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Officials of Jing’an District Market Supervision Administration Inspected the Food Safety Guarantee Work for the 9th Global Conference on Health Promotion “China Day” Event


On November 23, an inspection delegation led by Zhang Jin, Director of Jing’an District Market Supervision Administration, inspected the food safety guarantee work for the Jing’an District Reception Dinner Banquet of the 9th Global Conference on Health Promotion “China Day” Event, Deputy Director Zhu Xiaodong accompanied them during the inspection.

The delegation led by Director Zhang Jin visited Cold Dish Room, Kitchen Processing Zone, and Dish Preparation Room and other key venues at the Swissotel Grand Shanghai, focused on inspecting the execution of guarantee measures for key steps including purchase of food materials, storage, processing operation, washing and disinfection, staff health conditions and food sample reservation management, etc., debriefed the reception unit’s food safety guarantee work from hotel management personnel and stationed supervision personnel. Director Zhang emphasized that food safety guarantee work is a task with huge responsibility, it is necessary to go all out to guarantee the food safety of the dinner banquet with conscientious work attitude and meticulous work style.