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A brief Introduction of YanZhong Greenbelt

Address: Middle YanAn Road the crossroad  of  Formal ChengDu Road


  This large-scale public greenbelt on Middle YanAn Road is located in the borders of JingAn, LuWan and HuangPu Districts. The JingAn part commenced to construct in February 2000. It was an important act of Shanghai municipal committee of the CPC and municipal government to plan to construct a large-scale public greenbelt on Middle YanAn Road. The decision aimed to bettering environment of the city, mitigating heat island effect in the downtown area, improving citizen’s living quality and maintaining harmonious development of both the society and economy. After the invitation of international bid, the greenbelt was design by Montreal Canada and constructed by Shanghai HongCheng Real Estate Corporation and JingAn Virescence Development Ltd. When the greenbelt of JingAn part was completed, it became a public urban garden combining the function of touring with entertainment. The greenbelt was a typical representation to integrate Chinese landscaping with history and culture. The whole greenbelt was completed and opened to the public on the 1st July 2001 after 17 months. Shanghai JingAn Virescence Maintaining Corporation is in charge of its maintaining work..

  The greenbelt of JingAn part covers 34800 square meters, 24000 square meters of which was covered with green growth. Percentage of greenery coverage totals 75%. Some historic constructions under protection, such as the site of the second Congress of CPC, PingMin Young Ladies' Seminary, were well preserved here. We can also appreciate big waterfalls, wandering deep pools and pavilions with north-America style.

  The greenbelt of JingAn part is divided into three sections. The southern part is a scene of history and culture, the center of which are the site of the second Congress of CPC and PingMin Young Ladies' Seminary, surrounded with regular Mexican swamp cypress, Chinese Loropetal and Chinese Holly. All of these contribute to the solemn atmosphere. The middle part of the greenbelt is an uneven forest chiefly set off by tall arbors and other rosebushes and evergreen lawns, forming elaborately-arranged scenic spots. There was originally a broussonetia tree in the belt particularly worthy of mentioning. It was buried more than 2 meters deep. However, through some scientific methods, people succeeded in maintaining its growth and making it one of the wonder in the greenbelt. The northern part takes on natural scenery with large rockeries and waterfalls of altogether of 10 meters high, 150 meters long. Rare flowers and trees spread all over it. Eastern side is filled with bamboos. On those hills, there are flourish pines, cypresses as well as vivid maple trees; under the hill, there are lively ponds, cherry blossom path and peaceful boulevards of pointed zelkova. The splendid and magnificent scenic spots of “urban mountain and forest” bring the feeling of coming into the nature.