Jiangning Subdistrict Community School

I. General Information

Address: 374 Haifang Road

Tel: 62530017

Fax: 62531734

Time of Establishment: September, 2000

Principal: Bu Ying

Contact: Zhang Baofeng


II. School Profile

School category: Jiangning Community School a community citizen school of spare-time education co-founded by the schools, enterprises, institutions and residents in the community under the leadership of the CPC Work Committee and the Subdistrict Office of Jiangning Subdistrict and through making full use of the intellectual resources in the community.


Purpose of the school: Jiangning Community School aims to improve the level of civilization of citizens in the community, raise their living standards and upgrade their overall qualities through a variety of educational and training activities with abundant and substantial contents.


Guidelines: using the community schools as an educational platform, taking it as the central task to build a learning-oriented community, adopting a human-oriented approach, drawing upon the advanced culture, and offering dedicated and all-round educational services for all citizens in the community.


Courses offered: Jiangning Community School focuses on the courses that are close to life and can fulfill the practical needs of the citizens in the community. To be specific, it offers the following courses.

English study: primary English, English 100, and spoken English, etc.

Painting and calligraphy: painting of flowers and birds, traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, and pencil sketch, etc.

Handicraft: beading, ronde flower, paper-cut, and paper flower, etc.

Propaganda and education: current affairs and politics, family education and legal knowledge, etc.

Knowledge and skills: computerized graph designing, Chinese phonetic letters, financial knowledge, and reading analysis, etc.

Recreational activities: social dance, tap dance, fashion show, folk dance, and singing with actions.

Group activities: painting and calligraphy club, Hu Opera, Yue Opera, string band, fitness dance, and waist drum dance, etc.


School buildings: The headquarters of Jiangning Community School (Jing’an Education College Affiliated School) have 7 classrooms, including 1 computer classroom with 45 computers and internet access, 1 singing room, and 1 multi-media room that is able to hold 80 trainees. The subdistrict service center, culture center and activity center now have 14 multi-functional classrooms and activity rooms, with the total building area of 950 m2. They can be used for the dancing practice of trainees, group training and activities of cultural groups.


Faculty: The school now has over 40 part-time teachers and volunteer lecturers, of whom 26 have senior or intermediate professional titles.