Jiang’ning Entrepreneurship Incubation Park: 100% Success Rate for Entrepreneurship


(Reporter: Shi Danni) Up to this August, Tonglefang Jiang’ning entrepreneurship incubation park, the first entrepreneurship park invested by government entrusting enterprises, approaches to its two-year-old birthday. As the entrepreneurship incubation park built up jointly by government and enterprises, it reaches 100% success rate for entrepreneurship in just two years and helps young entrepreneurs obtain their early fortunes. The reporter makes an exclusive interview on its founder Jiang Renjun to learn about the successful experience of the entrepreneurship incubation park.


The shared resources bring about full encouragement for the entrepreneurs


The office area of Jiang’ning entrepreneurship Incubation Park is located in the entire second floor of NO.2 building in Tonglefang. Unlike other conventional entrepreneurship parks which have dense spaces, Jiang’ning entrepreneurship Incubation Park has huge public space. The full lighted reception desk, corridor and conference room, the clean and spacious tea room and coffee maker and other facilities are all free for entrepreneurship enterprises. Besides facilities and public space, the reception staff is for public use as well. The entrepreneurship enterprises will share the services for free provided by reception and administration staff the moment they move in the park. It may assist the enterprises in receiving their guests, ordering meals and arranging conferences, which provides much convenience for the entrepreneurship enterprises.


In addition, to build up the fully-equipped and fully-decorated service and office pattern, the park provides free office tables and chairs and water and power supply, offers a modern office environment for the young entrepreneurs, avoids decoration problems in the office areas and supplements with humanitarian property services and professional opening instruction. There are 30 office rooms in the park, whose areas range from 20 to 40 square meters. 30 enterprises and social organizations can move in the park.


Why not spare more public spaces as the offices for entrepreneurship enterprises? The park has its own consideration on this. To the start-up entrepreneurship enterprises, the decoration of the offices is of great significance. The 10-meter grand reception areas and professional administration staff in the park may win the trust of the visiting clients. A number of big orders are made on site. A new entrepreneurship enterprise in the park has conducted cooperation with the advertisement company and video company in Tonglefang and China Business Network for its geographic advantage. Additionally, after its client’s visit on site, it obtains a contract worth over 200 thousand Yuan, resulting from the professional image and culture created by Jiang’ning entrepreneurship Incubation Park.


Create convergent platform for emerging industries


It is said, the enterprises in the park at present are mainly in popular industries such as culture and design, information technology and commercial consultation. 85% of the working staff is younger than 35. To coordinate their working habits, the park opens from 8:30 to 19:00.


The park has founded Jiang’ning entrepreneurship alliance, through which the resources can be shared and connected and the demands of the entrepreneurs can be connected as well. A information technology company needs design works for its company LOGO and promotion brochures, thus the park contacts an advertisement company for the company; some entrepreneurship companies demands employees, the park committee thus releases the employment information.


The park has certain successful experience in assisting non-government non-profit organizations in registration. It is said, the registration subject requirement is high and the registration procedure is complicated to non-government non-profit organizations. Generally, the registration for a start-up non-government non-profit organization will take half a year. While with the assistance of the park, the registration can be completed within 2 or 3 months. Kalaer Sports Gym Club is the non-government non-profit organization starting business in the park. To help it enhance its influence, the park plays its activity promotion video repeatedly on the screen in Tonglefang, provides activity areas and encourages the entrepreneurs to participate actively in the activities it organizes. At present, the Zumba dance service in Kalaer has conducted cooperation with Jiang’ning street nationhood and Elite Union. Another non-government non-profit organization registered in the park, Shanghai Xiai Care Service Center, mainly devotes its work to children suffering from leukemia. The park not only assisted with its registration, but also encourages its employees and members to devote into the voluntary works.


In the two years, the incubation park has assisted 49 enterprises in successful entrepreneurships. Among them, 45 are enterprises and 5 are non-government non-profit organizations. 3 enterprises have successfully applied prior-entrepreneurship petty loan; 1 enterprise has successfully applied post-entrepreneurship loan. An aggregate of 57 applications to entrepreneurship subsidy has been accepted. Many young people have obtained their first fortunes here in the park, repaid the loans at the beginning of the entrepreneurship in one year and begin to gain profits.


 (Source: Jing’an Times)