New Year’s Eve and Spring Festival

The Lunar New Year’s Eve, also called the “Last Thirtieth in a Year ”or “Lunar New Year”. It refers to the lunar calendar on the last night of the old year. In order to discard the old for the new, people usually clean and decorate their houses, buy some narcissus flowers, calyx canthus, and geranium to insert in the bottle to increase festival atmosphere, and prepare things to celebrates the holiday (food, goods), paste festive New-Year picture at home and the blessing couplets on the doorframe. In the evening, the family will get together to enjoy New Year supper, also is called the “family reunion dinner”, with extreme sumptuous dishes.
At night, the residents usually watch Spring Festival Party at home on TV, or gather at some lively road sections such as Huaihai Road, Nanjing Road and so on to celebrate the joyful lunar New Year’s Eve. With the ding of bell and firecrackers, the New Year comes. In order to guarantee the safety of residents, it is forbidden to set off firecrackers in downtown, and the residents may celebrate Spring Festival joyfully in other ways.
Chinese people attach most importance to Spring Festival, and you can feel the happy atmosphere everywhere. The first day of first lunar month is Chinese tradition new year. Before dawn, everyone dresses neatly. The entire family pays New Year’s call to the elder. Between the people of the same generation, the relatives and friends pay New Year’s call mutually. The elders also give children lucky money in red packet to congratulate on their increasing a year old. Now the communication technology has been developed, many people send New Year’s wishes by using the cell phones to send short message or the net to send the electronic greeting card.