【Review 2014】Culture Benefits the Mass, to “Overweight” Happiness


By Peng Xuhui

When you enter the Jing’an Community Cultural Activity Center, you will see all seats of the movie hall are occupied, with the old and the young gathering together talking about the weekly free-screening film schedules put up on the wall in a very lively atmosphere; you also have a feast for the diverse art training classes which include over ten items such as painting and calligraphy, singing, traditional drama, piano, dancing, computer, instrumental music, photography and so forth. It has everything that one expects to find here, so residents come to enrich themselves by learning new skills cheerfully...This is an epitome of the cultural life of the residents of Jing’an District. Last year, the District Bureau of Culture grasped the three-system construction of “Public Cultural Service, Historical Cultural Protection and Cultural Industry Cultivation” tightly according to every task’s aim, to develop every task solidly, defense diversified and shared cultural interests of the mass and build up an everywhere cultural atmosphere.

To build up a cultural paradise

The development of cultural career, which must be people-oriented, is to let the majority of the mass enjoy public cultural service equally. The “Ten-minute Cultural Circle” is to help the mass enjoy cultural service at the door and benefit them with culture successfully.

The year of 2014 witnessed the further construction of the “Ten-minute Cultural Circle” in terms of connotation and extension by the District Bureau of Culture. To put it concretely, the Bureau sent 120 instructors of literature and art, opened up 129 art auxiliary classes which lasted for some 3,776 hours and included vocal music, dancing, handicraft art, traditional opera, instrumental music and so on, to blend culture in the life of the mass and let culture be rooted deeply in their heart. Meanwhile, the District Bureau of Culture presented “Cultural Gift Packs” which contained 5,000 tickets of nearly 46 kinds of performances such as drama, child play, ballad singing, concert and so forth, to the sub-district community residents every year by government purchasing, to help ordinary mass enter theaters to enjoy high-level arts. 

In addition, the District Bureau of Culture further coordinated with some professional artistic performance troupes such as Municipal Mass Art Gallery, Puppet Show Troupe, Farce Troupe, Light Music Troupe and so on, to develop the project of “Artistic Experts and Troupes Enter Community” and provide performances for the mass by coming into the District Community Cultural Activity Center and help the citizens experience the charm of artistic experts and troupes through close neighborhood. As a consequence, residents thought highly of it in succession:” Walking outside the door for ten minutes, we have fun for one hour and have a whole good day!”  

To cultivate a cultural brand with features

Under the guidance of the District’s CPC committee and the District Government, in the process of the cultural construction, following the citizens’ cultural demands on the basis of its reality firmly, Jing’an has cultivated some cultural brands full of its regional features and epochal characters successfully.

The Modern Drama Valley is a cultural name card cultivated elaborately by Jing’an District. The year of 2014 witnessed a successful theatrical creation and display of citizens there. 17 drama clubs from community sub-districts, white collar groups and social public welfare organizations displayed more than 20 performances, providing over 6,000 public welfare tickets. At the same time, the Modern Drama Valley made a further cooperation with Shanghai International Art Festival by holding forums in the field of drama and selecting works of young directors of “Plan of Supporting Young Artists” to display. In short, the first national dramatic space which is compound-type and original -One Drama Ecological Camp is being built up positively.

Jing’an is the womb of Chinese Jazz Music. In 2014, the activity of “ Shanghai Spring of Enthusiastic Jing’an Jazz ” held 23 wonderful interactive performances which attracted over 20,000 fans and citizens to join in, respectively in Jing’an Temple Square, Jing’an Park, Jing An Kerry Centre and Shanghai Centre Theatre by nearly 100 musical artists, extending Jazz Music to outdoors by the way of innovative change and reasonable adjustment. It is reported that it has been held for 10 times and has been the first Chinese and the third Asian Jazz Music Festival. What’s more, it is not only the cultural brand of Jing’an, but also the symbolic cultural activity of Shanghai.

To promote an integration between cultural and financial development

With the rapid development of cultural industry, the mutual support and permeation between culture and finance have appeared gradually. Jing’an District has made full use of its regional resource advantage, uniting with concerning units of downtown to realize a breakthrough and innovation in every field such as finance of artistic works, dramatic finance and so on, to promote the development pattern of cultural industry.

Last year, the People’s Government of Jing’an District prepared to establish the first culturally and financially cooperative experimental area of Shanghai which was regarded as a significant move of cultural and financial strategy in the district, hand in hand with Shanghai Cultural Assets and Equity Exchange. In the experimental area, concerning trading platforms of artistic works with the trading pattern of assets rights as the core will be built up, to construct two great systems of Assets Pool and Fund Pool of artistic works. In terms of the construction of the Assets Pool, the equipped service such as the display, identification, collection and auction of artistic works will be promoted through basic functions like the appreciation, evaluation and registration of them so as to attract and assemble high-end artistic works home and abroad. While as for the construction of the Fund Pool, financial capital will be brought in the trading platforms via issuing some products such as fund, trust and property portfolio, to provide financial support for all kinds of invested artistic works. In order to activate the Assets Pool and Fund Pool of artistic works, the trading platforms will put forward the trading pattern of property rights, which means the artistic works having been identified and evaluated will be provided the trading service of property rights by Shanghai Cultural Assets and Equity Exchange. 


 (Source: Jing’an Times)