The Double Ninth Festival

The ninth day of the ninth lunar month is the Double Ninth Festival. Because ancient of “YiJing”, “six” is regarded as ying, “nine” is regarded as yang, and the ninth day of the ninth month is a double young day, hence the name Chong Yang, also Chong Jiu. The ancients think is it auspicious day which is worth congratulating, and from very early they had started to celebrate this holiday.
The celebration activity of the Double Ninth Festival is romantic, including generally travel to enjoy the scenery, climb mountains to get a distant view, appreciate chrysanthemum flowers, eat double-ninth cakes, hang dogwood sprays, and drink chrysanthemum wine and so on. The places such Shanghai’s Songjiang County, ShenShan and big rockery of Yu Garden all become the paradise to climb.
The Double Ninth Festival, because of the same pronunciation of “forever“ in Chinese,  nine is the largest in the number with the meaning of the long-time longevity, so the Double Ninth Festival is also the “Old Men Festival“ to show the respect, reverence, love and help for old people.