Hong’Xiang, a Classic that bears Eternity

Found in 1917, the Chinese time-honored brand Hong’Xiang Female Garment, which has become a classical symbol of the golden times, set off domestic and international famous persons as well as social celebrities, and adorns the pretty young ladies in Shanghai. Well-known and honored as The Garments from the Heaven with no slots in and outside China by its tailorship that focuses on individuality and crafts in cloth making, it was dedicated in combining Chinese and Western style and innovative developments in garment making, mainly dealing with the high-ranking and fashionable woolen female clothes. Soong Qing-ling, known as the “Mother of China”, inscribed cheerfully for the brand during her youth time Crafts from the heaven that discards the stale and brings forth the fresh; Elite national brand and City Economic Backbone. Cai’YuanPei, the leading authority in academic field, visited the shop and inscribed plaque saying National Products’ Learning Approach. In 1930s, the Film Queen Hu’Die danced on her wedding ball, wearing the evening dress made by Hong’Xiang, on which there are hundreds of colorful butterflies embroidered, thus making Hong’Xiang even more famous in the society. The female fashion cloth performance team organized by Hong’Xiang stirred Shanghai, pioneering in Chinese fashionable cloth performances. In Expo 1933 held in Chicago, the exhibit of silk cheongsams by Hong’Xiang won the silver prize, which was the first honorable prize Chinese product had won. In 1947, Hong’Xiang made the red satin dress smock for Elizabeth II, the Queen of England, to wear on her wedding ceremony. The gold thread fluttering depicted the fineness as well as skillfulness while embroidering phoenixes on the smock, and for the reason of which, the queen wrote her note of thanks. After the liberation of the New China, Hong’Xiang received a lot of admirations by serving the wife of King Sihanouk, the former caudillo of Cambodia, as well as other social celebrities and national guests such as Wang’GuangMei, the wife of Liu’ShaoQi, the former president of China. And for the reason of that, King Sihanouk specifically presented the golden nameplate, representing Sino-Cambo friendship, to praise the service.

Hong’Xiang female garment emphasizes the new design of cloths by assimilating the good qualities of foreign designers, imitating their styles to acquire innovations. Colors achieve their congruity and works are finely done. It is required that suits must daintily fit the bodies, forming elegant curves, and the feeling of forcefulness and tenderness must complement with each other. When silk dresses, cheongsams and one-piece dress were being made, the design has to be finalized by hot water, other actions like to push, to return and to draw must get their places and make the cloth fit. Hand-made works had to meet the quality standards without any carelessness, pursuing the ideal of the Garments from the Heaven with no slots. The delicately made woolen suits by female workers and coats have been awarded prizes by municipal government and ministries. Many first name masters came forth such as Gu Rong’Bo, who was a master in solid tailoring and had won the municipal labor model prizes for several times; Ying XinGeng, who was an advanced designer good at making various silk dresses and cheongsams; Huang Bao’Xiang and Jia Qi’Rui who were famous Chinese and Western female garment designers.

Right now, the disciples of these masters have inherited their fathers’ brand inside details and show their particular characteristic in the narrow and competitive fashion garment tailoring market, carrying forward the good qualities of Special talorship, Delicate Board Design and Perfect Crafts, integrating the modern sewing technology into the traditional crafts. Chinese traditional elements of inlaying, embedding, rolling, and sewing have been integrated into western garments. Keeping To be classical is the principle and innovation the soul, Hong’Xiang gives prominence to the organic integration of classics and fashion, tradition and innovation, Western and Chinese, National Crafts and Modern Technology. It also blends the soul of tradition and modernity as well as the Chinese and Western garment styles, making the products possess a series of features of well-known brands, fine crafts, bright characteristics and fitness for wide ranges of customers.

Hong’Xiang, what a legend that will continue the classics once more!