HuadongHospital Special Medical Center


1. About Our Special Medical Center

The Special Medical Center(SMC) is located in Building 5 of the Huadong Hospital(HDH),the predecessor of which is the Country Hosital,a private hospital set up in 1921and managed by the British. The HDH was founded in 1951.It was the first hospital in shanghai authorized to take on the medical and health care of the top level government officials and military officers, diplomats and their families of foreign countries, and distinguished scientists,scholars,and artists, Later, the HDH also takes on the medical and health care of the celebrated enterprisers; compatriots in Hongkong,Macao,and Taiwan; oversea Chinese; and locate residents. In order to meet the demands of the clients for a high quality medical service ,in 2005 was set up the SMC. It occupies a 9-store building and approximately 10000 square metres.It is managed according to a concept of 3 H(Hospital-Home-Humanization).It is licensed for 80 beds.


2. Our High Quality Services

Fine service is the priority of the SMC. The medical and nursing staffs attending the SMC are not only of high qualification to provide the top-grade professional medical services, but also give every care to help you reach a healthier life. The health conseling, examinations, professional advices on health care and medical services are offered to meet the demands of you and your families.


3. Functional Units

Special Outpatient & Emergency Clinic

It is located at the second floor of the special medical center. There are ten individual exam rooms which will protect the patient’s privacy. The high quality medical services will be provided by the senior specialists and well-trained nurses 24 hours a day. Appointment by telephone and home visit are accepted. The doctors and nursing staffs are able to directly communicate with patients in several foreign languages. They will accompany and assist the patients during the whole course of the exams and managements.


Special Health Examination Center


There are 10 rooms, including standard double rooms, single rooms and small suits in the center. Senior doctors of different specialities will take charge of the exams and make face-to-face communications about your health problems. In addition to the exam in the center, you can also get health management service of the American KYN, which makes youhave a detailed understanding about your own health status.


Special Wards


There are surgical ward and medical ward.Besides,there are rooms for very sick and critical patients . There is ASDL installation in all of the rooms. The services of individualization are provided by our senior doctors and well-trained nurses.


Dining Hall

Under the supervision and guidance of the nutritionist and dietitians, the cooks use the green food stuffs to prepare nutritious meals individualized to be consistent with the medical condition and suit with the tastes of the patients.


Our Speciality Services


Internal Medicine


Traditional Chinese Medicine







Home visit


Our Health Care Services

Vaccine Inoculation

Health Examination

Health Status Evaluation

Health Counseling

Health Management of the Enterprises

Lecturing on Special Health Topics.