Lantern Festival

wo weeks after the Spring Festival, the 15th day of the 1st lunar month is the “Lantern Festival”, which is also called “Yuan Xiao”. The Lantern Festival is considered as a grand occasion. At this time, people will eat wontons, and glutinous rice ball (also called Tangyuan). In the evening, it is the best opportunity to appreciate the decorative lanterns. The decorative lanterns can be seen everywhere in the city, and the most famous place is Chenghuang Temple. At that night, the huge crowds of people go there to appreciate the lanterns. There are thousands of colorful lanterns hung out everywhere. The name is “farmland blessing lantern”, also is the omen of harvest. “Dragon lamp dance” is a lively festival performance in suburban counties, which is most popular in the west and south suburbs, especially in Jiading. The performance is accompanied with ten percussion instruments. Sometimes ten dragon lanterns get together to perform the Dagon Ball snatch.