Shimen No.2 Road Subdistrict Community School

I. General Information

Address: 48, Lane 68, Fengxian Road (Office); 455 Shanhaiguan Road (Class)

Tel: 62186624

Time of Establishment: November, 1999

Principal: Chen Zheng’an

Contact: Zhang Wen; Liu Chengjuan


II. School Profile

In November 1999, Shimen No.2 Road Subdistrict founded Shimen No.2 Road Subdistrict Community School, which is a cultural and educational institution built, planned and run in collaboration with the schools, enterprises and institutions in the community. Having its headquarters at the well-known Yucai High School, the community school is built on the basis of 10 schools including the old-age college, parents’ school and weekend school. The secretary of the CPC Work Committee of Shimen No.2 Road Subdistrict and the principal of Yucai High School serve as the principal and vice principal of the community school, and several social celebrities including Deng Weizhi, Tang Zhaoji and Zhu Manfang are hired as advisors or guest professors.


Functional positioning: Adopting a human-oriented approach and making full use of the unique humanistic and personnel resources in the community, the school conducts a variety of rich and colorful community educational activities in order to improve the citizens’ life skills, living standards, scientific and cultural knowledge, and ideological and ethical standards, and promote the sustained, rapid and sound development of culture and ideology in the community.

According to the function and characteristics of the school, a full-time school administrative organ has been set up and a two-level school system has taken shape, viz. having the school headquarters run by the Subdistrict Office and the school branches by the neighborhood committees. The school divides each school year into two semesters --- the spring semester and the autumn semester. The courses offered are closely related to the citizens’ life and the practical conditions of the community, falling into three groups, namely, quality education, skill training and recreation. The “quality education” group stresses the edification of ideological and ethical standards and the dissemination of scientific knowledge; the “skill training” group focuses on cultivating practical and operational abilities; and the “recreation” group lays stress on promoting physical health and edifying moral qualities.

As to the teaching methods, the school arranges the teaching contents at three levels --- primary, intermediate and advanced. People can choose the course that best suits them and the teaching can be conducted according to the trainees’ actual needs, which has greatly improved the quality of teaching in the school.