expenses incurred, invoice lists and cooperation agreement and other related materials, and the project involved in the development of brand strategy is required to provide brand strategy consulting third-party service contract;


 (7) Self-financing investment certificate (including its own funds bank certificates of deposit, bank loans letter of undertaking of load fund, and loan agreement. The self-financing is required to achieve more than 70% of the total amount of investment);


 (8) The relevant qualification documents (such as Chinese well-known trademarks, famous trademark in Shanghai, Shanghai famous brand, Chinese time-honored brand, Shanghai time-honored brand, etc.);


 (9) Finance three-row seal of declaration unit (account name, account number, and bank of deposit);


 (10) Any other relevant materials.


2. For units supported by the special funds of 2014 annual Shanghai self-owned brand-building, if they apply for district-level supporting funds, they shall provide the following materials:


 (1) District-level supporting funds application report (with three-row seal of the financial department);


 (2) Municipal special funds allocation proof (the corresponding bank certificate);


 (3) Municipal special funds project acceptance materials (including copies of the acceptance application form, inspection table, project special audit reports and other related materials);


 (4) Municipal special fund payment vouchers;


 (5) Any other relevant materials.


V. Project Requirements


District Commission of Commerce commissioned a third party to review the project. Project units passed accreditation and getting special funds shall comply with the following requirements:


(I) Project implementation: project units shall carry out the project strictly in accordance with explicit content of 2015 Jing'an District brand building special fund project application form. For projects under construction getting the support, they shall sign a Project Management Contract with the project authorities as the main basis for project implementation and acceptance. Earmark special funds for each project. They shall not alter the use of funds and are not allowed to misuse, intercept and embezzle them. Through the inspection, if there are presence of false, and concealed relevant information to defraud the special funds, all allocated special funds will be recovered, and the unit will be disqualified to apply for special funds within three years, and will bring their  ?bad credit records into the credit system of the area; For serious circumstances, administrative and legal responsibility will be prosecuted according to the relevant state provisions.


 (II) Project alteration: If the project affairs shall be altered, the project unit shall submit an application to the project authorities, indicating the altered matter and grounds, and it could be changed or revoked with the consent of the authority. After the project is canceled, the project unit shall turn in the allocated funds through original channel.


 (III) Project Supervision: District Commission of Commerce commissioned a third party to support project supervision and management. Project Unit shall actively cooperate with relevant departments to supervise and manage the project implementation, performance evaluation and audit of special funds.


 (IV) Project acceptance: project unit shall submit project completion reports, inspection reports and other relevant information to the project authorities in a specified time, and actively cooperate with the project authorities to complete the project acceptance.


VI Contact Method


 (I) Consultation on project application:

Jing’an District Business Council

Contact: Wan Yaorong   Li Ying

Tel: 52133021           Fax: 52133021

Email: jingwei607@163.com

Address: 9th Floor, No. 969, Wuding Road (200040)


 (II) Consultation on project application and materials submission:


Contact: Li Jing    Wan Chunhua

Tel: 62306083           Fax: 52560006

Email: japp2014@sina.com

Address: Room 405, No.19, Lane 607, Yuyao Road (200042)