Examination and approval of the qualification of score-grant to art-talented students

Transaction authority: Athletic, Sanitary &Art Section of Shanghai Education Commission

Application procedure: any examinee as an excellent member from Shanghai municipal Students' Art Group in compliant with above first article should fill in the "Examination Form on the Qualification of Exellent Member (Senior in Senior High School) of Shanghai Municipal Students' Art Group" for the examination and approval by district/county bureaus of education and municipal education commission, with the certification of the school. Any examinee, in compliant with above second article, should fill in the "Certification Form for the Score-grant to Winners in Shanghai Students' Contests for Primary and High School Students" for the examination and certification by Shanghai Administrative Committee for Students' Contests among Primary and High School Students.

Transaction procedure: 1. Offer relevant certificates. 2. Get all necessary forms. 3. Get certification from school and approval from district/county bureaus of education. 4. Submit all documents to Shanghai Education Commission for approval. 5. Recruitment Office for Higher Education will undertake the transaction.

Charging standard and basis: None

Submitted to: Shanghai Education Commission.

Address of transaction: 500 Shannxi Road North, Shanghai

Basis of transaction: "Notification on the Enrollment for Score-grantd Art-talent Students by Shanghai Common Universities", applicable in the same year.

Contact line: 62587271


Service time: 9:00-17:30 at every working day

Time limit: April to May in the same year when the student will take the entrance examination.

Applicant's qualification: 1. A graduate in the current year as a formal member of Chinese Communist Youth League with continuous two years of league standing and an "Excellent Member of Chinese Communist Youth League" awarded through examination. 2. A winner at top six level or with first- or second-grade award in national art contests, which is applicable to senior high school students and approved by Shanghai Education Commission with an express promise of score-grant, or a winner at top three level or with a first-grade award in Shanghai municipal contests.