Mao Zedong's former residence at Jiaxiu Lane, Maoming Road is the place where he used to live in Shanghai in 1924. This is an old house in Shukumen (stone-gated) style of 1920's and 1930's, with the stele erected at the lane entrance bearing the words "Jiaxiu Lane", the ground paved with dark green bricks, and the dark green brick walls engraved with the quotations from Mao's poems. Once you step into the this old lane, you can not but get the feelings of old Shanghai at that age. In 1977, the residence was listed as a cultural and historical relic under municipal protection.
The residence is set to display the situations based on the theme "1924, Mao Zedong in Shanghai". In a bedroom once lived in, Mao Zedong sat at the desk, full of emotions, gazing at his wife Yang Kaihui who was holding Mao Anying at the bed and singing lullaby to Mao Anqing in the cradle. This group of vivid wax statues replay the harmonious and happy moments of family gathering. The invaluable cultural and historical relics, recordings, and the bronze sculpture "Mao Zedong's Family" made by famous experts, all cater to those who come to commemorate our great leader. It is the only former residence of Mao Zedong which is open to the public in Shanghai.
Address:Lane 120, North Maoming Road


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