The Lei Yun Shang Plasters Health Maintenance Cultural Festival 2017 Kicked Off



(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin/Photograph by Reporter Yu Ruwen) On the morning of October 20, the kick-off ceremony of “Jing’an District Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Activity” themed “Carrying on Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture·Promoting the Development of Mass Health with Joint Efforts” & the Lei Yun Shang Plasters Health Maintenance Cultural Festival 2017 was held in Lei Yun Shang Pharmacy. Deputy Chief Executive of Jing’an District Government Zhou Haiying and related responsible persons of Bureau of Culture of Jing’an District, Jing’an District Commission of Commerce, Jing’an District Administration of Market Supervision, Jing’an District Federation of Industry and Commerce and Kaikai Group attended the activity.


In addition to the large-scale free plasters consulting activity of famous Shanghai TCM experts organized from October 20 to October 22, Lei Yun Shang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (West Area) invited nearly 40 citizens to visit Lei Yun Shang Plasters Preparation Center, Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Museum and Herb Garden and experience personally the unique effects of traditional Chinese medicine in health maintenance through activities of the plasters culture journey of health maintenance, like appreciating TCM health maintenance tea, listening to health maintenance lectures and so on. The reporter learned that, the Lei Yun Shang Plasters Health Maintenance Cultural Festival will open till January 21, 2018, during which Lei Yun Shang Pharmacy will organize plasters clinic led by many famous TCM physicians, such as Fan Zhongze, who will prescribe the individual plasters for customers by looking, listening, questioning and feeling the pulse. Meanwhile, health maintenance plasters and relaxing plasters extracted from ancient traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, such as Dendrobium Candidum formula compound, body-building formula of three treasury herbs, dendrobe eyesight-beneficial formula, rose formula of three flower species, for citizens’ option.


The reporter learned that the “China Time-honored Brand” Lei Yun Shang has always taken “caring for people’s health and carrying on traditional Chinese medicine culture” as its mission and has long been engaged in exploring the new channels and new platforms of publicizing the traditional Chinese medicine culture. Themed plasters health maintenance culture and supported by famous physicians and experienced TCM physicians of Lei Yun Shang Clinic, “Jing’an District Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Activity 2017” will organize traditional cultural activities of plasters health maintenance in culture centers of sub-districts and towns in Jing’an District, and held activities carrying forward plasters health maintenance culture in forms favored by the people like lectures, Chinese herbal specimens exhibition and on-site TCM techniques displays to improve the popularity of TCM health knowledge and advocate quality health maintenance methods. In the future, “Jing’an District Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Activity” will introduce 14 themed activities in 5 categories, namely TCM culture course, TCM culture publicizing exhibition, experience of TCM health maintenance culture, painting and calligraphy exhibition of TCM culture and the health maintenance journey of TCM culture, to bring the extensive and profound TCM culture widely into communities, schools, office buildings and enterprises and public institutions, to better publicize the quintessence of Chinese culture, TCM, in order to improve the popularization of health knowledge of TCM and promote the inheritance and spread of TCM culture.