The leisure street at Sujiang Road starts from Shiment Yi Road in the east to the Taixing Road in the west, totaling 207 meters. The two-storey buildings of this street assemble tens of claracteristic businesses, including Hong Kong-style tea refection, European coffee  and bars, Taiwan-style tea houses and Xinjiang dishes. All the restaurants mainly serve refection, but each of them has its own characteristics. The food on iron plate by the Bujianbusan, the western style food by the Chaoshou, the ice-cream by the Meiyi, the Xinjiang dishes by the Xiangdelai, the various milk-tea by the Bifengtang, the rice dumplings by the Taiwan Rouzong Dawang, the specially flavoured noodles, the Chongqing Pot of Chicken, and the Changjiao barbecue by the Wuyue Renjia, all these are appetitive. The street is also equipped with scenic establishments grassplots, Greenland, chairs for leisure, and booths. It is connected with the shopping buildings such as New Era(Xinshidai), Zhongchuang and Wings(Hongxiang) on West Nanjing Road.

Address:West Nanjing Road(nearby Shanghai Road)

No.2 Metro Line of Buses numbers 23,112,24 304,231,315,927,939,41,21,128,104,935,301,330,20,37,921,324,109