WeChat Account of “Jing’an Technology” to Be Officially Launched



Hello, everyone! The WeChat account of “Jing’an Technology" will be officially launched on November 3. Welcome to follow us on WeChat then.


We will use this platform to gather and serve people with the highlights of technological information, popularize scientific and technological knowledge, and build a bridge for interaction between the government and the people. We will actively practice the idea of “increasing commercial value, improving life quality and rebuilding urban ecology with science and technology”.


You can follow the WeChat account of “Jing’an Technology” in the following way. Let’s experience a technological and intelligent lifestyle together. 


I. Scan the QR code below, and tap the button to follow us. 


2. Open WeChat, find “+” in the upper right corner → tap “Add Friend” → find “Public Account” → manually enter “sh-jingankeji”, and it’s done!