Caojiadu Subdistrict Community School

I. General Information

Address: 12, Lane 1344, West Wuding Road

Tel: 62123164

Fax: 62113918

Time of Establishment: September, 1999

Principal: Cai Bogang

Contact: Ye Ruidi; Cao Jie


II. School Profile

School Category: Caojiadu Community School is a non-profit community school open to all citizens in the subdistrict that was established under the leadership of the CPC Work Committee of Caojiadu Subdistrict by making full use of all the educational, cultural and sports resources in the community and integrating different resources for school establishment in the area.


Purpose of the school: to put the important thought of “Three Represents” into practice, satisfy the needs of citizens for learning, build a system of life-long education, expand the space for educational development, improve the overall qualities of citizens in the community, and promote the all-round development of human beings.


Guidelines: using the community school as an educational platform, focusing on the all-round development of human beings, drawing support from advanced science and culture, offering dedicated and all-round educational services for all citizens in the community, meeting the needs of human beings for social survival and higher living standards, striving to promote the building of a learning-oriented community, improving the overall qualities of people of Caojiadu, and realizing the “three civilizations” in the subdistrict.


Courses offered: Caojiadu Community School has opened courses in primary English, intermediate English, primary Japanese, intermediate Japanese, Hu Opera, Yue Opera, calligraphy, landscape painting, traditional Chinese painting, computer, securities, singing, Chinese phonetic letters, fold dance, tap dance, social dance for beginners, social dance for intermediate learners, cuisine, wool weaving, table tennis, handicraft, fitness dance, aerobics, flower arrangement, and waist drum.


School buildings: The main venue for class is at 12, Lane 1344, West Wuding Road, having 15 classrooms with the building area of over 2000 m2. According to the learning characteristics of community citizens and in line with the requirements of modernization, multi-function and humanistic consideration, the school has built the special-purpose classrooms such as the computer classroom, dance and fitness room, vocal music and opera room and electronic reading room, several public classrooms, and the playground and auditorium for mass activities. In addition, elevators and other facilities are equipped to give convenience for the elderly in the community.


Faculty: The school now has one professor, 1 senior engineer, two senior teachers, and over 20 specialists with certain qualifications and warm-hearted community volunteers.