【Review 2014】Establishing a Benchmark for Standardized Food Markets


By Xing Beilin

Asia Food Group in Shanghai, as the only organization granted the titles of Famous Brand in Shanghai(Service Class) and Standardized Enterprise in Shanghai, has finished the reconstruction of its 11 subsidiary food markets, among which 7 have obtained the ISO9002 Quality System approval. With the stable development over the years, Asia Food Group formed a unique Asia mode of non-staple food supply and food market managemnet.

Fresher food, better environment sanitation with better service

“You see, here you can’t smell the ordor of a mess of wastes at all as that in other food markets, and the floor is so clean and dry. ”Mrs Zhou said to the reporter while she was purchasing vegetables on the second floor of Zhenning Food Market. She added that she came to the market everyday not only because of the fresh foods and reasonable price, but also of the better sanitation of the market environment. Fan Yaohui, one of the directors of Asia Food Group told the reporter that the high air quality in the market was due to the open-type business pattern that increased indoor daylight amount and ventilation and thus reduced the ordor of wastes.

 “The 11 food markets we are running should not only be standardized on food quality and environment, but also on service, the first-class service. Because we understand that customer do not merely come to buy foods, but are more likely to enjoy the high-quality service the market supplies.” Fan said. For a long time, Asia Food Group demands that all market operators provide various handy service and integrity service for customers, who should be all treated equally no matter how much goods they buy, whether they buy or return, without fraud, less quantity and falsification.

For the sake of elder customers, each market spares special space for them to take a rest. Comforming to the restriction, markets set up reception centre so as to receive customers and deal with complaints from customers. Facilities for special groups like wheel-chair accessibles have settled down in all of the 11 markets. Besides, microwave oven service, drinkable hot water, sewing kits and first-aid kits are available for operators for unexpected needs in their daily life.

In consideration of the inceasing number of the aged in Jing’an District who are empty nest, living alone, invalid or have lost their only child, Asia Food Group sets up service points for the elderly at three experimental units which are markets Zhen Ning,Wu Ding and Da Gu. Services provided for the aged include telephone reservtion,valet processing and home delivery service etc., which enables old people to purchase necessary and satisfactory goods without going out, meeting their demands in the most effective manner.

Card payment, much more convenient

In 2009, Asia Food Group was the first to implement the program of card payment in the food market for the convenience of public. Thanks to card “Sister Ma”, customers are allowed to pay by card no matter how small or large the amount is. Card payment, on the one hand, avoids wrong change,counterfeit money and the easy pollution caused by cash transaction;on the other hand, it excuses the trouble of giving change. With the market card, customers can search on the Internet for all the goods they purchase within 3 months when they have questions or meet food security problems. Recently, many food markets like Zhen Ning have replaced old card machines with new type of double-screen display ones which technologically increases the convenience of electronic scale for the operators.

Humanized managing system makes food purchasing more convenient. The reporter found that in Zhen Ning Market, above each stall is equipped with smart LED price board scrolling the various food prices of the present-day and refreshing the information every hour. Sister Mas(customers) merely need to lift their head and have a look at the board for the real-time food price, then they can easily buy whatever they want at a proper price.In order to promote honest operation, the back-stage management system produce integrity values for each stall holders everyday according to invoice printed on electronic scales and customer’s evaluation. The integrity values also display on the price board.

Informatization promoting management upgrading

With the implementation of informatization, a series reform and innovation is conducted by Asia Food Group on the management of traditional service industries. Traceability electronic scales are installed on all the stalls in the 11 subsidiary markets, which for one thing,increases the invoice rate and accuracy, and for another all the information of each transaction,in order to be handled integritedly, is sent to back-stage servicers through wireless internet so as to realize metrological management for all goods transction.

Integrited management platform of informatization has been upgraded and connected with the traceability system of the District Commission of Commerce. The traceability systems of pork and vegetable have been covered all over the market, and other non-staple foods like red meat, aquatic products and grain and oil are being gradually orbited into this system.

The classified management of commodity account is conducted in markets, guaranteeing everyday check and record of commodities on every stall. As for key commodities, in addition to the stocking materials needed both electronic and written recording , the stock certificates are also needed to be input into computers for records. Electronic account input is currently 100 % realized in the markets.

Zhen Ning markets has been installed high-definition cameras with 1.3-mega-pixel. If the devices in traditional markets are b-mode ultrasound instruments, then those in Zhen Ning market are CT scanners, which eradicate the possibility of falsification from the source.

Asia Food Group requires that markets strictly carry out the policy of entry with certificate, OTC with identification and demanding certificate for records for key commodities. Meanwhile, for food security, Asia Food Group puts great emphasis on the strictest implementation on supervision,admission,management,punishment and accountability.

 “The management system of standardized food market must be compatible with the cultural character of Jing’an district. The efforts and explorations we made are all for the convenience and happiness of the people in our district. We hope that people here can set their heart to buy and eat fresh and non-staple foods with the highest quality.” Fan Yaohui said.


 (Source: Jing'an Times)