The Tongren 88-Daren Lane at the Tongren Road will be an entertainment place for coffee houses, taprooms and restaurants in combination. While strongly exotic, it will also show a lingering Shanghai complexity. This project is a co-operation between the Shanghai Xicheng Real Estate Development Co.Ltd. and the Shanghai Exhibition Centre, for the fulfillment of the Jing An District authorities overall planning about the area around the Nanjing Road.
The Tongren 88-Daren Lane project refers to the frontage shops on the eastern side of the Tongren Road from the Yan'an Road to the Anyi Road. This section will be built into a modern entertainment street of European tastes.
The Tongren 88-Daren Lane will utilize the present glasswall building of the Shanghai Exhibition Centre in reforming it into a modern one of European styles. The large-sized transparent glasses will be used as the outer walls of the new building, so that customers can appreciate the urban scenes western of the building while they stay inside eating and resting.

Address:Tongren Road, Shanghai