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A Brief Introduction of XiKang Park

 History of the park

   The place was once called XiaJia Bridge in the year of 1906. (during the 32nd year of GuangXu Emperor’s reign of Qing dynasty) From that year till 1945, the land was rented and occupied by foreign traders. In the year of 1945, when Chinese people won the anti-Japanese war, it was turned over to Municipal Office of Land Policy. It was reconstructed as XiKang Park in 1951, and in the same year was opened to the public.


General Situation

  The park is located in No. 255 XiKang Road, which is in the north part of West BeiJing Road. The park with 5600 square meters is named after the road.

  There were many facilities such as all sizes of sliding boards, swinging boats, hobbyhorses, swings, and teeterboards. The park terminated its operation for 2 years for civil defense during the “Culture Revolution”. Most part of plants and recreational facilities were damaged. What we can see in the part now is the result of repairing and rearranging in 1982.


Highlight of spots

  The park of rectangle size is scattered with 14 parterres full of southern magnolia, Cinnamomum camphor, Deodar cedar, camellia, wisteria and box trees. There is a pergola built with armoured concrete in the east entrance of the park, offering an ideal site for tourists to take rest in summer. Long corridors and pavilions for enjoying the cool can be found in the west part of the park.