Final of the 6th “Professional Enthusiasm in Shanghai” Vocational Guider Competition Is Held


 (Text by Reporter Xing Beilin) On November 22, the Final of the 6th “Professional Enthusiasm in Shanghai” Vocational Guider Competition was held in Jing’an District Youth Activity Center. The theme of the current competition is “Strength Interpreting Highlights, Collaboration Contributing to Future”. “Professional Enthusiasm in Shanghai” employment service experts and relevant employment personnel of vocational guidance and vocational introduction from 16 districts of Shanghai attended today’s event. 10 vocational guiders stood out from 32 contestants and entered today’s final. This final was sponsored by the Employment Promotion Center of Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and Jing’an District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and organized by Jing’an District Employment Promotion Center.


The current competition first reviewed the 20 years’ development of Shanghai vocational guidance, showed the service level of the vocational guidance practitioners in the new era, which made the vocational guidance achieve a better inheritance and development. The competition that day adopted the form of 5-to-5 speech debate for the first time and 10 final contestants were divided into the affirmative and negative teams through draw and led by two employment service experts respectively. Both teams developed hot debate on the topic “Choose your favorite as job or choose you are specialized as job” from online selection. Contestants showed the highlights of the vocational guidance work with strength and outlined the future of the vocational guidance through collaboration. On the scene of the competition, a sight recorder was invited to record the highlights of the wonderful speeches of both teams into nice pictures through freehand sketching. Finally, Li Hong, Chief Vocational Guider from Baoshan District, National Starred Vocational Guider and Special Career Lecturer of Oriental Forum won the first prize of the competition.


It’s learnt that there are over 400 vocational guiders in Shanghai currently. 20 years ago, the first group of vocational guiders drew the advanced vocational guide concept of the world, implemented the localized exploration and cultivated the “seed” suitable for the characteristics of vocational guide work in Shanghai. Today, talented and excellent vocational guiders in Shanghai are produced from generation to generation, winning a series of honors successively in Shanghai and even the whole country, such as “National Vocational Touching People”, “National Starred Vocational Guider”, and “First Prize of Excellent Achievements of National Vocational Guidance”. Shanghai’s vocational guidance work is striding forward in terms of professionalization.


It’s learnt from Jing’an District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau that for a long time, Jing’an District has been dedicated to providing more targeted and effective vocational guidance and spared no efforts in improving the delicacy and specialization level of the employment services. In order to help the successful employment of the youth, Jing’an District has implemented the one-to-one employment service mode, with “three-step-march” plan. Step one, “introduce out” the youth; step two, “activate” the job-seeking youth by providing them with internship and vocational experience opportunities; step three, help the job-seeking youth “run” fast with weekly recruitment fair based on the carrier of the event of “Special Train for Tuesday Job-seeking”. Since 2012, the district has pioneered to release the “work-study” program which incorporates the vocational skill grade training, employment and enhancement of on-the-job academic record. Up to now, it has helped 171 unemployed young people find jobs and more than 50 enterprises have joined the cooperation plan. Meanwhile, it has put great efforts on “vocational guide + Internet”, established the information-oriented vocational guidance classroom and realized the new “zero-distance” employment guidance mode combining “online and offline guidance, in and outside the recruitment scenes”.