Former Residence of Liu Changhsheng and Exhibition Hall of Underground Struggles of CPU in Shanghai.
Located at the busy Yuyuan Road on Jing'an Temple area, is a brick-and-wood-structured garden house of western style, which became a residence for Liu Changsheng, the distinguished leader of workers' movement and the underground organization of CPC in Shanghai at that time, as well as a secret working place for Shanghai Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China (CCCPC) then. In 1992, the house was listed as a memorial revolution site in Shanghai.
The Exhibition Hall of Underground Struggle in Shanghai has treasured a number of things left behind at Liu's death. The miniature reproduction scenes for "April 12 Anti-revolutionary Coup" and "No.76 Water Dungeon", the audio and visual impacts brought on by the horrors, the martyrs' language quotations and their relics, the secret liaison places such as "Rongtai Cigarette Store" and "Fengji Rice Store", all these inspire visitors to further their quest for revolutionary truths. The rich historical materials and elaborated layout contribute greatly to making this site another patriotic education base in Shanghai.
Address:81 Yiyuan Road