Built up in 1941, this theatre is perfect as its name implies, and even to this day it deserves the reputation of "No. 1 in Asia" all the same. The Majestic Theater is architecturally elegant and distinctive. It has winding stairs, with marbles featuring its entrances in a classic and simple style, combining the beauty both of modern and classic architecture. This theatre focuses on the performances of large-sized operas, ballets, concerts and dances, functioning as a major performing site for the cultural exchanges between China and the overseas. Before 1949 and in the early years since that, the great Beijing Opera actor Mei Lanfang and world-known ballet dancer Ulanova staged classical performances here. And for the recent years more than 60 performing groups at different levels in China and over 50 world-known ones from 17 countries and regions in America, Asian, Australia and Europe have in sequences come to perform.
Thanks to a notable enlargement, the Majestic Theater has become a bright pearl of the golden triangle at the Nanjing Xi Road. Now the theatre is equipped with 1,328 auditoriums, with its stage area fully doubled. And also, the establishment is superior and comfortable with complete functions.
Address:66 Jiangning Road