Frugality and Luxury--节俭与奢侈

Those whose disposable income is greater than their salary will not become rich, and vice versa. Those whose income is greater than their expenditure will not be impoverished.                                                              --Halliburton
Frugality is the banquet that you would never finish throughout your life                                                                     --Emerson
  节俭是你一生中食用不完的美筵。      ——爱默生
Frugality is the wealth of the poor, the wisdom of the rich
                                                                --Alexandre Dumas
  节俭是穷人的财富,富人的智慧。       ——大仲马
Thrift is the mint of the poor                           --Taber
  节俭是穷人的造币厂。           ——塔伯
Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty. --Socrates
  知足是天赋的财富,奢侈是人为的贫穷。    ——苏格拉底