Enterprise in Jing’an: explore to create ecological internet financial park


(Reporter: Shi Danni) How state-owned enterprise transit to an internet financial park full of hackers? Guan Sheng Yuan gives out its answer.


In April, 2012, Guan Sheng Yuan accorded with the reform requirement of Bright Food to strengthen state-owned assets securitization, invested its manufacturing assets to Shanghai Maling, and became the remaining company. The core assets under it are mainly factories, office buildings and overseas investment equity.


As to the state-owned stock assets, Guan Sheng Yuan adopts a unique way of management instead of leasing it in a traditional manner. Recently, the journalist interviewed Wan Lijun, the general manager of Guan Sheng Yuan (Group) Co., Ltd. Speaking of the future and vision of this new park, Wan Lijun answered; the company will not simply act as landlord but as farmer, and integrate advantages from all sides to jointly create cross industry ecological circle.


Park positioning: new commercial elites, new commercial pattern and new capital and assets


In 2014, Guan Sheng Yuan based on its own office building to create Guan Sheng Yuan internet financial park. Up to now, the park has gathered Ping An Bank, Kungen Funds, Shanghai Well C.P.A Partnership, Gangesriver Finance Leasing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Orient Futures, Tong Ju Bao, an internet insurance company, Ju Shui Tan Network Technology Co., Ltd and top-class international logistics companies in Shanghai. The company specially spares 400 square meters for entrepreneur space in the building and provides start-up enterprises with rent-free and multiple services. The second session is also under construction. Meanwhile, there is a cafe on the ground floor founded jointly by alumni of Nanjing University. The regular reading party, salon and lectures bring about more vigor to the park.


Wan Lijun suggests that the disadvantage of traditional industry lies in its debt financing, producing inventory, painstaking marketing and consuming inventory. While in the new age, the construction of Guan Sheng Yuan internet financial park focuses on platform building for gathering commercial elites, new commercial pattern and new capital and assets instead of the conventional leasing pattern.


The park intends to cooperate with Shanghai Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Promotion Association and some Entrepreneurship non-profit organizations to attract more young people. Furthermore, it is open to highly active reading parties and thinker teams as a communication and interaction platform. It reduces rents for potential enterprises and provides expert instruction. The park is close to Meitaiheng commercial area, which is its geographic advantage. In the eyes of Wan Lijun, it’s beneficial to provide young entrepreneurs with huge development space. The park aims at providing the innovative programs with different ideas from different industries, boosting innovation and inspiration and combining capital with programs.


The keyword for park transition: internet finance


Why does state-owned enterprise park choose internet finance as its keyword for transition?


Wan Lijun holds that, internet+ is the essential way of deepening development for all traditional industries under new age. Whereas Guan Sheng Yuan wonders how to reform and upgrade the traditional manufacturing industry through internet. The real intention of Guan Sheng Yuan internet financial park is to make internet finance serve to entity economy.


He proposes four keywords for park building: first, internet. The mobile internet makes great impacts on communication. The park shall focus on online and offline interaction. Second, finance. Financial instrument is the key to all financial activities. To entity operation, supply chain finance, small and micro sum Puhui Finance and financial derivative instrument are of great significance. Third, innovation. Take hold of new commercial pattern and growth point. The traditional manufacturing industry focuses on mass distribution market, whereas now the industry shall concentrate on vertical market and marginal market. That’s what we call commercial pattern innovation. Fourth, practice. Focus on innovation practice to accumulate more experience and data for industry transition and reform, which will truly serve to the entity economy.


The office building of Guan Sheng Yuan has an area of 12000 square meters. How does the company get moving in creating the internet financial park?


As to the hardware, Guan Sheng Yuan internet financial park updates and configures its complete facilities, upgrades its network and develops software in the office buildings that have been under operation for 15 years. It gradually achieves full coverage of internet business in the park. Furthermore, it creates vertical ecological chain system, such as the same platform for both O2O buyers and sellers. The value-added service benefits the park in introducing entrepreneur pioneers, financial models and business innovative enterprises. Currently, Guan Sheng Yuan’s leasing business directs to the large innovative banks in the nation, innovative financial institutes headquarters home and abroad, financial risk rating companies, internet companies that have capital mind and capacity, the medium and small-sized traditional enterprises whose businesses cover widely in the nation, and the intermediary units, association and commercial association home and abroad that have platforms. The enterprises will be assessed on their internet financial mind before their movement.


Guan Sheng Yuan will additionally launch interactions between finance and entity enterprises through clubs. The club may invite financial and commercial representatives, enterprises and media to participate in its activities. The company will build the club into non-governmental and non-official organization to hold financial innovative forum regularly, organize salon and research activities and realize cross-industry communication and cooperation.

 (Source: Jing’an Times)