31 Athletes of Jing’an District Participate in the National Games in Tianjin


(Reporter Huang Jingjing/Photograph by Reporter Yu Ruwen) On August 27, the 13th National Games of the PRC was unveiled in Tianjin. The Reporter has learnt that 31 athletes from Jing’an District has entered the finals as members of Shanghai sports delegation, who will compete in 17 sports including shooting, fencing, gymnastics, badminton, basketball, synchronized swimming and so on.


The third winner of Olympic Games Mao Yi leads the athlete team


Mao Yi, the gymnast dispatched by Jing’an District, won the bronze medal for the Chinese women's artistic gymnastics team in the Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro last year, and this time she will compete in the contest of women's artistic gymnastics team in National Games. Mao Yi said that she had overcome foot injury during the cycle of Olympic Games, achieved the expected effect of the intense training and at last obtained a satisfying result in the Olympic Games. Over the past year, she has been motivated by all her supporters’ care in training and competition, trained with more efforts and diligence to improve her competitiveness continuously and that she will strive to gain better achievements on behalf of Shanghai and Jing’an District in the National Games.


In addition, athletes, such as Wang Xiaoyu winning the third place in National Shooting Championship 2017, Zhang Shuo, the champion of men's epee preliminary of the Nation Games, Wu Linying, the champion of women's weightlifting preliminary of the Nation Games and Li Quanlong, champion of the men’s boxing preliminary of the Nation Games, are expected to win medals in Tianjin.


The largest intense training ever


The galaxy of talents from Jing’an District in competitions of the National Games is the result of the emphasis of Jing'an District Sports Bureau on the cultivation of young sports reserve talents. This summer, to answer the call of the National Games and to prepare for the 16th Shanghai Games next year, Jing’an District carried out young athletes intense training from July 1 to August 31 to further advance the deep integration of sports schools in Jing’an District, to improve the physical fitness of young athletes and to help them practice competition skills.


The Reporter has learnt that the summer training this year is the intense training of the largest scale ever covering the most areas after “combining two districts into one”. Intense training sites are located mainly in Youth Spare-time Sports School of Jing’an District, No.2 Youth Spare-time Sports School of Jing’an District, district’s gyms and primary and middle schools, with swimming, tennis, volleyball and archery in Shanghai Yucai High School Jiading Campus, basketball and baseball in Jiangfan Primary School of Chongming District, water sports in Dianshan Lake in Qingpu District, water polo in Oriental Sports Center, football, fencing, weightlifting, judo, wrestling and martial arts in Baotou Youth Spare-time Sports School of Inner Mongolia and swimming in Yunnan Province. There are all together 22 sports involved in the intense training and 1,195 athletes participating in the training.


This year Shanghai has experienced the unusual high temperature in history which brought sufferings of heat to athletes in training. In Shanghai Yucai High School Jiading Campus, the reporter found that in the gym as hot as a large “sauna room”, all men athletes and coaches were naked to the waist in the training, and they had to change gym suits at least twice every day. During training breaks, two coaches would lead team members to breathe some “fresh air” outdoor where the temperature was 38oC.


To advance deep integration via summer training


The tough summer training and the requirements of caring for students’ daily life has inflicted heavy burden on logistics support.


The reporter learned that, during the intense training, Jing'an District Sports Bureau implemented the system of leaders of Youth Spare-time Sports Schools as resident duty officer. The logistics support department provided refreshing food in large quantities, such as salt soda water, ptisan, mung bean soup and watermelons, and improved food quality by proper arrangements of dish variety and nutrition, as training consumes a lot of energy. Also, several professional medical workers are resident during the intense training.


Meanwhile, Youth Spare-time Sports School of Jing’an District also arranged various extracurricular activities for athletes, including learning guidance, reading discussion, watching movies and parties to realize every athlete’s comprehensive improvement in aspects of competition, learning and life skills.


During the summer training, leaders of Jing'an District Sports Bureau traveled far away to Yucai High School, Jiangfan Primary School of Chongming District to visit athletes and coaches and to know about their training, learning, accommodation, catering and so on. Leaders of Jing'an District Sports Bureau and Education Bureau went to Baotou city to express greetings to coaches and students sticking to their training far away from home. According to Yu Biao, Director of Jing'an District Sports Bureau, this summer training was of the largest scale in history, which provided a valuable platform for sufficient communication and mutual learning between athletes and coaches and further promoted the deep integration of sports and teams of Youth Spare-time Sports Schools.