Foreigners' Clinic of the Central Hospital of Jing’an District

I. Introduction to the Clinic

Located on the 10 floor of Building 2 in the Central Hospital of Jing’an District, the Foreigners' Clinic mainly offers professional medical and health-care services for foreigners in Shanghai. The clinic has such departments as internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, plastic surgery, tumor, neurosurgery and Chinese traditional medical massage. It has 20 sickbeds and hires experienced experts and chief physicians for clinical diagnosis. Since its opening, the clinic has won the high praise of both domestic and foreign patients for its beautiful environment, superior equipment, consummate medical skills and warm-hearted services. It is of the medical units designated by overseas insurance companies. Presently, by launching the campaign of high-quality medical attendance and establishing a human-oriented service concept, the clinic strives to provide both Chinese and foreigners in Shanghai with all-round professional medical services including outpatient services, hospitalization, consulting, health care and physical examination.


II. Services

1.      Clinical appointment: Patients can make appointment in advance via telephone or letters. The clinic will recommend medical experts according to the medical needs of patients.

2.      Medical services: offering outpatient clinical service, emergency service and hospitalization service. Providing all-round services including expert observation, medical examination, clinical treatment and follow-up visit.

3.      Medical consulting: including diagnosis consulting, medical treatment consulting, nursing consulting, psychological consulting and health consulting.

4.      Physical examination: giving regular and special-purpose physical examinations for individuals.

III: Means of Contact

Location: Foreigners’ Clinic on the 10th floor of Building 2

Working hours: 24h×7 all year long

Tel for Making Appointment: 32220949

Fax: 62892983

Director: Doc. Song Han