West Nanjing Road Subdistrict Community School

I. General Information

Address: 5, Lane 591, West Nanjing Road

Tel: 62898227

Fax: 62471708

Time of Establishment: August, 1999

Principal: Ye Jianhua

Contact: Li Peiying; Xu Jianmei


II. School Profile

School category: West Nanjing Road Subdistrict Community School is a community branch of the Spare-time College of Jing’an District. It is a non-profit social educational institution established by making full use of the local educational, cultural, sports and celebrity resources, which the community citizens can attend on a voluntary basis. It holds all kinds of educational activities for citizens in the community.


Purpose of the school: West Nanjing Road Subdistrict Community School aims to improve the comprehensive qualities of the community citizens, upgrade the level of the local culture and ideology, adopt a scientific outlook on development, and strive to develop from a pilot learning-oriented community of Shanghai into a national one.


Guidelines: West Nanjing Road Subdistrict Community School upholds the principle of meeting the spiritual and cultural needs of people in the community, aims to promote the all-round development of human beings, follows a new concept of learning, and helps build a system of life-long education for citizens. In accordance with the community characteristics and in order to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the citizens in the community, the school offers a wide range of programs in lecture, propaganda, social practice, interests and hobbies, and health care. The school strives to set up a systematic curriculum.


Courses offered: West Nanjing Road Subdistrict Community School adopts a human-oriented approach and aims to meet the practical needs of people. The school pays equal attention to instruction and recreation in the teaching contents and offers both beginner and advanced courses as to the form of learning. It opens a variety of courses in English, fitness, computer, dancing, singing, and calligraphy and painting, and gives lectures of the popular science.


School buildings and sites of school activities: The headquarters of West Nanjing Road Subdistrict Community School are set at East China Model Middle School. The venues for class include the Subdistrict Office, the subdistrict library, the subdistrict culture station and Yanzhong Park, etc. The branches of the school are the activity rooms of the neighborhood committees.


Faculty: The school has 5 office personnel and 38 part-time teachers, of whom 26 have junior-college education or above and 8 have senior professional and technical titles.