Located at the tranquil Huashan Road, the Experiment Theatre of Shanghai Drama Institute has 12 stalls, 98 side seats and 397 balcony seats in its audience hall. It is also a major site to hold largescaled activities and international artistic and cultural exchanges and performances in Shanghai.
This theatre is a new intelligentized modern one close to the Jing An Sporting Centre at the crossing of the Jiangning Road and the Kangding Road in the Jing An District. Its name Yihai is a superscription by the Shanghai NPC director Gong Xueping, which implies its artistic magnificence.
The Yihai Theatre has 8 floors in total. Apart from two basement floors as underground garage and People's Air Defence establishment both for a complexity of peaceful and wartime uses, the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors are all supplementary rooms for the performances in the theatre, incRoadding 4 exercising rooms in different sizes, 9 rehearsal halls and 7 dressing rooms. Particularly, three of them are single ones.
The theatre is equipped with quality stages, lightings, audio system and other establishments, capable of the first-class performances of ballets, plays, indoors music and comprehensive artistic festivals.
In addition, there are other complementary facilities in the theatre such as a dinning hall, a coffee house and a laundry. Artistic groups both at home and abroad are sincerely welcome to perform here.
The Yihai Theatre is very well equipped with complete funtions. Its major stage accounts for 260 square meters in area, and its auxiliary stage 240. the stages are capable of shifting, ascending and descending, and rotation if need be. And in the audience hall there are 999 seats, comprising 721 downstairs and 278 upstairs.
Address:1376, West Nanjing Road,Shanghai

Bus numbers 20, 21,37