Shanghai Yucai High School, with its history of over a hundred years, is entering a new era of education. It welcomes students from all over the world.
Shanghai Yucai High School combines modern scientific education with psychological, sociological, and physical attributes. This combination encompasses the students' total personal and social development, which includes science exploration, environmental protection, and a genuine caring for others. This educational philosophy will help each student lay a solid foundation for life.


Founded in the year of 1901, Shanghai Yucai High School is famous in China with a great number of excellent and well-known graduates.
Yucai is the largest of the eleven boarding high schools in Shanghai, occupying a land area of 18 hectares in the town of Malu, Jiading District. Traffic is easy; it takes 30 minutes on the local highway to drive to downtown Shanghai.
The School is under the leadership of its board of directors made up of such key universities in China as Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang Univesity and Shanghai International Studies University. The board members have rich experience in management and operation. The teaching faculty is composed of proficient teachers from home and aboard who are both enthusiastic and responsible.
Yucai has different types of modern classrooms, which satisfy the needs of a variety of teaching and learning activities. The central library is equipped with modern facilities including advanced computer network, which enable the students to use the internet. The stadium, indoor swimming pool, sports fields, shooting range, and tennis courts all meet international standards. Also there are facilities for extracurricular activities such as playing musical instruments, singing, dancing,or pursuing arts and crafts.
The philosophy of Yucai is "Education for life," which means to educate studengts in such a way that they have the opportunity to build a good moral character, a well-developed personality, a strong physique, a creative mind, and a solid foundation for further academic studies. The education they receive from Yucai will enable them to become responsible and competitive professionals, and to acquire the ability needed in the 21st century.
The schoool will receive students for grades 7-12 from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiswan, and all other countries and regions. School begins in September 2003.

Of the 11 boarding high schools in Shanghai, Yucai is the largest, which occupies a land area of 18 hectares with 101,000 square meters of green lands.

The faculty members, are proficient educators who are highly motivated, innovative, and devoted to their profession.


The large variety of modern teaching facilities can strongly support the students in the development of their academic aptitude as well as athletic quality.

The Yucai High School students are actively preparing for professionally oriented careers in the 21st century. Well developed both mentally and physically, the accountable and ambitious graduates stand on a vantageground to rise to the challenge in local and global society.