4 Enterprises in Jing’an District Win the Title of Municipal Enterprise Technology Center


(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin) The Reporter learned from Jing’an District Commission of Commerce that four enterprises were on the list of 2017 (the 23rd batch) Municipal Enterprise Technology Center published a few days ago, namely China Railway Shanghai Design Institute Group Co., Ltd., The First Construction Co., Ltd. of China Construction First Group, CRSC Communication & Information Group (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and CREC Shanghai Civil Engineering Group Second Engineering Co., Ltd. So far, there have been 5 national enterprise technology centers, 22 municipal enterprise technology centers and 35 district-level enterprise technology centers in Jing’an District.


The certification of enterprise technology center is the approval to the construction of the enterprises’ internal technological innovation system and the recognition of the enterprises’ technological innovation ability The Reporter has learned from Jing’an District Commission of Commerce that it has always been devoted to working on the priorities from three aspects, namely cultivation, project and promotion to drive enterprises’ technological innovation and guide them to continuously improve their capabilities of independent innovation.


It looks into the development situations of the enterprises through regular visits and takes a batch of enterprises with strong innovation abilities, promising development prospects and high technology content as enterprises for key cultivation updated continually to form the backup cultivation library of enterprise technology centers. Meanwhile, it actively guides enterprises to conduct project construction, through which it deepens the application of new technology and craft and tests the innovation level of enterprises’ technology in practice to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and drive enterprises to develop and expand. In addition, it takes full advantage of the platform of the backup cultivation library of enterprise technology centers and follows the idea of “a coordinated process of cultivation, development and promotion of enterprises” to guide enterprises to continuously improve their independent innovation abilities so as to move forward from the original basis to achieve bigger breakthroughs.


Jing’an District Commission of Commerce said that the enterprise technology centers, serving as the innovation subjects of enterprises, were the vital driving force of the construction of Scientific Innovation Center. The Commission of Commerce will further advance the cultivation and construction of enterprise technology centers, guide enterprises to improve their innovation abilities and core competitiveness, promote district innovation energy and industrial development level and therefore contributes to the construction of Shanghai Scientific Innovation Center.